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SL Fashion Week

SL Fashion  Week - WoW Skins Jadey in Tan + Jadey eyeliner & gloss , [whatever] CG Spikes shoes FREE GIFT

Tra la la la Best start ever to my weekend..freeee shooz ! Yes yes, head over to SL Fashion week, join the group (its free) and snap up these delectabubble shooz from [whatever]. You get them in PINK…and also with a choice of three different coloured spikes…uber cool, I love ! Also WoW Skins is there…and they have a fantastic offer on this Jadey Skin..its in Tan for just 200L *faint*…a real bargain for such a sweet new look…you can grab yourself some makeup for it while you’re there, just 100L for assorted lip coluors,eye liner, gloss and eyeshadows…go onnnn…treat yourself !

SL Fashion week

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Super Kawaii Hunt

Round 1

We all know the big hunts going on but there are many smaller ones with some seriously lovely yummies on offer.  This is the Censor Kawaii Hunt and each item, you’re looking for a cupcake, costs you only 20Lds which is so cheap but if your very low on funds this hunt offers you a picture of what exactly is on offer so you can pick and chose.  And I chose this pink dress.  It’s mesh, it’s cute and it’s pink and what more can be said.

RoundLooks like the picture has been cut in half but that’s just one of the strings from a balloon in my lovely balloon room.  This is 2 hunt items, first the mesh shorts.  A mix of denim and floral fabric makes this more than your standard pair of mesh shorts.  You get 2 floral pattern choices and both are sweet.  The Lola Tango top is a separate hunt prize and again only 20Lds for each item.

Round 11

Sadly not hunt items but I couldn’t resist because how cute is this little underwear set (170Lds) and then there is the hair (150)which comes with the hair dryer and poses sooo cute sooo cute Faith had to run off and buy the hair. Now look at the skin because this is a Group Gift from Censor so join the group and grab a skin so you could get yourself a new skin, shoes, and outfit from as little as 40Lds.  As soon as I go back to get the LM I will be trying on their skin demos because they’re not sticking to the standard, from what I saw they have skin with cute red noses, gawky teeth, smiles and pink cheeks skin that has just that little touch of individuality.


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Unexpected gift & gatcha!

ooohlala I logged inworld this evening to find  a gifty from MOCK this isn’t a rare thing to be honest…cause if you’re a member of this group, you’ll know we are VERY spoilt with pressies ! Anyyyway….this one was a makeover and ohmaiii its gorjus! “Rumour Has it”, is the name ,soft lush lips and dramatic eyes makes it über sultry, yum. If you’re not familiar with makeovers such as this…its really simple…a makeover in Mock terms is just that..a tattoo layer..that changes your makeup – usually eyes & lips. It can totally alter your skin ! Onto the mesh sweater.. Chantkare launched a gatcha last night…only 20L per play oot oot! Of course I had to check it out..and bagged two of these darling woolies…powder blue and also a red…I won two more , but passed those to Zan as they are also transferable yippeee! The gatcha holds all sorts of stuff…when I was there it was handing out these sweaters..but apparently there are other items..whats not to love? !

Mock Cosmetics (join fee applies, SO worth it)


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Bedazzle with a Vajazzle !

Oh finally..someone made a vajazzle…Pretties for your kitties *grins*…Mock cosmetics gave this awesome little tattoo layer out for the group members today…I want more and more and more to buy please ! Pro-tip..join this group (I think it was 250L when I joined) you wont regret it…ever. For the spontaneous gifts..the hilarious chat…(it really makes my day)..and the store is stuffed with make up goodies you wont be able to resist..whats wont cost you an arm and a leg to transform yourself..blush, eyeliners, lippy’s, full make over..the list is endless..I cant leave home without my makeup on these days ! Thanks Mock ❤

Mock Cosmetics

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Friday Round up

Yeee hah! Yus its Friiiiday..I gotta few things I have been saving to show you…A new make up from hate me eat me…yesyes known for fantastic poses but also makeup…scrummy eye shades..I’m wearing the grey version, dramatic and soooo versatile! The range is called “le papyvore” each make up is just 45L.  The top is from CandyMetal and comes in a squillionnn colours, I just adored this gun-metal grey (but the PINK is sooper prettty too!) only 99L…and as I’m SO behind on my jewelry fair items..I thought Id tease you with this release from Dark Mouse, the necklace is from the Whirling Dervish collection…pretty aint it? The matching bangles are just divine (earings also available) 200L a piece, optional metal tones – if you want to see the Dark Mouse collections without the jewelry fair lag..its all out in the mainstore yay!

eye make up: hate me eat me

Top: CandyMetal

necklace: Dark Mouse mainstore     Dark Mouse jewelry fair


Whats your Poison

Oh yum yum yum I have newness from Poison! Actually the store has had a gorjuss re-vamp…new layout..(and I notice shooooz also!) I’m gonna show you some rock & roll tee’s today,..pretty glam..and come in a box with versions for both girls & guys !

The sleeves have resizers in them for the purrfect fit…great logos…theres HEAPS to choose from…


Ohhh nearly forgot ! The rather deeelicious skin I’m wearing is from Bare Sensual…its called Moxie, adorable skin tone and all yours for just 10L *faints*…head over there and take a good long mooch about..there are some great skins at verrrrrry reasonabubble prices !

Go get Tee’d: Poison    Moxie skin: Bare Sensual