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In Her Shoes

Hello Zans feet *waves*…Im just the typist…zan’s done the legwork for this post..so in her own words…and those of the designer..

“”Welcome! All the items I have made at: In Her shoes and Hair @ Vignette     are Free WHY!!? After years of loving Second Life and the creative freedom it brings, I’ve decided to give back. So young or new avi, rich or poor…I hope you enjoy the things I make.
Rachel Boram”

And I for one not only applaud her generosity but I wear it.  This store has been in SL for as long as I have but I’ve just rediscovered her treats through her new projects, she builds shops and homes for a SL living and hair and shoes for pleasure and freeness.   I compared her sneakers to my expensive ones and they were identical apart from price.


Everything in her store is for FREE.  She has everything a girl would need from sexy stilettos to cute flatties from statement shoes to understated shoes.  She’s not forgotten the men folk either as there is a small selection for the boys.

But there is more.  Hidden in the corner of the store is a small door and that leads you to a treasure trove of free hairs.  Male and female. Quickly snatched up a cute short little bob for myself but coming back later to check out the rest and fingers crossed it’s as good as the shoes.

All footwear: In Her Shoes

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Monday Mania goes Tartan

tra la la la right on the money is SF Design with their Monday Mania 25L  deal ! Tartan mini skirts…sooper cute. I choose to go down the classic lowtops,wrinkly socks with sneakers and pigtails route..however they would look equally as good with a sweater and knee-length boots…great colours..with options for taller av’s…(other colours also)

I’m adoring the bright wintery red tartan..not sure what clan it belongs too but I’m joining! Teamed it up with the SF Design fitted shirt, comes with the option of collar or collar with a cool colour change tie..bargain at 150L..my socks are from Argyle Anonymous..fat pack of four colours for just 99L! Dont forget the skirts are only 25L this Monday from the Monday Mania board just inside the chicks dept !

Tartan skirt & fitted shirt : SF Design

Socks: Argyle Anonymous

Sneakers: HOC

Poses: Glitterati