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I’m sorry.(Freebie(s)).

Since when has Scandalize been FREE?  Unless I’m having a “moment” it looks like the previously paid for Scandalize group is now a FREE group.  I don’t really pay as much attention to my “paid” for group notices so chances are it’s been free for a while but I’ve just never noticed.  So if you’ve never indulged yourself in some Scandal it’s time as there so many top quality freebies the lucky boards are packed with goodies and the turn over is so quick I’ve won myself 4 outfits and picked up some of the more recent new freebies.

What got me over to Scandalize wasn’t knowing the group is free it’s because it’s done a “collab” with “LSR Moda”.  LSR is providing this sexy latex dress and Scandalize the matching over the knee boots.

You get both a shiny black and white version of the dress and again it’s the same for the boots.

You’re probably wondering why there is no picture of the boots and it’s because the picture I took is HORRIBLE!  Since we all know Scandalize quality I really don’t need to show you and of course if you too thought that Scandalize was still a paid-for group then you’re in for a treat.

Just a reminder that the LSR also has excellent Group Gifts, it’s one of my regular goto shops for goodies and although it has less Lucky Boards they too have prizes worth waiting for and in fact most of what is in the room you TP to is either free or a Dollarbie so check out all 4 walls.  I can’t think of a better collab that LSR and Scandalize.

PS. The “Lurker” behind me is actually a really good spooky prop.  It bobs gently up and down, only 2 prims and great texturing.  I was going to plonk him outside of Faiths bedroom window and allow him to spook her but I think she’s unspookable by now lol.  I did pop over to the Love inworld shop but it looks like it’s a freebie on the Marketplace only.

LSR Moda (Dress)

Scandalize (Boots)

Love. (Marketplace only)

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Like bears to a honey pot.(Freebie & SL Updating it’s sh*t.)

There was I thinking I was super quick off the draw but turns out I wasn’t as fast as the 16 other AV’s who had also TPed over to LRS Moda to grab their newest group gift.

I did a post not too long ago about this shop so there are other freebies but this is the newest and it’s upstairs.

Don’t panic, I’d already suspected that so many sims were down because of rolling updates and as soon as I’d clicked to take this picture the clang and warning box popped up giving me time to either TP or Log out so I decided to log out.

See ya’s later.

LRS Moda