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So Blue!

I’ve been so wrapped up I almost missed the latest round of the Colour Me Project which this time is blue or in this case purple LOL


Called “Hello Sailor” this is simple wearable retro babe bather but with the usual added touches you get from Magritta, because not only do you get the 2 piece bather but also a perky little sailors hat and 2 wearable life savers, 1 for your hand and one for around your waist.  Of course you don’t need to wear any of them but it makes for a whole quirky look.

As always on the end of my Mag<3.B posts I mention her mainshop because Margritta has some absolutely lovely Group Gifts out and once I’ve grabbed the LM for the Colour Me Project I’m TPing over to her main shop to grab the LM and see if there is any new Freebies waiting for me….and yes there is new FREEBUES also some really slashed in priced items so I’ve snagged them and I will show you them soon but of course you can pop over yourself and join her Free Group and see what you can grab, there’s a whole wall of Freebies and Cheapies!

Colour Me Project

Mag<3.B Mainshop