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Pile it on! (Freebie).

This is a quickie it’s also just a bit of a reminder to me that SLing can be a bit of fun.  I found this picture in my folder which I took a few days ago and I decided to pop in another quick post.


The dress is a Freebie from S.O.S and as you can see this is very much in the style that Marie Antoinette would wear which is a bit out of odds with the other clothes you find at S.O.S but perfect for some Christmassy fun and games.  A great outfit to take a Christmas picture in as well just pile on a big hair your blingiest jewels and pull a few poses.

PS Since I grabbed this freebie a couple of days ago I don’t remember much about the shop but I do remember that I should have grabbed the other Free to join Group Gifts because they looked like really good basics for your invent ie shorts and tops and I’ve just remembered as I’m typing this that I had spotted an American University Frat Boy style jacket I was going to try on.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Tout de suite (French for be quick).

Just as I was about to log out and go grab myself some lunch (homemade bread and gammon) I decided to pop over to Genre which looks as though this latest round will be over pretty soon but I did not expect to find such great find I would have kicked myself if I had missed them.  Since this latest event maybe over in the next couple of days don’t hesitate and get yourself over there right now.  You may not need the 2 amazing beds I’ve picked up but there are costumes, wigs, shoes, poses, decor items all in the Baroque theme.


This is such a statement bed with the tall drapes and gold gilding it’s perfect for Royalty.


This other bed s much more suitable for most normal sized homes and comes in 2 separate pieces (the drapes and bed aren’t linked).  I picked the dark wood but there is a lighter version and a gold one as well.  Gothicy without the undo heaviness.  This one from Kalopsia comes with poses the top one doesn’t. I’m doing this post so quickly I just rezzed a room and snapped away and I didn’t take good notes so I can’t remember who made the top bed but the stands are set out in orderly fashion so it won’t be hard to find these 2 beds and so much more.

Blimey I’m rushing this post so much I’ve forgotten to mention that NOTHING including these 2 beds is over a 100Lds so so affordable.