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Dream on.

Today I have my Sh*t together, my RL work is done, my house is clean, I’ve done my exercises, I’ve scared my cats and I have a PIE baking in the oven OH YEAH!


LOL Sadly though I’m not this slim and beautiful AV on a stunning beach in a beautiful floaty dress.  It’s another Mag<3.B offering and since I’ve just done a big post about Magritta’s shop I thought I’d give it a little time to give you lot a break but I made the mistake of putting it on and it made me “hum” and I couldn’t help myself and TPed to one of my fav beach sims and started to dance.


Only 100Lds and you get a colour changing Hud which changes the colour of the top/under dress and the sheer top layer 4 for each and each light and Summery.  It was hard to pick a fav so I didn’t.


I’m now wishing I had zoomed in closer as you get such a great fit and such great little details, you can just about make out the tiny buckle on one of the thin straps.  You get all the standard Fitmesh sizes and the SLink Physique bod fit.


Honestly it’s so simple and so divine and again those little wrinkles around the stitching are just a sign of care that someone puts into their products!

I took these pictures in the gorgeous and flattering sim setting but quickly checked out the colour/tex in my Nams and it’s virtually identical in both settings, I’m only saying this because there usually isn’t a demo available which to me is usually a downside but I’ve never come across a naff texture from here in any case.

Oooo check out the MP as well I’ve just spotted most of the same bargains that you can pick up in her inworld shop and remember GET THE CLOGS! Only 5Lds and I wear them ALL the time they’re my “goto” shoes.


Mag<3.B Marketplace

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I NEEDED this look and as soon as it dropped into my lap the moment I read its name I knew it was going to cheer the RL me up, “Kawaii Thong” and “Angry Laced Top”.  I can understand why the bikini bottoms are called Kawaii but there is no reason for the top to be “angry” LOL.

This is a bit of a mix n match outfit as they’re bought as separates.  The top for me personally is the winner, great texturing, pretty colours, creases etc and for just the 75Ld it cost you also get a Colour Hud which gives you a total of 4 strong pastel colours for the top and you can also change the colours of the laces.


Not forgetting that the top also comes in 5 mesh sizes and also SLink Fitmesh size.


The panties are a separate purchase and I got the 4 colour pack that comes with additional Ice Lollies, which you can either hold in your hand or they’re mouthies.  This particular pack cost 70Lds but tbh if like me you’re not into your “wearables” then right next to these is another but very similar pack of Kawaii panties and they don’t have the lollies inc which means they’re only 50Lds.  What both packs of kawaii panties do inc is many of the Appliers you need if you like your mesh bodies.  I was too lazy to bother putting my mesh body on and so you can see you for yourself you also get the system layers as well.  The appliers are SLink Physique, TMP Body, Bellezza and Maitreya and of course the system layers.

There is a lovely and very mix n matching selection of Spring/Summer clothes in Magritta’s shop and I think I’ve shown you them all but this isn’t a big shop and if you want to remind yourself then you can either scrollllll through old posts or just pop in and check them out for yourself.

TBH I redid my photos because I can’t actually see any Demo’s so apart from the gorgeous windlight setting of the sim I was on the colours/textures are pretty true to what you do get.

PLUS you have to go to check out the Army Pastel Boots! I have shown them to you and they’re so cute and only 100Lds for a massive 10 Colour shoe, lace, sole Hud they are the perfect addition to any “Kawaii” outfit.  So to make it even more tempting when I was LM grabbing the Mag<3.B I joined the Free Group and picked a selection of items off the Group Freebies/Discount Wall.  As it happens everything I bought cost me only 5Lds but there are freebies there and I have shown you them before but they’re well worth another post and it’s a way of tempting you back to Magritta’s shop to check out her new stuff…cunning or what LOL.

PS Bob the fish is mine! Get yer own!


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I have pets (inc a Freebie).

I have a few shops in SL, just like RL, which I have a fondness for Follow Us is one of them, Mina’s of course and you will have read me going on about and  Magritta shop Mag<3.B. You just seem to get the feeling that they like to offer moneys worth or just give a little bit of themselves in what they sell so I love it when a notice comes out about new stuff, I love it even more when a notice comes out about new free stuff LOL.

Working from the top down.  I’ve spotted these filly tops in other shops but since I’m a meanie I’ve resisted them hoping that at some stage they would work their way down to either being less pricey or come with as a Fat Pack which makes them a lot more tempting and one thing Margritta does with most of her stuff is both things ie affordable & Fat packs so I now have the top I wanted.XXXpets3

At only 100Lds and a colour Hud which gives you a generous 10 colour options for the frill and 10 for the top a bargain.  All in the same pastel shades and perfect for jeans, skirts and shorts and although were still in the cooler Spring months if you’re a Summer Babe a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Goes without saying that the mesh sizing is just as generous ie all the mesh size, fitmesh and mesh body options.


These shorts are a Freebie.  I just did a post not long ago about CuCu Clothes and I knew there was Freebies that I hadn’t shown you so I dug these purple shorts out of the Freebies I had picked up and I knew they were a perfect colour for this top. I’ll put the Link to the post about the CuCu Hunt item but these shorts and other Freebies are actually on the counter and I do believe they are a gift for all so you don’t even have to be a group member.  The one thing I will say is that these shorts are actually part of the PJ set and they don’t come with an Alpha for just wearing the shorts on their own but most of us have plenty of Alphas in our invent so easy to find one to fit.


Love these pastel boots, again not only a bargain price but again they come with a 10 colour option Hud which allows you to change the shoe, soul, laces and lace holes and again all in the same pastel shades as the top and only 100Ld for all of that.  You do also get small and large boots and a non rigged pair, which means you can edit them for a better fit if you need to.

One of the reasons I adore Mag<3.B is not just because all of her clothes are very reasonable priced and packed with colour options they’ve all turned out to be keepers for me. Apart from a sweater/shirt combo which I accidentally deleted I think I’ve actually kept everything from her shop.  Lots of tights and socks for mesh bodies and cute Kawaii items but not childish or sickly sweet designs.

As always there is all of the old and new GG’s and super cheap bargains filling a corner of her small shop but as I was LM grabbing I noticed a board with some SALE items on it and the Spring Clogs which are one of a pair of shoes I own from here which I use an awful lot and they’re only 30Lds.


CuCu Clothes

CuCu Clothes (Previous post & Freebie)

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So Blue!

I’ve been so wrapped up I almost missed the latest round of the Colour Me Project which this time is blue or in this case purple LOL


Called “Hello Sailor” this is simple wearable retro babe bather but with the usual added touches you get from Magritta, because not only do you get the 2 piece bather but also a perky little sailors hat and 2 wearable life savers, 1 for your hand and one for around your waist.  Of course you don’t need to wear any of them but it makes for a whole quirky look.

As always on the end of my Mag<3.B posts I mention her mainshop because Margritta has some absolutely lovely Group Gifts out and once I’ve grabbed the LM for the Colour Me Project I’m TPing over to her main shop to grab the LM and see if there is any new Freebies waiting for me….and yes there is new FREEBUES also some really slashed in priced items so I’ve snagged them and I will show you them soon but of course you can pop over yourself and join her Free Group and see what you can grab, there’s a whole wall of Freebies and Cheapies!

Colour Me Project

Mag<3.B Mainshop

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Sympathy (freebie).

This weekend I’ve eaten too much chocolate and watched too many bad horror movies and gossiped and laughed like an old woman and now I feel sick and I have a head ache.  So to take my mind off my self-imposed queasiness I decided to sneak into SL and take a couple of quick snaps of some cute clothes.


Same outfit in both pictures the top is a well know design in SL now but it’s simple cute, free and also in this case comes with a colour changing hud so you get emmm I think it was 5 pastel colours. It comes from Infliction and you do have to join the free group to grab it but if my memory serves me correct Sly Von Schweetz (asylum.miggins) is pretty good at putting Group Gifts out so this place is somewhere to keep an eye on.


The shorts I’m wearing are an old Gacha item from Mag and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t tell you about them at the time they were available because they’re simply cute.  So cute that I’ve kept them all this time, simple but with a light satin sheen.  As it happens I’m in Margritta’s inworld shop and although I can’t see these shorts I can see that she has a NEW free to join Group Gift out so although these shorts aren’t here it’s worth a pop in for that.  I’m also going to put her Marketplace link here because she has some simply sweet eyes and dresses on special offer and again if you need new shorts and her prices are more than reasonable have a check for them as well.

Now I’m going to take my sorry behind to bed and munch on salad and fruit to make up for a weekend of over indulgence.



Mag<3.B Marketplace


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Him V Her.

Popped over to the Him V Her Cart Sale but at first I was a bit disappointed because unlike the larger Cart Sale where everything is priced at a cheapo 10Lds there very little is priced as low as that however that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t bargains galore to be had.


The first of which is this simple and sweet dress. Mag<3.B as one of the more bargain priced cart because the most expensive item is this dress but then again considering the pack actually contains 4 colours and textures and all of them come to only 50Lds thats more than a bargain.  I choice this simple white cotton one because that texture is so reminiscent of old Linen, pillow cases, Lavender and old things found in storage in trunks in the attic.  If you want more colour then there is a yellow striped version, a pink flowered version and a blue patterned version and it was hard to chose which one to wear until I put on the one I decided to take a picture of.  Excellent texturing and all come with all the sizes and as I’ve said 50Lds for ALL of them.  Nothing on her stall is over 50Lds and there is some real pretty socks and tights for the Kawaii in us all.

Make sure to pop to her main store because she has some absolutely lovely Group Gifts out and the nices pair of clogs with socks I’ve seen in a long time, I have blogged them so I will have a looksee to see if I can put the link to them in here as well.


Nice to see an equal amout of space given to mens stuff as well as the girls but there is also a load home and garden items, food and accessories all laid out in easy to navigate stalls.  I picked this boat as a decor item on my land.  Haven’t decided where to plonk it yet but at 10prims and 50Lds I thought it makes a great decor item.

Him V Her Cart Sale

Mag<3.B Marketplace

Mag<3.B Mainstore

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Kawaii boobs.


Although I thought I’d had my fill of Gacha’s I decided to pop over to the Lily of the Valley Gacha Festaval mainly because this was my Mums fav plant.  The usual mix of clothes, make up, this n that and then I found this.  Nope I am not wearing my beloved Tangos as the boobalicious shape is from the dress.  So if you have wanted to “grow a pair” without the expense then for 50Ld this is a really cute and cheeky mesh dress..


Another clearer shot so you can see the belt and braces detail and all the butterflies you can see attached to head, arms and legs also come with the dress but you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to but remember this is a Gacha item so I won the pink but you may end up with a different colour.

So I TPed over to Magritta’s shop ****Mag<3.B. which I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged before because she has some seriously cute outfits and all at more than reasonably price in face if you want a certain colour for this outfit then they’re in her shop at full price of 90Lds which is still pretty damned good.  She also has some really exc GG, Free to join and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m in such a rush I would have loved to have shown you them.  Make sure to check out her MP shop as well not only to see the sort of things she has but she’s also got some really bargain priced prettiness.

Lily of the Valley Gacha Festival