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Insane Monday Rambling, Cos I iz an Unicorn.

I rarely wear anything like horns or in this case an Unicorn horn so Faith spotted it almost straight away when we were standing talking about the sim decor and of course she asked why and what I said was “because I’m a f**king Unicorn that’s why” and of course she is so used to me it was just accepted as a valid reason.


Let me just say this isn’t a FREE post….go on spend some Lindens LOL.

Margaritta shop Mag<.B is a little shop I’ve promoted over the years,  I started to blog her shop when all there was on the Group Gift wall was about 2 items and now it’s a whole corner full of free and seriously discounted items of which I still own quite a few of.   So when she drops me a little package it’s just like when I get a new Mina, I drop everything and open it.


It didn’t surprise me that it’s a “Unicorn” skirt as it’s very much in keeping with the super Kawaii and yet adult range of clothes that come from Mag<3.B.  Like most of her clothes you also get a texture Hud and in this case each skirt has 4 texture options.  The top picture is the stripe tex from the bright pack and the bottom is the stripe tex from the pastel pack.  Each pack costs only 80Ld.

I can’t believe in all the years I’ve known the Mag shop it’s not gotten any bigger as she does bring out new stuff on a regular basis and of course her Group Gifts and seriously discounted wall has gotten so much bigger.  At some stage or another I’ve shown you everything from that wall and when I say “discounted” I mean seriously discounted as they’re priced between 1-15Lds.  As it happens the shoes I’m wearing are Mags but there is also 2 pairs on the discount wall which would also have matched this skirt plus a top and you would end up with a cute outfit for really minimum cost in the end.

PS Guess where I got this?  The “The book of Daniel” event of course.  Obviously, the last thing I need is new clothes but I’m always shopping around for decor items and all 200Lds of the cost of this book throne is donated to the great cause which is Daniels story.


Although the event wasn’t Lag Hell my comp was in a go slow mode so I only managed a little bit of shopping but from what I saw so many NEW designs and everything from poses, clothes, shoes and stuff for your home and garden.  Still plenty of time to pop in if you’ve not checked it out yet.


The Book of Daniel

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Cowgirl to Beach Babe (inc Freebies).

I was so busy I missed the first “Colour Me Project Event” which is basically is for a short time in this case from the 10th to the 21st of this month a whole load of designers put out clothes, poses, props, home decor items and the only thing in common they have is a colour.  Last one was white and this one the colour theme is Blue.  I almost didn’t go because tbh blue is one of my least fav colours but knowing that Margaritta  has a small shop there I decided to pop over and I ended up treating myself.


A simple and cute shirt.  I’ve gone with a Cowgirl look because I simply like to dress in a character.  Before I settled on my shorts I tried on many other pairs, even Mag<3.B ones and they all looked great but yet again used my good reliable pair.  The thing that makes this shirt different is yet again with a lot of Mag items it comes with a colour changing Hud so in this case you get 2 choices of colours for the main body and I’m wearing the paler blue, and a choice of, ops I’ve forgotten but I’m pretty sure it’s at least 6, patterns for the pockets and cuffs.


A lot of the stalls at this event have certain items with a sale sign on them and the Mag<3.B stall seems to have a lot of sale signs out.  Happily for me because this Bikin which I already had but I went and binned it in my latest round of invent cleaning is now only 20Lds so I quickly snagged it.  It’s just a cute, Kawaii, mesh bikini that I just like esp when I wear it with my coloured hair.

PS thats some bubble gum I’m blowing up and not some weird lip colour/shape LOL.


Since you can’t wear heels to the beach even in a SL world, I TPed home and threw up my pose cube and took a quick snap.  You will need SLink High Feet for these . A real nice gift from the Mag<3.B stall@The Colour Me Project Event.

Special mention to the clogs she has out there as well. I have them all inc the free pair from her main shop and I’m keeping them.  They’re just such a good pair of shoes and go with so many items I have.  They’ve turned out to be worth every penny and at the moment the Spring pair are at a reduced price of 30Lds and you even get a choice of clog and sock colours.  BEst of all you don’t even need SLink feet for them even though they look SLink like in quality.

OOOO I’m stood here in her mainshop and the Wall Of Freeness has just gotten bigger with the addition of some Dollarbies, 2Lds and a 10Lds item.  A lovely variety here, dresses, shoes, skirts, hair etc and I have almost all of them.

Mag<3.B@The Colour Me Project

Mag<3.B Mainshop

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Witchy Holidays (freebies).


Sometimes when I’m pulling poses and there are other people there I wonder what they think I’m up to lol.  So this is the fun shot.  Found a mini pumpkin hunt going on at B-Cute & K-Ash shopping area I and managed to easily find 4 out of the 10 pumpkins that have been set out.  They’re in and around the shops and not spread around too much.  A real nice mix of men/women/decor items.  I will be popping back for sure to see if I can find more as I would like a couple of the decor items.


A closer and better picture of the dress and the hat.  The dress isn’t in fact part of the hunt but it’s one of the Group Gifts on offer in 1 of the 2 shops that make up this little shopping area.  I won’t tell you which one so you will have to pop into both shops because each of the offer FREE to join Group Gifts and 1 also has Lucky chairs.  Some of the Group Gifts are for men as well.  So hunt items, Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs that seems to tick all the boxes.

The hat is from Argrace and there is this one and a male one and their FREE as well.  Actually I wasn’t going to get the hat till I found this outfit as I just couldn’t face having to re-edit a hair to fit under it but as soon as I put the dress on I knew I had to get the hat and happily for me it comes with its own cute hair and a massive colour selection.


No fiddling with this picture at all. I’ve had these shoes for a while because simply I didn’t know what to put them with and as soon as I put the dress on I knew this slightly clunky heel would be perfect.  They come from Mag<3.B and because I’ve had them for a while I’m not too sure about the details but knowing Margaritta and her shop well they won’t be over priced and of course they come with a colour changing Hud so you have a choice of heel and shoe colours.   You will have to have SLink High Feet for theses though.

Now that I’ve popped into Margaritta’s shop I’ve remembered.  These were on offer at a previous event but now are available in her little main shop for only 70Lds.  The set I have is Animalier pack but there are dotty ones and plain coloured ones and each comes with a Hud of choices.  Must confess that have a couple of other items from here I really want to show you but time is so short so a quick mention of one of them because it’s perfectly themed for those of you who celerbate Halloween in SL and RL and I mightened get a chance to show you in full..  A “bad cheerleader” outfit which comes complete with boots n pom poms, braclets, headband, socks.  I’ve had a chance to pop it one and use some of my Cheerleading poses, yes I have some and it made me grin, but just not the time to take pictures.

And remember Margaritta has some great Group Gifts and as always there is a dress and a pair of clogs there I still own and still wear regularly cos I love em.

B-Cute & K-Ash



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Summer Loving (& a Freebie).

I had to finally cave in go to the latest round of This Seasons Story event which of course is Summer.  A whole sim landscaped so lovely and lined with stall after stall of goodies.  Clothes, poses, make up, furniture, Gachas and on and on but sadly I spotted no freebies however in my rush though I might have missed some so worth checking that out again


The Bikini isn’t from This Seasons Story it’s from Mag<3.B and is from the Puppet Fair which is now well over and so she now has this available at her main shop for only 50Lds.  It’s super cute and super afordable just like all of Margaretta’s stock.  Nice to see that she even has her lovely discounted items and some Dollarbies also on the Marketplace but I do know she has a new Free Group Gift out so it always pays to pop to her shop inworld before you buy from the MP as a couple of items which are still dirt cheap are free in the shop.  Best freebie ever is the clogs with shoes I dare you not to love them.

The backpack is what I grabbed from Miseria’s stall at This Seasons Story and I’m slightly kicking myself for not using one of  Athena Loring’s poses as I now own them all but never mind something for you to check out at her main shop and whilst you’re there make sure to check out the Gacha’s at the main entrance because one of them contains my most Fav Gacha items, a pastel coloured wearable sharks fin which is so cute and fun.  The bag comes in a range of colours and each of them has a bright almost luminosity to them and a surprise hud which allows those cute wings to be either tucked in or spread out a little.


A lovely Free Group Gift from Keke for you to grab and enjoy.  Simple pop top bottles and even the one with the open lid is only 1Prim! There is also a couple of small inpots for you to grab but I missed them as I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible as time in RL and SL is running out for me.

Snow inks

Miserai@This Seasons Story


Miseria Marketplace


Mag<3.B Marketplace