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Get MAD(pea). (Free Hunt Info).

Madpea shop and hunts have been an inworld institution since the dawn of time or almost the start of SL.

These hunts generally come with a bigger price tag than any other paid-for hunt and there is a good reason for that and that’s because not only are the prizes worth every penny but the time, thought, planning and sheer bloody-minded cunningness that goes into these hunts mean they earn every penny that people pay to join them.

As you can see from the title of this post that in this case, this brand new hunt is FREE unless you do want to pay for the “Premium” Group which at a 1000Ld price tag is for many a “considered purchase” and yes I’ve been watching QVC way too much. I have done previous Madpea hunts which I did pay for and I was more than happy with the prizes and all the extras that I got.  However, I’m just not sure if I can give this hunt the time needed to get my monies worth so I will stick to the FREE option as I’m pretty sure I will be happy not just with the prizes but the whole challenge is what people love about the Madpea hunts as they can be challenging and so much fun to do.

PS.  That’s not me in the picture lol.

Madpea blog.

Madpea. Get yer hud here.

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Time for something new.(Paid for hunt).

Have you ever done a “Madpea Hunt”? If you haven’t then OH BOY are you in for a treat.

These hunts are NOT free and as you can see this particular one costs 500Lds but I know from the previous Madpea Hunts that even though the prizes are brilliant, unique and top quality it is the experience that you’re paying for.

The team behind Madpea pull out all the stops to create atmospheric scenes and clues which are hard enough to make you want to scream and yet when you work it out you want to slap your forehead that it took you so long.  I have scrolled through the blog and I see you can also use a “Radar Hud” which is the game-changer for me as I need all the help I can get.

So I missed the last hunt, although that may still be running, so this is an opportunity for me to get in on one at the start as it’s only just starting and we have a whole 2 months to work our way through it.

PS. Scroll down the Madpea blog page and you will see the list of shops that have donated prizes…and Mina’s is on the list.

Madpea Blog

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I must be Mad(pea).

I’m so busy I have so much to do so little time to do it in but I couldn’t resist joining in the latest Madpea Hunt called “The Peantonville Asylum”.  This is a pay to play hunt but I have so loved previous Madpea hunts I actually went a bit crazy and bought the GOLD pack.  You get a choice of Bronze (100Lds), Silver(500Lds) and Gold(100Lds) and each set comes with their own prizes and in the case of the Gold Pack I got this whole outfit of hair, trousers, boots and hat & other accessories.  More importantly I get the 25 silver prizes and 25 gold prizes….thats if I can find anything!XXXMadpea

I’m truly bad at hunts but I’ve found with previous Madpea hunts once you work out what to do it becomes much easier and I won’t lie…I can always fall back on  someone doing a Walk Through at some stage.  I have of course joined the Madpea Group so I can also use that for hints and tips and if you’re a Facebooker then there is a Facebook group.

Of course the official Madpea Blog site is the perfect place to get you started, it shows you whats in the different packs, a link to the prizes (I’ve not check them out I want to keep them as a surprise) how to start, how to change your Hud for the Easy Peasy setting, where to start etc.

This hunt goes onto 30th and that should be plenty of time even for a poor hunter like me to find the goodies (or cheat).

The Pentonville Asylum Hunt Website