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Lend Me Your Bones

Just a quickie this cold Sunday night from the Make Him Over Hunt.

I found this absolutely fantastic mesh motorcycle jacket at BC322, a store I’d never been to before now, but one that is definitely impressive. I love the look of this jacket, check out the skeleton design – too cool. The little details such as the collar and zipper all look great as does the texture. You get four sizes of the mesh included with this gift so it will surely fit you perfectly, just remember you will need your mesh-enabled viewers to see this properly.

If you like your jackets cool and just a little different, you should definitely put this one on your checklist of things to find.

Get the gear here: BC322

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You’re on the Bottom

I can be such a slowpoke when it comes to hunts. I missed the kickoff to the MHO7 Hunt by a few days, fortunately for me it’s a month-long extravaganza because I would have kicked myself for missing out. There are a brilliant array of designers giving out some awesome gifts and I’ve got a few to show you tonight. Funnily enough, except for the skin, they are all items for your bottom half!

Speaking of the skin, it’s from Akeruka, a name you guys should know well if you’ve been here before. It’s called Nando and it comes in this full tan tone along with the facial hair. It’s most definitely a very masculine skin with the usual super well-done details that you always get from an Akeruka skin.

The boardshorts you can also see above are from Redgrave who are always a must-visit for me when they’re involved in a hunt. Oh so summery, these shorts have a gorgeous look and I love the colours – the blue and brown go very well together here. They are mesh so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to see them.

The next item I found was from a store I’d never visited before: Ink No.8 Meshfactory. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, just that it would be mesh and that was enough to get me lookin’. Eventually I found their gift and saw that I’d scored these awesome Dungarees. I can honestly say that I don’t have anything in my inventory like this, mesh or otherwise. The texturing is absolutely fantastic and they have a real funky look to them that I like a lot. With these dungarees you get two alpha layers and two sizes of the mesh to choose from so you should have no problem getting these to fit.  With these I wore my hunt gift from Sartoria: the Travellers Sneakers which are some very cool footwear indeed, I love the pattern on the uppers of these.

Now, if you want to talk about footwear, Muism has you covered. It has been one of my favourite stores for as long as I can remember and it’s no surprise when you see their hunt gift the ‘Troy’ boots. These boots are simply stunning. The leather texture is gorgeous and the details are superb. Check out the shadowing around the so good straps and the little ‘M’ logo up the top, amazing. The boots also come with a script that allows you to resize them as well as change the texture of the strapping on the boots. There are a whole different range of colour choices, you can even add a little sculpted sock to stick out of the top of the boots if you wish, but I liked it better without.

This hunt will go until the 15th of July so you have plenty of time to hunt down these and more of the fab items that are up for grabs.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1:
Skin: Akeruka
Boardshorts: Redgrave
Picture #2
Dungarees: Ink No.8 Meshfactory
Sneakers: Sartoria
Picture #3
Boots: *Muism*

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Make Him Muism

It’s obviously been too long since I’ve paid a visit to *Muism* as when I went down there I saw loads of brilliant gear that was new to me and of course I had to pick some up. Like the ‘Scoop Tee’ and ‘Cargo Shorts’ I’m wearing above. They come in a cool range of colours and look great. I especially love the cargos. Even from a distance you can see how amazing the detail on the textures are and the sculpted cuffs and pockets fit well.

While I was there I also came across the Make Him Over Hunt 6 item. I wasn’t even looking for it. It just magically appeared right in front of me, gotta love it when it’s easy. The gift is the Chronotech G5 in navy. A wicked, sporty looking watch with lots of options. You can change the time or leave it set for SL time, change the face colour and resize all through the handy menu, it is indeed a very cool accessory and worth picking up.

So head on down to *Muism* keep yourself on time by picking up a great watch and treat yourself to some of their awesome clothes.

Get the gear here: *Muism*

Pose by Olive Juice

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Make Him Over

As you might have guessed, I’ve been out and about, trying to do the Make Him Over hunt that started last week. I haven’t been able to get all the way through it yet but I have found a few goodies to show you here.

The first picture is a mix of a few gifts. The hair is from Shag and is called Black Jack. A wicked little wavy kinda mohawk that you get in two colours: powder and shadow. There is a colour changeable streak that runs through this ‘do and there is a huge amount of tints to choose from. The Stomp glasses are from Kumaki Glasses Style and have a large amount of fabulous options in the menu and there is also a Nylon Belt Watch included in this gift! The shirt is from Sartoria and as you’d expect from them, it is just too cool. Great design, it comes on multiple layers and has well-fitting sleeves and body prim. The jeans are Poison’s entry into the hunt and are fabulous. The Dos70 jeans come in two different waist heights: one normal and one lower plus some sweet looking sculpted cuffs, the texture is gorgeously done and has some wonderful creases around the waist and backs of the knees. You can find all these brilliant gifts by following the links below:

Hair: Shag
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style
Shirt: Sartoria
Jeans: Poison

Next is the hunt prize from Hermony. You get two for one with this gift as it contains both the Oversized Beanie as well as the NRD Tanktop. I was super pleased to get another one of these beanies as I like them a lot, with there being two copies for different attachment points you can wear this with a hair of your own or you can use the tattoo layer hairbase that comes with it like I have. The tanktop has a great look, I love the neon greeny colour of the image against the black of the tank itself. This also comes with a sculpted body part to give it that extra bit of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: Hermony

A couple of more gifts to finish off for today and it seems I found another hairstyle, this time from **Dura**. This is quite a different style to what I’m used to and, to be honest, it took a few minutes for me to get my head around it(it also helped that I finally got it sized right too!) but once I had, thenI started to like it. The MHO Limited Hair comes in a script resizer version and one with no such script. The Bicolor tee is from Acid & Mala Creations and is superbly casual (great for wearing with those jeans I mentioned earlier). It comes on all different layers and features lovely looking sculpted sleeves and the bottom of the shirt.

You can find these two gifts here:
Hair: **Dura**
Shirt: Acid & Mala Creations

I would say that all of these items I’ve shown here are definite must-gets and that’s barely scratching the surface of the massive hunt (there is something like 160 stores to go through!). For a full list of the stores and their links, you can take a look here:

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Make Him Over Monday

It’s double trouble at SF Design this Monday. Not only can you pick yourself up the usual fantastic Monday Mania item (more about that further down) but they are also participating in the Make Him Over hunt and have an absolutely gorgeous gift to grab.

It’s called the ‘After Hours’ vest and shirt. Take a look at the colours, soft lavender shirt and purple vest, you just know I’m going to love it and I do! The vest has got some great details and the pattern is lovely. With the multiple layers you can choose to wear the shirt and vest separately with it all tucked in or you can wear the untucked jacket layer like I am. With this gift you get the sculpted cuffs and collar which come in two versions: one with a resizer script and one without. Make sure to take a good look at the cuffs when you get this as the cufflinks are seriously awesome. You also get the fab loose, flexi tie as part of the gift and has a number of cool colours to choose from in its menu.

To find this hunt item, you have to take a trip over to the SF Design mainland store which you can find here: SF Design Lotus

Now onto this weeks Monday Mania which is this sweet bandana. This is something I definitely didn’t have in my inventory before and it’s always good to get something you don’t already have. It is really well made, wrapping perfectly around and draping over your chest nicely. It’s also colour changeable so you can tailor it to whatever you’re wearing and the pattern looks great. This is definitely worth picking up as it makes a handy, wicked-looking accessory and it’s only L$25 for today, you have to love that.

To get this bandana at the special price you have to grab it from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the SF Design men’s casual section, located here: SF Design


Still Hunting!

Yep I’m still out there, trying to track down those elusive Make Him Over hunt gifts for you to check out! Today I’ve gone almost all the way back to the start of the hunt to show you this gift from BalAni. I really enjoy going to BalAni,they’re always involved in different hunts and giving away gifts and just being awesome. Their MHO gift is one of their best gifts yet, I’d say. It includes not one, but two different pairs of pants: the pinstripe black pants which I’m wearing above and the B&W madras pants which I’ll be showing a little bit further down. You also get the black knit turtleneck sweater which comes with two different versions of the sleeve cuffs, a resize script enabled sweater bottom (and one you can manually resize if you want) and the turtleneck collar, of course. The texture of the sweater is brilliant, looking exactly like it’s supposed to, which is a warm and wonderful knitted sweater.

Next we’re off to Demise, which I’ve been to a few times before in the past (if you’ve been reading us for a while, you might know that lol). For their MHO hunt gift, they are giving away their ‘cloudy sky autumn sweater’. It comes with the matching scarf and pushed up prim sleeves, both of which are easily fitted. As you usually get from Demise, this top is very cool and very well made, I especially like the shade of blue on this shirt/scarf and I always like a good v-neck.

For our last stop today, we’ve got a bit of a montage. The pants you can see in this picture are the madras pants from BalAni’s hunt gift that I mentioned earlier. The necklace is Zenith’s contribution to the hunt and comes in a version for both men and women, for both the chest and spine attachment points, it’s a wicked little necklace with black and white feathers that just look awesome. It’s also script resizeable for easy fitting. The skin is Tellaq’s hunt gift and it’s always excellent to pick up a skin during a hunt. It’s called ‘Robinson’. It comes in two versions, one with the goatee and one without. It is definitely an ultra masculine, realistic skin with a strong face and heavy muscle definition which are detailed really well.

Picture 1 – MHOH4 #12: BalAni
Picture 2 – MHOH4 #157 Demise
Picture 3 – Necklace – MHOH4 #132: Zenith Fashion
Picture 3 – Skin – MHOH4 #158 Tellaq Avatar Creations 


I Want Some More MHO

MORE!? Yes there’s much, much more! Another Make Him Over Hunt post and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this wonderful institution (can we call it that yet, an institution?) Anyway, on with the show.

First up and no I’m not being lazy, I resent that implication 🙂 What I’m doing is showing the Make Him Over Hunt gift on offer from .::Poise::. which is a wicked little set of props for photos (or whatever). It includes the ‘slob’ tv, watching football of course, what else? A can of beer for relaxing and the ‘slob’ chair are also included. The chair comes with 3 in-built poses, all along that slob theme.

Secondly we’ve got the Make Him Over gift from Gabriel which is the ‘Drape Shirt’. As you’d expect from Gabriel, it’s a great looking top, loose looking with the edges of a white shirt underneath showing through. The creases and shading add to that ‘loose’ look and it also comes with sculpted cuffs and a stole (and attached necklace) which is colour changeable to either black, grey, brown, blue and red. You can wear this top either untucked as I’ve shown or on the shirt and underpants layer for a tucked in version.

Next is one of my favourite gifts from this hunt so far: the ‘Foebel’ grey from Ducknipple. You’ll always find some brilliant casual clothes at Ducknipple and this is definitely no different. I love ‘layered’ looks and plaid and this top has both. The prim cuffs, collar and ‘bottom’ of this top all show slight hints of the plaid shirt beneath the grey sweater and it looks awesome. The grey sweater itself is cool too with variations of the colour throughout and a wonderfully warm looking texture, it looks fantastic with jeans and pants both. This is another gift from this hunt you’ll need to go get.

Lastly for today we have the bright red short-sleeved ‘Shelter Me’ hoodie from [Bait]. Once again, another layered top with the white shirt hanging out underneath the hoodie. But with this gift you also get a version of the hoodie by itself that you can wear your own layer underneath with (or nothing at all!). I love the bright colours of this gift and the prim cuffs and hood look great and fit well, the hood comes with a script resizer to make those slight adjustments if need be.

Get these gifts here:
Picture 1: MHOH 4 #135 .::Poise::.
Picture  2: MHOH 4 #140 Gabriel
Picture 3: MHOH 4 #145 Ducknipple
Picture 4: MHOH 4 #152 [Bait]