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Mooching on the MP.(Freebie).

It’s not often I do a free makeup but the eyeshadows I picked up from the MP need to be blogged.

Zibska will be known by all of us and not just for makeup range but also for their unique, bold and outlandish range of body ornaments/jewellery and headdresses etc.

I do wear makeup in SL but I find that when your eyelids are open the colour on some eyeshadows becomes less noticeable and then on the other hand when you blink the eyeshadow becomes stretched and isn’t good for any close up but I used my hud to keep my eyes closed and you can see not just the bright zingy colours but how “unstretched” the colouring is.

This is in the Zibska’s Marketplace shop but I do know that there is another set available in the inworld shop.  You get 12 of these zingy colours as well as all the main mesh noggings and tattoo layers.

PS.  Have you noticed the fringe, yes this is the same hair from my previous post and nope I haven’t changed the colour of the fringe it’s just one of those SL things that the sim I used in my previous post changed the colour of the fringe.

Zibska (Marketplace)

Zibska (Inworld)

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Not such a good idea.(Freebie).

Now I look like the bottom half of a magic trick gone wrong!  But I’m getting Hangry and so I’m not retaking this picture and I will just let it make you cringe even just a little bit?

The legging are really good and you know when I say this I mean KEEPERS, for me at least.  A dusty pink, lots of sizes and a FREEBIE from the “The Make Over Room” event.  I didn’t buy anything butttt when I LM grab I’m tempted as the makeup sets at this event are very reasonably priced and there is a lippie/eyeshadow set that I’m pretty sure I NEED!

The Make Over Room Event.

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BTW(Super Sales).

I’d almost forgot BUT did you know that Floorplan & Brocante have now moved a lot of their old stock onto the Marketplace AND kept them all at their slashed down prices of between 75%/50% discount.

There is a couple of Dollarbies but a total of 524 items for under 100Lds so time to make an account with the Marketplace, it’s Second Life linked and you use your SL name and SL password, it’s safe, and you can click away and everything is waiting for you when you get inworld…just like this Pennywise mask which I picked up for fun from the Pout MP shop.  I’ve obviously had fun with the editing but if this clown face isn’t for you I also bought some of their Dollabies and the sugar lipsticks are gorgeous (Lelutka & Catwa Mesh Heads only).

Floorplan & Brocante (Marketplace).


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A simple start.(Freebies).

Sorry, sorry and sorry again but RL and computer issues have been a right pain in the A** but dayumn RL is again calming down and comp issues seem to have been resolved, if only life’s issues could be resolved with either a system restore or a simple relog!   Anyhow it was nice to start off with a winner from the MMC shop.

On the wall in the MMC shop is a row of quality gifts and I recognise a few of them as being previously blogged and in fact, I know I still have the futuristic corset set tucked away but I’m pretty sure this corset/bra set is new.

Bra and corset are separates and each comes with an excellent metallic 4 textured hud and finally a set with a mesh body fit for my SLink bod but there is also a Maitreya, Slink Physique, SLink Hourglass and eBody sizes.  You do have to join the Free MMC group but pay a single Ld to buy the gift and sorry I forgot to check to see if you get the 1Ld refunded…but who cares if you don’t because these are worth a lot more.

The tear-streaked eyeliner is another one of the 1Ld or free gifts as well and it comes with mesh head and tattoo layers so woohoo for me and my old AV noggin.


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It’s rare.(Freebies).

It’s rare that I do makeup and nails even though I use make-up layers to change my appearance all the time, I struggle to take pictures, but I really liked these little extras and I don’t think the pictures are too bad.

The nails were sent to me I think as a Subscription and not a GG as it’s marked and since I’m not in the  Livia group I will have slapped their sub board at some stage.

A very nice simple peachy set of nails which also work with SLink & other mesh hands, if you want these nails you might have to slap the sub board and see if they’re sent to you or you can buy them from the Marketplace shop for a measly 5Lds.

Or even better join the Free Livia group inworld and upstairs you will find some really nice group nails and also the lippy I’m wearing.  This lipstick also comes in a few mesh head appliers and in my case tattoo layers.  Sorry I was also wearing some teeth so you get the lippie but not with teeth showing.  There is also a small selection of old hunt items on sale for 10Lds and I’m pretty sure once you’ve tried on the quality Group Gifts you’ll pick them up as well.

BTW the eyeshadow is one of the gifts from ULTRA, and I’m sorry I’ve forgotten which stall it came off but it just means you’re going to have to grab them all.  I chose 2 colours to match the lippies but there are some really pretty summer colours as well.  Not a massive amount but such nice quality.

As I was taking the pictures I was wearing an old gift from  Blueberry which is just such an excellent basic I decided to pop over to Blueberry and check it was still out and it is but I also spotted this one below.

I’m now pretty certain this isn’t new but I’m still gonna (re)blog it because both this are the cropped top from the first picture are 100% quality, fit, textured basics that come with really big Huds so if they’re not new, to you, they will be new to someone.

Livia Marketplace

Livia Inworld



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A complete MIX. (Bargains, free, NEW)

I’m so happy I found  a packet of Jaffer Cakes in the back of my cupboard so my sugar craving has been sated plus I’ve won 2 pairs of NEW boots on eBay for less than £15! TOTAL! SL is turning out to be just as rewarding as well.

The Mix is just that a mix of “Sales, New & Exclusive” items and I knew that as soon as I saw the colour Hud with this hair it was one of the “Exclusive” offerings.  Called Lieke and the style is probably familiar to you as I’ve shown and used this hair many times before but the colours are definitely different.  It’s hard to explain because they’re a bit ombre in style or highlighted but only on the tips of the ends fortunately since I’m not doing too great a job of describing the colours there is a Demo set out for you to try first.


You will see on the stand that you can get the Hud for The Mix which is the quickest way to see which shops are in The Mix and what it is they’re offering ie a sale item or new etc.  To get this Hud you can either join the in world group but I’d recommend getting it through the Marketplace, for free of course, because while you’re on the Marketplace you can also snag these adorable free shoes and slap (thats slang for make up).

XXXCellurb1These come from the Alaskametro shop, you get 4 mesh feet options and of course I used my SLink High feet.  Such a lovely iridescent sheen to them.  They do come with a Hud but that just changes the soles I say “but” but nothing because a really lovely gift.


Now look closer at my face, this is the same FREE skin I showed you in my last post but with one of the Free makeup layers and also a Toothsome smile from the Alaskametro shop.   Some of the make up esp in the Fat Pack one is pretty old but not only is it standing upto the test of time some of the Freebies I grabbed came with Appliers for Mesh Heads and the toothy grin I have on my face is a tattoo layer and as you can see I think it looks pretty good.

If you’ve wondering the dress comes from Dirty Princess and it was so sexy it made me spend Linden on it! Can’t remember how much I paid for it but it was full priced and well worth it for the sheer sexiness it makes you feel plus it comes in all the standard mesh sizes and mesh body sizing.  I’ve just TPed over to Dirty Princess and spotted a new GG there of latex/leather knee-length boots.  I’ll show you them in my next post cos SL and RL time is running out.

Mina Mainshop

Alaskametro Marketplace

Dirty Princess

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Morning win (Freebies).

There is an Ad on TV at the moment when the person gets a lot of things done in the morning and it ends up with a sing-song voice singing “morning win” and I’ve had that “morning win” sorta morning so far in RL and SL.  So I managed to cleared out some of my invent, unpacked some stuff, binned the carp and filed the rest away for a later date and then went mooching and found Free goodies (and that was just in SL managed more in RL lol).

I almost missed all of the Group Gifties from Mon Ceri as they’re in small pink gift boxes on a pink table but I’m glad I didn’t miss them.  Quite a few items inc some mens boxers, earings, necklace, undies a full non mesh sexy corset outfit with boa and plenty of frills, some sparkly leggings and a T Shirt.  What I’m showing you is what I’m keeping.


A cute little back pack.  The only reason I’m not showing you a picture of me wearing it is that my long Mina hair goes into it and I’m too lazy to change hair as I want to keep it on lol.  This is a nice AV fit and I didn’t need to change the sizing although I’m now not sure if you can however you can change the colour.


Honestly this is so good I’ve only used my Nams setting, and the light off my prop cube so you can see the texturing and colouring as it is.  A real quality little back pack with the added bonus of a Hud which allows you to change all of the bits from the straps to the frill.  Excellent.


Check out the make up, what impressed me most is that this pack of make up has a bit of all.  This simple elegant smoky eye a fancy lace almost mask eye shadow, smudged lip stick, crying mascara etc and a lovely deep red lippy, 9 options in total.


I’ve also found out that if you’re in a Paid for Group but you’ve forgotten that it was or how much, if you open the group window on the first box, general, down at the bottom right hand side it tells you.  Feels like slapping my forehead and going “Doh” for not knowing this but it’s a handy way for me to check that the groups I’ve been in for so long are still free or if they now have a joining fee.

Sorry no freebies on the Marketplace but since I know Faith reads my post and how much she loves her sexies I’m putting Mon Ceri’s MP shop with the link to a very sexy but sadly paid for little item on here.  It will be interesting if Faith resists buying it.

Mon Ceri

Mon Ceri Marketplace