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Toot Suite (Translation BE QUICK).

I swear I just got this lovely outfit from Mag<3.B only yesterday but the event where you can only buy it from finishes on the 4th, I maybe wrong but I’d really hate for you to miss out not only on this cutie but on the Gifts set out for us.


Love this dress, it’s styling reminds me so much of a brand I love in RL (Joe Browns) a mix of patterns and an “upcycled” feel to it.  Only 75LDs.  On Magritta’s stall is a small selection and if you’re not keen on the colour I’m wearing, WHY NOT? I’m kidding lol,  loved the black one and well as the purple and although you have to buy the colours separately do you get 2 choices in the pack.

The reason that I’m rushing this post is because of the FREEBIES laid out for us.  The Four Seasons Market is a lovely small event, stalls laid in an easy circle and a lot of them have a little wrapped gift waiting for you to pick up.  Again time meant I unpacked this one and look at it! An adorable globe with a little lily in it!

Four Seasons Market

Mag<3.B Mainstore for other goodies and Gifties