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In and out and in and out. (5Ld & Freebies).

I’m refusing to smile in these pictures because I’ve been in and out of my house like a Jack in the Box because of the sun, rain and hail! Each time I hauled all my cushions and throws outside the sun would vanish to be replaced with a wind cold enough to freeze Brass Balls and not only 3 showers but hailstones!  So I finally gave up and not only came back inside I also came back into SL.


As I mentioned I was going to show or reshow you some of the 5Ld items from Magaritta’s shop Mag<3.B so you may have seen them before but since I have an afternoon to kill I can’t think of a nicer way to do it  so I threw out my seat put out myself a little indoor summer seating and here they are.

A simple romper, lovely texturing, fit etc no more needs to be said.


I’m not sure why I love these shoes because normally “quirky” heels aren’t my thing but these are ones I’ve had in my invent from the first time I grabbed them.  Don’t panic if you don’t like them with socks as they can be worn without as well.  SLink High feet needed though.


These boots are pretty new gifts and you can tell they were for her Easter pressies because of the cute chicks and eggs on them.  The same style can be found as a Fat Pack of the new Spring/Summer colours Mag has out, I’ve shortened her name because I’m a lazy cow.  Again are only 5Lds but I have the Fat Pack and for only 100Lds for a massive 10 Colour hud for not only the shoes but the laces and soles.  Since there isn’t a demo of the 100Lds ones then if you want to make sure they’re good for you buy the 5Ld ones and try these out.


Last and definitely not least is this top and I know I did a post about this not long ago but that was, I think, for the fat pack which I adore and is a bargain price but this spotted coloured one is another of the 5Ld Group Discounted ones.

BTW the shorts are also off the GG wall but I don’t like em LOL simply because they’re just not me however I did know that you get quite a selection of colours so I picked them up and happily there was a pink pair which I could wear with the top.  I also only changed my hair so you could see this top a lot better.

The Mag<3.B group is FREE to join and there is a lot of old and new GG’s waiting to be grabbed, some are free but some are token priced ie 5Lds and as far as I can remember the most expensive thing on the wall is a cute pair of colourful sneaker boots and at only 15Lds a tiny price.

Although there isn’t any demos in the shop I don’t think I’ve come across anything that I didn’t think was worth the money and add to the fact that on the whole the prices for her clothes, shoes, stockings, socks etc isn’t actually unreasonable it’s always worth the risk of buying without trying a demo.

PS taken in my Nams setting so you can see what I can see LOL.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Lazy bones(Freebies).


I was going to put on all the Group Gifts I’ve gotten previously from Magaritta’s shop Mag<3. but I was lazy and just went with what I had on at the time. You may recognise the high wasted shorts they’re from my previous post (LM ME)and they and a top are the WOMENstuff prize I found, the top is something I found as I was going through my received folder and is available from Addams Marketplace shop for free.  I should have also shown you the back as it has a large heart cut out.  It comes with a colour changing Hud which also has a slider so you can change to any shade you want.  Addams also has a nifty sports top that I’ve blogged previously as a freebie with a colour changing Hud so you may want to check that one out as well.


Shoes n socks is usually a fashion faux pas but with these I think they work really well and are SLink compatible.  You can also wear the shoes on their own without the socks. free to join GG from Mag3<.B’s shop.  Some lovely gifts here as well as most reasonably priced items.  As it happens I also popped on a shirt/jumper combo from Margaritta’s shop in my Hunt Me Down post, this isn’t a freebie but worth every penny, Linden, because it comes with a stuffed Hud of colours which allow you to change the jumper, collar and cuffs.

Psst! Check out my next post for info on the building I’m using only a single Linden!


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