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Free Hair For 72 Hours !

FREE Hair @ FAGA - Only for 72 hours

Yes – thats right the magical words – FREE HAIR! This lovely style is by Faga (right nextdoor to Mangula) and you can grab it for free for the next couple of days. Its a fatpack of colours and you also get a style Hud. Whats not to love?! Just join the Faga group – its free- et voila. Its very busy atm obviously.


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Worth the crush! (Freebie(ssss).

Gooooood morning and for those of us who have found one long boring day has stretched into another long and boring day it’s Saturday.

I got called away from some interesting Lucky Boards to go grab these beauties.

Mangula has a whole wall of Subscribers Gifts, which we all have, what we don’t have is these shoes as they’re a brand new subscribers gift and as you can imagine the place was heaving! So I stood outside and cammed and snagged.

They come in a lot of fits plus one which I suspect is a totally new shape in SL. They also come with an excellent big hud of great colours and even some very unique textures.

PS. These are on the bottom row of gifts to the left hand side.


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Info only. (Freeeeebies).

Yesterday Mangula’s was PACKED, forget Social Distancing people were crammed together like sardines in a tin and this is why.

20 gifts just dropped on the floor.

If these gifts turn out to be the same quality as the wall of subscribers gifts then how bloddy generous.  I’ve only zoomed on this one and already I can see it contains a top and bottom set.

When I went to check it out there was just me and two others so now it’s quiet it’s time to get grabby.


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FIRST! (Freebie(ssss)).

I’d only just gone to Mangula last night to see if there was a new Subscribers gift out for us and I don’t think there is. So I just grabbed this outfit, jeans & Blouse with the intention of starting the day off with a “reblog” and as I’m literally standing there posing a notice came through from Mangula’s about a NEW Subscribers gift. So I quickly TP’d over so I could start the day off with a “First”.

This summer outfit consists of a fat pack of choices. You get the dress, panties, bodysuit and boots.  The clothes can all be layered on top of each other and everything comes with a big fat pack of colours.

You get lots of fits as well.

I’m rushing this post as when I went over to Mangula it was still empty and so fingers cross I am the first lol.



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It’s So Hot & Free

Mangula is such a generous store, we are truly spoilt. The latest shout out from them was for these shoes – I was actually looking for something similar only last week – et voila here they are for FREE ! These are the “Chiara ” sandals – you get a huge Hud to alter all the components which makes them super handy. I picked up an older gift while I was there, the “Olivia” skirt and blouse, you also get a belt which is just gorgeous and as its a separate item you can utilise with other outfits. (Colour Hud for the belt included) Top comes with or without sleeves. Happy Friyay! (Btw I wasn’t wearing my group tag and just clicked on the items – group is $100L to join though)


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Freebies Part 2.

Fab, Fab, Fab.

Mangula has yet another FREEBIE out for us and you don’t even have to be in the group you just have to be a subber!

In this picture, I’m wearing 3 of the 6 items which make up this FATPACK!  You get panties, top, dress, bodysuit, socks and shoes and a BIG colour hud for each item.

Lots of fits but oddly enough not any SLink ones, although the HD fit is as good as an SLink fit so I’m not sure if it’s just been mislabelled or what.

I could have by using the hud changed these boots to match the outfit, ie pink, but I wanted to use a more practical colour as I’m going to wear these with jeans, shorts etc.

So what a great start to the day from some very generous shops/owners/designers/creators.

PS.  Most of us know the Mangula shop well, so you know that all the gifts are in a corner of the shop, this NEW freebie is on the “gift” side.


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Luck is on my side (Free)

I found Mangula from a market place dollarbie – the dollarbie wasn’t for me but I decided to stalk the inworld store. So glad I did as they have the luckiest lucky boards I’ve ever known! All of the outfits in the post are lucky board prizes – seriously amazing quality, some come with Huds for more colours, some dont. New hair is from Lamb called “Jimi”- treated myself this morning ! Style hud included and OMG they have now added the “balayage” colours *squeeee*.

Love love love this little shorts set, you get a Hud to change the lace edging and belt, the main colour is a really beautiful creamy beige. Hair is the latest group gift from Truth called “Eternity”- joining fee is $250L but its SO worth it !

Last up this terrific dress, Hud with a ton more colours and also a version without the sleeves. Really cute knitted style texture ! I did pop over this morning to see if I had anymore luck – and it seems the items do change – gawd I was tempted to stand there for a few hours to see if I my initial came up ! There are a few group gifts , to get those I think you need to subscribe, which I didn’t get into as my attention was on those boards – you dont need to join anything to use those although you do get a pop up asking you to subscribe (I didn’t as I’m overloaded currently) Most mesh body fits catered for btw.