Fallen Angel

“Too much too soon, Or just a little too late..Cause when her ship came in ..She wasn’t there ,  and it just wouldn’t wait ”


Poison Motor bike jacket brown & beige 250L

Helllll yeah hes done it again !! Just when you think you own THE jacket of all time Corocota Torok designer @ Poison makes another that sends your pulse racing…this is truly amazing..from the buckled detail on the cuffs to the zippers on the chest, the tight barely there collar..and striped band at the bottom… dontcha just want to slapppp me for having it? *grins* I tossed on my navajo jeans  (150L @ Poison)which I think look pretttty hawt with the newness…click the pics for a close up view !!

Poison Motor bike jacket black and white 250L

Here it is in black & white a real classic.worn with Poison’s worn & broken black jeans (which are gorrjusss @ 175L)..but head over to the store and check out the other colours…wowser…lime greens, cherry red, custard yellow..and more..boys! Dont worry, there are male versions too yeahhh!!!

 Go get hot: Poison

(2nd pic layering tee from Jane, pack of 31 shades for 210L !)