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I don’t rock it!(10Ld & Free Group Gifts).

I don’t like the colour, I don’t like the style and I don’t like how I look in it BUT just because it’s not to my taste means nothing.  You wear what you want to in SL and so here it is.

Actually what I did love was the quality, shop quality as I like to say plus all the sizes and mesh bod sizes.   Don’t worry of you too aren’ta “Pink Lady” as for the 10Ld joining fee there is a nice selection of other Group Gifts just at the landing spot.

This is the pink I rock!

Yup that’s me in my Madpea AV, rhyming completely unintentional.  I’ve been a Madpea group member for so long I forgot it’s a free group.  When I log in I’m going to trot around in my Madpea AV doing the Madpea Easter Hunt.

Obviously, not everyone would want to be a Madpea but these 2 exc decor items are also GG’s.  When you click on the gumball machine you hear the money go through and see the dial turn and a little green gumball pops out.  The lamp turns on and off and gives off a really nice glow.  If you do join the Madpea group each Fri for 24 hours they set out a special gift as well.



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What the Cluck!(Freebies).

I took a day off SL yesterday and it was all good, apart from deciding it would be a good idea to go window shopping wearing NEW SHOES! So I’m sat here with plasters all over my sore bits doing the Madpea “Mad Easter Egg Hunt”.  This isn’t a free hunt, it cost 100Lds to join but I’ve always loved doing the challenges set by the Madpea’s behind Madpea.  I’ll pop the link the their blog for you to check it out for yourself.

Yup I am huffing because I was struggling to find the egg I was after so I decided to take a break in my NEW FREE “KEEPERS”!  You will recognise the style of the top as I did a post for a 5Ld hunt one, obviously in a different shade and in fact there are 3 shades for you to hunt down so scroll back to a couple of posts and you will see the details of this Easter hunt but this top AND the pants are FREE from Blackrose.

Comes in ALL the mesh bod and I believe non mesh fits, so many and I’ve started to notice more and more new mesh body makers appearing in SL.  You even get 3 lengths of pants to suit the shoes/feet you’re wearing.

As I’ve said it’s a keeper for me, exc texture, fit, style but here is a handy tip which is something I wish I did from the begining, when I relabel the folder to make it easier to find I will also delete all those fits that I will never use so if you don’t do this now start and it’s amazing how much it can cut back the clutter in your invent just by doing this.

Blackrose (on the table to your left and there is another Freebie for another Freebie group).

Madpea Blog

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Thanks to the lovely Shiada I can give you a bit of an update, and I’m so sorry Shaida if I’ve got the spelling of your name wrong I jotted it down so quickly! anyhow it turns out that the Teleport Hub Group is Free to join but for a limited time, although it was a super cheap group in the first place.  But if it being free and the GG of a full garden I showed you a couple of posts ago isn’t enough to tempt you then I’ve put the LM for Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever” as there is a lovely dress in her shop next to her LBs.  so you can quickly join the Teleport Hud Group there and grab that dress BUT wait because there is even more.

A Give Away which inc one of my FAV, and nonfree, Group MADPEA.  I’ve only scanned the details but I’ve put the link for you to read fully.  Madpea is an amazing group/shop and event creationist in SL.  MADPEA is what Second Life is all about their events sometimes are not cheap to do but the fun and brainstorming and ultimately the gifts you win far out surpass any cost of joining.  The MADPEA hunts are the only ones I happily pay to join if only I had time to do more of them I would but this is a chance for you to try so read the link and keep your fingers crossed your a winner.

But I have to go now so BIG THANKS to Shiada for the update because I would have missed it and yes I’ve rejoined the Teleport Hub group because even though I am a Mad MADPEAer the chances to win the entry to one of their hunts is a prize worth trying for.

Teleport Hud Promotion/Madpea

More Than Ever

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Heads Up.

I finally managed to get over to the massive Food Fair charity raising event and I will put the link to Faiths post all about it the charity involved, the people involved etc READ IT!


I was going to have a nice morning sauntering around  now that it’s finally calmed down but VANITY won and I ended up pulling some poses on one of the stage set ups at this event.


I wasn’t even going to show you my New Mina but damn I look so good the RL me is as jealous as Hell!


This New Mina hair is from the latest FaMESHed event,  Which I’m not even going to try to squeeze my freakishly skinny AV into(unless there are Freebies there, in that case, I will defy the lag and grab any goodies) and I will wait till it calms down. Because I wasn’t going to show you “Indy” I haven’t taken all the pictures of what’s special about her.  You can see on the back is a big fat juicy bun and lots of tendrils but when you open the Colour Hud and click the “options” tab you can actually wear it 3 ways, the one shown one with no fringe and a few tendrils and one without any fringe or tendrils but as always I’ve put the LM for Mina’s shop so you can try out the demo and remember to check out the new Group Gifts (not free to join).

Here’s a bit of randomness….Mina’s house on the hill.


I was just stood outside of Mina’s mainshop and since we’re tarting up our own sim I’m checking others out for inspirations and I’ve decided to pack my bags and move in here for a while…I wonder what she would think if I started to squat in her houselol?  Such a lovely building and sim setting so I’ve taken a quick snap and I’m now at Ionic to check out the price of this house and of course to see if there is any goodies for a “.

Last bit of randomness, make sure to check out this weeks FLF(Fifty Linden Friday) as there is some super decor items, a couple of pieces of clothing which are worth a whole lot more than 50Lds and here’s a shocker a super hair for only 50Lds.  I’ll put the link to the pictures for you to check out for yourself and you can TP direct to the sellers.

Food Fair, Feed A Smile


Mina Mainshop(Demo).

FLF(Pictures n LMs)


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I’ve managed to get myself over to the Legendaire shop and although they’ve upgraded their shop I was right and there is a wall of GG’s and of course I grabbed all of the shoes because I am greedy and needy and shameless.  There is also a Valentines hunt going on and the large heart shaped boxes are scattered around the shop.  They are priced, as far as I could tell, at 10Lds and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m outta time I would have picked a couple of them up just to get some idea of what’s inside.

So be quick as the Free for the mo group should be finishing sometime today.


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Food glorious foooood


Oh! An event I am really keen to attend is The Madpea International food fair. From February the 18th till March the 4th MadPea is hosting this new one-off event to raise funds for the Feed a Smile charity that helps impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. The event will have exclusive items, gachas and everything in between with all designers giving 50% of their earnings to “Feed a Smile.” Everything will be FOOD THEMED! There will also be amazing live events daily! Chez Moi have this sweet farmers cart up for grabs, three colour choices, the one I’m sharing is the coloured and comes with a menu to change wood tone. Lovely animated poses included, so it’s not a static pose but you move naturally – cute!

MadPea International Food Fair

Neve (all clothing)


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I must be Mad(pea).

I’m so busy I have so much to do so little time to do it in but I couldn’t resist joining in the latest Madpea Hunt called “The Peantonville Asylum”.  This is a pay to play hunt but I have so loved previous Madpea hunts I actually went a bit crazy and bought the GOLD pack.  You get a choice of Bronze (100Lds), Silver(500Lds) and Gold(100Lds) and each set comes with their own prizes and in the case of the Gold Pack I got this whole outfit of hair, trousers, boots and hat & other accessories.  More importantly I get the 25 silver prizes and 25 gold prizes….thats if I can find anything!XXXMadpea

I’m truly bad at hunts but I’ve found with previous Madpea hunts once you work out what to do it becomes much easier and I won’t lie…I can always fall back on  someone doing a Walk Through at some stage.  I have of course joined the Madpea Group so I can also use that for hints and tips and if you’re a Facebooker then there is a Facebook group.

Of course the official Madpea Blog site is the perfect place to get you started, it shows you whats in the different packs, a link to the prizes (I’ve not check them out I want to keep them as a surprise) how to start, how to change your Hud for the Easy Peasy setting, where to start etc.

This hunt goes onto 30th and that should be plenty of time even for a poor hunter like me to find the goodies (or cheat).

The Pentonville Asylum Hunt Website