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Autumn is coming

Oh I do love this time of year ! Autumn is approaching and thank goodness summer is coming to a close. When I saw the colours of the new Neve dress “bunch” – I swooped in for the brown and soft peach straight away – dead keen to get into those autumnal tones. Plenty of choice though – so if you’re clinging onto summer or yearning for winter – you’ll find a colour or pattern pack to suit. Plains, stripes, checks – a pack for everyone ! Oh ! you can also wear just the dress – click of the Hud et voila, no sweater.  Do’t forget you receive four colours per pack – its a stonkin deal for just $250L (fatpack is only $750L) My hat & hair are by Tableau Vivant from the “HATtention” range on sale at The Arcade. Two styles of hats with hair and I seem to recall just $50L? orrr was it $75L – you know what? I went SO berserk at The Arcade last night (egged on by Player who was JUST as carried away) Its all a bit of a blur – forgive me !


The Arcade

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If only – Promo deal

If only my Mondays started with a coffee cocktail by the pool ! This outfit is by ArisAris its called “Eternity”. Sweet 3/4 length pants and an adorable shirt top. You get twelve shirt choices and five pant choices, plus metals for the belt. Sizes included are: For Belleza Freya, Belleza Isis, Maitreya – Lara, Slink – Physique, Slink – Hourglass,  M.B. Perky, M.B Legacy

The oh so super news is, if you buy this set at the inworld store, its yours for just $99L ! If you’re a group member wear your tag and you get it for $89L – bought on the market place you will pay $299L !

ArisAris store

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Its Getting Hot In Here

New round of Tres Chic is on, Neve have this superb swimsuit called “lulu” – its super pretty and ever so chic ! Via the Hud you can pick & choose colours and patterns for almost every part of the piece – I went with DOTS – I love dots ! Mesh body fits including Legacy and free demo at the event.

In the latest round of Fameshed (which should have calmed down enough for you to get in!) Neve have this offering “bienvenidos” a cropped swim top and saucy little bikini briefs. All sorts of packs to decide upon which via their Huds can be fiddled with to your hearts content – you can really personalise this ! Fat pack available for ultimate flexibility. Mesh body fits including Legacy and a free demo at the event. Thanks Neve team ❤


Tres chic 

(Hair by Truth – old group gift)

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Spend Some Save Some. (Freebie).

I’ve actually had to log out of SL to do this post because I’m so distracted by the hair and shoes it’s too much like RL!

OK firstly the hair which is another Mina’s from The Hair Fair.  If you look closely you will see that the band around the base of the pony tail is the same texture as the hair! Love it.  I won’t show you the 3rd one I have yet as the Hair Fair goes on till the 26th (I could be wrong but I don’t think so) so I’m going to save that for a later date., I’m so damned lucky that I get to blog this hair because I love it, it has everything I think SL hair should have-a great colour palette, realism, affordability and best of all to look great when worn.


As always you can choose the colour pallet of your choice.


This is something you don’t usually get with a Mina and I’m trying to think if I have one of her hairs which comes with an “add on”.  Those long “bangs” as Americans call them and we in the UK say Fringe are “added” to the main hair.  The tendrils hang down to frame your face beautifully.  I’ve not had a chance to check this out but I’m actually hoping I can use the fringe on their own as a “hat hair”.  I’m pretty sure I have a couple of hats in my invent which I will be able to wear with this fringe.

So spend some Lindens on the hair but save on NEW SHOES! In fact although I’m only showing only 1 pair here I have 3 others from a different shop waiting for my next post.


Pure Poison has an unusual way of giving out it’s Group Gifts in that they’re loaded into a Gacha so you will win the SLink High Shoe but the colour you get will be random and guess what I won?  the RARE of course!  Mine came with a colour changing Hud and from the looks of it has all the shoe colours loaded into it and I can also change the heel, sole, straps etc to whatever colour I want.  Although this is a Gacha win because they’re Group Gifts they’re non trans.  The Gacha is at the LM but you will notice straight away that the whole sim/shop has and is going through a real revamp.  A very pretty watery setting now with the shoes and Gacha’s floating on diamonds.  Always nice to see a shop or sim which has had some imagination spent on it so I took a wander around and then that’s when I thought I’d better log off and finish this post.

Almost forgot to say that the shoes for Maitreya, SLink High, Belleze & TMP feet! and I don’t believe that’s because I have the rare I think that it will be the same for all colours I just got the bonus of all the colours.

Mina@The Hair Fair

Pure Poison

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Freebies, boring title non boring freebies. (UPDATED).


Thanks to one of our readers I now know that PumeC is no longer a Free to Join group and the membership is now 99Lds.  I get so many notes and notices this one must have gone right past me.  TBH this is a mere token as Sly Puma not only has 4 skins out but these skins come with ALL the Appliers in them so you get your moneys worth when joining plus she also changes the Group Gifts so it’s one to stick with.

This was the first skin I ever got off PumeC and sad to say this Freebie has now gone but this was the skin that got me addicted to PumeC skins.  She’s called Vlada and those dark smokey eyes are to die for.  Although this skin is now gone Sly Puma (otyebis) always has free skins on offer and as I always say she doesn’t stint on the appliers.  In fact now I’m LM grabbing she had a total of 4 Free skins out and I’ve blogged them all.  Even the Freebies come with all the appliers that were available at the time but WOW she’s now not only gone and added all of the brand new Appliers out there such as Banned Booty, KL Lena Body etc but also Maitreya which is rapidly becoming very popular in SL  So generous and all you need to do is join the Free group to gab all of the freebies and the Applier updater.  However since Sly like a lot of us would also like to make a few Lindens make sure to check out her full priced range.  Taking into account not only the quality of the basic skins but they’re packed with appliers the most expensive skin is just 699 but lots are priced at 399 and if you want to take a chance then for a 100Lds you can try the Gacha and even the Gacha skins come with the full applier packs!

If you like to buy the Lippies and eyes that will match your skin/shape then PumeC also does a range of them as well.

OK nuff about PumeC and check out the top.  You actually get 3 or4 in the pack this one which is white/black an all black one and an all white one and I believe another black and white version.


This is the other top but DOH! I’ve just realised that this top also comes with a wide belt which I’ve forgotten to put on LOL.  You will have to join the LpD group but thats FREE to join and so of course is the PumeC shop.

My SL time ran out which was a bit frustrating as I really wanted to show you the hat which is another LpD freebie.  This one comes unboxed so when this oversized hat rezzed on my head it was a case of “wtf!” and then I clicked on it and resized it to a much more normal size and it’s delightful.  A wide brimmed floppy hat with a big bow at the back and a couple of wheat stalks sticking out.  The description doesn’t do this hat justice as it’s really lovely and I’m keeping it not only to wear but at 6prims this hat will make a wonderful decor item.

I’ve put the link to LpD’s Flickr so you can see the wonderful dreamy clothes avaiabl to those lucky people who haven’t just had to pay a SL tier fee and a RL repair fee LOL.

PS the Group Gifts are outside of the main shop. If the TP doesn’t take you straight there walk up the stairs to the front of the shop but don’t go inside, walk to your left in front of the window, honestly when you get there you will see clearly what I mean but if you need help then please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or IM me, but only if you see me inworld, and I’ll be happy to show you.

LpD “Les Petits Details”

LpD Flickr

LpD Marketplace