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(Un)Luck of the Irish.


Me on a Monday morning, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday….etc

So I went to the Luck of the Irish Gacha Event and won this!tutIt’s not often I win a Rare and then wish I hadn’t but in all honesty what am I going to do with a prop Irish pub?   This is just a fake build for filling out a sim setting so it’s not even as though I could pop inside for a pint.  I may not have much use for it but if any of our followers can use this then feel free to drop me a note inworld and I’ll send it to you.


But I did win plenty of sweet things including this adorable and wearable Lily of the Valley.  The mouthie is a separate win.

Shortest post evar! but I thought I must get this in as I’m not sure how much time is left to go on this Gacha event and I wanted to show you that there are some real sweet items to win and in my next post I have something seriously cute to show you.

Have a Great Monday.

Luck of the Irish Gacha Event

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Gacha addiction

NAMINOKE Kigurumi avatar 50L !

Hello, my name is Faithless and Im a gacha addict *hangs head*. I just can’t walk past a gacha machine and not try my luck, so when I saw The Luck of the Irish Gacha Event advertised – I was there in a flashhhhh. There are three stages of machines, with items ranging from mesh avatars to decor – makeup and jewellry – stuff for guys too. My gorgeous mesh avatar was just 50L, isn’t it just adorable? Its by Naminoke and there is a huge amount of colours to win, bunnies & teddies. They even have the a pair of sweet wings that flap awww.

BIC Goodgirl Apron dress 25L ! Cheap & Chic shapes  Nueva Dehli  - not yet released !

I couldn’t believe that this good girl apron dress by BIC was 25L a pop ! Really nicely detailed and a little bit retro. I won the pink colour so was suitably chuffed. Ohhhhh btw, check out Cheap & Chic shapes, a small but growing selection of shapes, priced around the 40L mark and all rather unique. I’m wearing one that’s not yet released but hopefully will be soon ! Its called ” Nueva Dehli” (thanks Matilda <3)

The Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Cheap & Chic Shapes (market place direct link)