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Nobody does it better…

Had some lovely coupley poses to look at from Magnifique a while back…and finally got Player in a quiet moment to take  a look at them…well yum! This ones called “anytime”…great for using up against a wall…or whatever…

We also liked thisss one called “in your hands”…ideal for those sultry boudoir shots…

Last up we chose “satisfaction”…which is a nice uhm…climax to the others (ohmaiii a bare bottom .. Actually..that was the first thing I noticed about Player woot!) Magnifique has positively ooodles of couples poses, and also some gorgeous family ones..plus model packs..great prices ! Head over and take a look..

Magnifique Poses

Festival of Sin (where these poses can be found)

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Pillow Fight !

Heres the gang…on my bed…rough & tumbling with a new pose from Magnifique….sooooo cute we’re making my teeth ache ! It’s a lovely pose for making memories of your mates…adorable…just 159L

Another release called “I missed you” aww will you look at them two (get a roooooom)….looks like Zan can smell chocolate on Steves breath huh?…

Last up for loves young dream…is this pose “I ❤ you”…guy sits on the ground (or couch) and the chick is buried in against his chest…my absolute favourite…super snuggly ! There is a VIP group gift (I think its free join) a pose called *Dip me*, very romantic…Go snoop the store, two floors of poses,props, and some great deals ! Thanks Scarlet xx

All poses : Magnifique Poses

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Big day out knickers

I don’t know about you, but I categorise my knickers…uhm..is that weird? Oh well for me its sooper helpful. I have ones for jeans, ones for no VPL..ones for..well you get the idea *squirm* I decided this new dollarbie set from CandyMetal would deffo go in my “for best” section…isnt it pretty? For just one of your linden dollars, you get these pretty scarlet knickers & bra…

…and the shorts also…and the velvety lush corset top….andddddd…

…a pair of matching skinny jeans !  Thanks Emychan xx. The boots I’m wearing were a tip from my friend Fey Savira, free on the market place, colour change too! Great killer heels- thanks Fey xx

All clothes : CandyMetal

Boots: Market Place

Poses: Dare (no longer available) & Magnifique

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Getting in the Pink with MHOH

Ok..so theres a couple of things you all prolly know about me..1) I love PINK 2) I’m really into shabby chic,vintage …soooo…how did I come across both of my favourite things for free? Simple dimple..I trotted over to Pink Label and grabbed myself the MHOH prize hooray! Seriously pretty outfit in scrummy faded pinks, dainty floral vintage look fabric *happy sigh*. The shirt has two options to wear it, like I have above, cropped tight with a side tie( that I helpfully managed to hide with my arm sawry!) and also a fine lacey hem that flutters across your midriff…the skirt has just the right amount of “flounce” and is sooper feminine…my necklace is from Dark Mouse, called “spring fling” and is one of my treasured items from the store..matching bracelets also…such a beautiful collection of flowers & leaves and beads…

There is also a new pair of shooooz in the box to complement the outfit…sweeter than butterscotch candies…same delicate floral print…with a little knotted tie at the heel..that great easy peasy HUD with them to make fitting and skin matching a breeze ! Thank you Talena xx

MHOH gift: Pink Label (you need to join the MHOH group to collect this prize- joining board is in store)

Spring Fling jewelry: Dark Mouse

All poses: Magnifique Poses (thank you Scarlet xx)

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Pumpkins & gifts

Its getting closer to Halloween yay! Candy Metal have an awesome group gift out for those that celebrate the day, and for those that don’t. Gorj leggings in a deep gold with a nippletastic top…

For those that love the whole spooktacular thang…theres a set in the box with blood stains !..thanks Emychan xx If you’re loving my pumpkin poses, head over to Magnifique  and grab your own set..6 props & 6 poses…adorbs …thank you Scarlet xx

Group gift: Candy Metal

Pumpkins & poses: Magnifique

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Poised on a bench

Not sure how long this is good for..buttt…Poised has this yummmy little shorts & tank set out for just 50L ! Its called Digital Spirit, bright red tank and a really lovable pair of washed out denim shorts…the bench is from Magnifique poses and comes with the sweet pumpkin (it’s not linked so you can move it around yay!) Packed with some great animations. The thing I really like about Magnifique’s gear is that its copy & mod..means you can fiddle about with it and get more unique photos, another bonus is it’s all very low prim (phew)..thanks Poise & Scarlet !

Digital Spirit set: Poised

The Bench Pose Prop: Magnifique Poses

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How many minutes to midnight?

I realised I hadn’t been to M2M for a while and decided to pop over earlier..but…it was gone ! Soooo I looked up the owner Yumi Chiuh on the market place and found a whole cache of goodness *squeeeee*…above Im wearing the Nordic quilt jacket…chunky dark brown knitted piece with a flared hemline and big sleeves, love the rounded fat buttons…Cost: 2L

Next into my shopping trolley was this snazzy little number “taffeta trumpet dress” a whole array of colours to choose from and a fantastic wide bronze belt…Cost: 1L

I saw this plaid shirt and snapped it up..it comes in squillions of colours, plusss there’s an extra surprise in the box..you also get the denim skirt yay! All prim parts have a handy resizer script for perfect fitting..all yours for just .. Cost: 5L

Couldnt resist the brightness of this eggnog tricot sweater,as we move to the cooler months its ideal, fabbo collar detail too. Matched them up with a pair of the nylon quilted look pants . The sweater & pants both come in other colour options…cost : 1L each

Fell in lurrrve with this darling little chenille & fur jacket, and bought two tones ! Such a useful piece to stash away, lovely details on the collar…

cost : 1L

Heres that chenille jacket in blue…lully isnt it? Teamed it up with a pair of the zebra print skinny jeans which I just totally adore…cost: 2L

Last item in my stash bag is this sooper pretty snakeskin dress. Check out the terxture…its gorjuss ! Available in oh-so-many different colours but I just loved this baby blue … Cost: 5L

Btw I dropped Yumi a message asking where her store is now..and Ive got the new landmark below for you!

M2M : Market place for all the above

M2m: Inworld store (all the above items were purchased on the market place)

jewelry: Dark Mouse  & Chuculet

Poses : Magnifique