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Zombie Bride

Arent I pretttty…*laughs* gawd I really really got excited about this gift from M2M…(thank you yumi ) Above I’m showing the skin & eyes that came with the outfit..the skin is astonishingly good..veins and paleness that looks so believable..the bloody face, split lip and bruised face is just perfect for frightening everyone on Halloween..they eyes are dead..just like they should be if youre….u n d e a d …

Also in the box is the gorgeous bloody bride dress..two versions (or you can wear both skirts together) I really liked the petal shaped skirt above..all topped off with blood coloured roses and a lace veil…

Second style of skirt is all lacey (and of course blood stained) To get this you’ll need to join up to the M2M group (50L join fee) and look in the notices..orrrrrr if you don’t have any group slots left you can buy it on the market place for 100L…simpledimple!

Bloody Bride outfit: M2M (minutes to midnight)

Market place store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bloody-Bride-Zombie-Set/2754447

Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

How many minutes to midnight?

I realised I hadn’t been to M2M for a while and decided to pop over earlier..but…it was gone ! Soooo I looked up the owner Yumi Chiuh on the market place and found a whole cache of goodness *squeeeee*…above Im wearing the Nordic quilt jacket…chunky dark brown knitted piece with a flared hemline and big sleeves, love the rounded fat buttons…Cost: 2L

Next into my shopping trolley was this snazzy little number “taffeta trumpet dress” a whole array of colours to choose from and a fantastic wide bronze belt…Cost: 1L

I saw this plaid shirt and snapped it up..it comes in squillions of colours, plusss there’s an extra surprise in the box..you also get the denim skirt yay! All prim parts have a handy resizer script for perfect fitting..all yours for just .. Cost: 5L

Couldnt resist the brightness of this eggnog tricot sweater,as we move to the cooler months its ideal, fabbo collar detail too. Matched them up with a pair of the nylon quilted look pants . The sweater & pants both come in other colour options…cost : 1L each

Fell in lurrrve with this darling little chenille & fur jacket, and bought two tones ! Such a useful piece to stash away, lovely details on the collar…

cost : 1L

Heres that chenille jacket in blue…lully isnt it? Teamed it up with a pair of the zebra print skinny jeans which I just totally adore…cost: 2L

Last item in my stash bag is this sooper pretty snakeskin dress. Check out the terxture…its gorjuss ! Available in oh-so-many different colours but I just loved this baby blue … Cost: 5L

Btw I dropped Yumi a message asking where her store is now..and Ive got the new landmark below for you!

M2M : Market place for all the above

M2m: Inworld store (all the above items were purchased on the market place)

jewelry: Dark Mouse  & Chuculet

Poses : Magnifique


Top pics

While Faeth is on hiatus I popped over to Esther Jen to snaffle up a new group gifty! It’s a sooper mauve/purple tunic with the sweetest white bow at the hip..tres chic!

Decided it had been farrr too long since I snooped M2M out..so headed there next and found this darling little plaid top for 1L ! Beautiful pastels and cutie-pie bows adorn the layers…

” But for now, let me say – Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Monday – And on Mondays you tell the truth – To me, you are perfect – And my wasted heart will love you – Until you look like this.” (outrageously stolen from the film “Love Actually!-I dunno why) I found this set on the table at M2M inside the main store….10L you will get the t-shirt,denim shorts,a cinnamon roll for your mouth,a tattoo layer of cream..and a whole scenery set ! Theres lounging pillows,a mattress,lamp,pictures on the walls..and of course..a plate of naughty creamy cinnamon rolls to dive into yay!

Go get topped:             M2M               Esther Jen


Join the Harem


Ohhhh I got Harem pantsss..I’ve been looking at them forever..and being undecided, I’m somewhat of a ditherer …I just hadn’t made my mind up..anywayyy Yumi Chiuh Kujisawa owner & designer at M2M sent me some to try ! Thank you ❤ I love themm…the set I have comes with this stunning off the shoulder top also…very classy..I havent taken mine off yet …you can try them out too…the whole set is just 10L *squeee* Theres quite a few colour options to see..go look…

I’m a lucky ducky and can also share with you one of the new spring frocks..I adored the one above..simple..clean & crisp…with a resizer in the bodice prim for a great fit….just 25L…Three buildings when you land..one for group info…one with stacks of goodness and the main store that has these two pieces..Happy Friday !

Go join the Harem: M2M


Minutes to midnight

Traaa laa la la I’ve found a newwww store yippeee! I SO love finding new designers it makes my heart smile…M2M or minutes to midnight as it is also known have some utterly lullly outfits and all very reasonably priced..”The Sunday off” outfit comes complete with bag,shoes (that I helpfully managed to cut off in the pic sowwy!) jeans with sweet cuffs and a cute-as-a-button chiffon top..all yours for the princely sum of 5L..

The Spring Balone-Dress is so feminine, light floral print and a short balloon skirt, could be used as a blouse also…yours for just 1L

Last but certainly not at all least..is this glorious lime green/yellow sweater..resizer to get that great fit..and just 1 L…

I bought all of the above on the market place here; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/46198 but I also popped over to the inworld store and snooped about just for you…heaps more gear for you to peruse…

Go get into spring: M2M