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Insane Monday Rambling, Cos I iz an Unicorn.

I rarely wear anything like horns or in this case an Unicorn horn so Faith spotted it almost straight away when we were standing talking about the sim decor and of course she asked why and what I said was “because I’m a f**king Unicorn that’s why” and of course she is so used to me it was just accepted as a valid reason.


Let me just say this isn’t a FREE post….go on spend some Lindens LOL.

Margaritta shop Mag<.B is a little shop I’ve promoted over the years,  I started to blog her shop when all there was on the Group Gift wall was about 2 items and now it’s a whole corner full of free and seriously discounted items of which I still own quite a few of.   So when she drops me a little package it’s just like when I get a new Mina, I drop everything and open it.


It didn’t surprise me that it’s a “Unicorn” skirt as it’s very much in keeping with the super Kawaii and yet adult range of clothes that come from Mag<3.B.  Like most of her clothes you also get a texture Hud and in this case each skirt has 4 texture options.  The top picture is the stripe tex from the bright pack and the bottom is the stripe tex from the pastel pack.  Each pack costs only 80Ld.

I can’t believe in all the years I’ve known the Mag shop it’s not gotten any bigger as she does bring out new stuff on a regular basis and of course her Group Gifts and seriously discounted wall has gotten so much bigger.  At some stage or another I’ve shown you everything from that wall and when I say “discounted” I mean seriously discounted as they’re priced between 1-15Lds.  As it happens the shoes I’m wearing are Mags but there is also 2 pairs on the discount wall which would also have matched this skirt plus a top and you would end up with a cute outfit for really minimum cost in the end.

PS Guess where I got this?  The “The book of Daniel” event of course.  Obviously, the last thing I need is new clothes but I’m always shopping around for decor items and all 200Lds of the cost of this book throne is donated to the great cause which is Daniels story.


Although the event wasn’t Lag Hell my comp was in a go slow mode so I only managed a little bit of shopping but from what I saw so many NEW designs and everything from poses, clothes, shoes and stuff for your home and garden.  Still plenty of time to pop in if you’ve not checked it out yet.


The Book of Daniel

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In and out and in and out. (5Ld & Freebies).

I’m refusing to smile in these pictures because I’ve been in and out of my house like a Jack in the Box because of the sun, rain and hail! Each time I hauled all my cushions and throws outside the sun would vanish to be replaced with a wind cold enough to freeze Brass Balls and not only 3 showers but hailstones!  So I finally gave up and not only came back inside I also came back into SL.


As I mentioned I was going to show or reshow you some of the 5Ld items from Magaritta’s shop Mag<3.B so you may have seen them before but since I have an afternoon to kill I can’t think of a nicer way to do it  so I threw out my seat put out myself a little indoor summer seating and here they are.

A simple romper, lovely texturing, fit etc no more needs to be said.


I’m not sure why I love these shoes because normally “quirky” heels aren’t my thing but these are ones I’ve had in my invent from the first time I grabbed them.  Don’t panic if you don’t like them with socks as they can be worn without as well.  SLink High feet needed though.


These boots are pretty new gifts and you can tell they were for her Easter pressies because of the cute chicks and eggs on them.  The same style can be found as a Fat Pack of the new Spring/Summer colours Mag has out, I’ve shortened her name because I’m a lazy cow.  Again are only 5Lds but I have the Fat Pack and for only 100Lds for a massive 10 Colour hud for not only the shoes but the laces and soles.  Since there isn’t a demo of the 100Lds ones then if you want to make sure they’re good for you buy the 5Ld ones and try these out.


Last and definitely not least is this top and I know I did a post about this not long ago but that was, I think, for the fat pack which I adore and is a bargain price but this spotted coloured one is another of the 5Ld Group Discounted ones.

BTW the shorts are also off the GG wall but I don’t like em LOL simply because they’re just not me however I did know that you get quite a selection of colours so I picked them up and happily there was a pink pair which I could wear with the top.  I also only changed my hair so you could see this top a lot better.

The Mag<3.B group is FREE to join and there is a lot of old and new GG’s waiting to be grabbed, some are free but some are token priced ie 5Lds and as far as I can remember the most expensive thing on the wall is a cute pair of colourful sneaker boots and at only 15Lds a tiny price.

Although there isn’t any demos in the shop I don’t think I’ve come across anything that I didn’t think was worth the money and add to the fact that on the whole the prices for her clothes, shoes, stockings, socks etc isn’t actually unreasonable it’s always worth the risk of buying without trying a demo.

PS taken in my Nams setting so you can see what I can see LOL.


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I NEEDED this look and as soon as it dropped into my lap the moment I read its name I knew it was going to cheer the RL me up, “Kawaii Thong” and “Angry Laced Top”.  I can understand why the bikini bottoms are called Kawaii but there is no reason for the top to be “angry” LOL.

This is a bit of a mix n match outfit as they’re bought as separates.  The top for me personally is the winner, great texturing, pretty colours, creases etc and for just the 75Ld it cost you also get a Colour Hud which gives you a total of 4 strong pastel colours for the top and you can also change the colours of the laces.


Not forgetting that the top also comes in 5 mesh sizes and also SLink Fitmesh size.


The panties are a separate purchase and I got the 4 colour pack that comes with additional Ice Lollies, which you can either hold in your hand or they’re mouthies.  This particular pack cost 70Lds but tbh if like me you’re not into your “wearables” then right next to these is another but very similar pack of Kawaii panties and they don’t have the lollies inc which means they’re only 50Lds.  What both packs of kawaii panties do inc is many of the Appliers you need if you like your mesh bodies.  I was too lazy to bother putting my mesh body on and so you can see you for yourself you also get the system layers as well.  The appliers are SLink Physique, TMP Body, Bellezza and Maitreya and of course the system layers.

There is a lovely and very mix n matching selection of Spring/Summer clothes in Magritta’s shop and I think I’ve shown you them all but this isn’t a big shop and if you want to remind yourself then you can either scrollllll through old posts or just pop in and check them out for yourself.

TBH I redid my photos because I can’t actually see any Demo’s so apart from the gorgeous windlight setting of the sim I was on the colours/textures are pretty true to what you do get.

PLUS you have to go to check out the Army Pastel Boots! I have shown them to you and they’re so cute and only 100Lds for a massive 10 Colour shoe, lace, sole Hud they are the perfect addition to any “Kawaii” outfit.  So to make it even more tempting when I was LM grabbing the Mag<3.B I joined the Free Group and picked a selection of items off the Group Freebies/Discount Wall.  As it happens everything I bought cost me only 5Lds but there are freebies there and I have shown you them before but they’re well worth another post and it’s a way of tempting you back to Magritta’s shop to check out her new stuff…cunning or what LOL.

PS Bob the fish is mine! Get yer own!


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Kawaii boobs.


Although I thought I’d had my fill of Gacha’s I decided to pop over to the Lily of the Valley Gacha Festaval mainly because this was my Mums fav plant.  The usual mix of clothes, make up, this n that and then I found this.  Nope I am not wearing my beloved Tangos as the boobalicious shape is from the dress.  So if you have wanted to “grow a pair” without the expense then for 50Ld this is a really cute and cheeky mesh dress..


Another clearer shot so you can see the belt and braces detail and all the butterflies you can see attached to head, arms and legs also come with the dress but you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to but remember this is a Gacha item so I won the pink but you may end up with a different colour.

So I TPed over to Magritta’s shop ****Mag<3.B. which I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged before because she has some seriously cute outfits and all at more than reasonably price in face if you want a certain colour for this outfit then they’re in her shop at full price of 90Lds which is still pretty damned good.  She also has some really exc GG, Free to join and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m in such a rush I would have loved to have shown you them.  Make sure to check out her MP shop as well not only to see the sort of things she has but she’s also got some really bargain priced prettiness.

Lily of the Valley Gacha Festival