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Buff Babe.

I popped over to The Thrift Shop event and within the first 2 isle I’d broken my promise and spent some Lindens.


Low, low, very LOW rider style mesh shorts.  So low I had to choose my skin wisely and fortunately this Pink Fuel skin was perfect.  The shorts come from the Toxic *H* stall and for 75Lds they come with a colour changing Hud and 2 colour packs to choose from.  I do believe that this event is over on Sat and I must get back there to check out what else is there is but I’m pretty sure that dotted around the bargains are some Freebies to grab but I’ll have to double check that.realbluebodyI have blogged this skin before and OMG no it’s not a PumeC skin! shocking I know but Mochi Milen in her Pink Fuel shop sells skins that have a difference to them, super Kawaii skins, boi skins, flatter boobs layers, make up, appliers and on and on.  I had picked this skin up previously when it was at a seriously discounted price. The skin on its own has a lovely sweet face, most of her skins are youthful and bright but not childish! and I saved so much on the skin I treated myself to the Applier which gives me an amazing Buffed look which stands out even more on such a sweet face.  This Applier comes with these options “regular, regular+small chest, athletic, athletic+small chest, ripped, ripped+small chest & curvy”  I believe I’m wearing the athletic+small chest in my pictures.

Sadly this shade of skin is now discontinued but as I was LM grabbing I spotted the SALE sign straight away and TPed to the skybox and droooooled.  Skins, Appliers, Tattoo layer’s, Make Up and other cute things slashed in price.  There are appliers for everything from Phat Azz to SLink hands which although have to be bought individually the prices are more than reasonable and more so if you want to create such a unique look to your AV.

PS and if you want this buffed look but not the cost of a SLink body then you can get all the layers as tattoo’s but they will only match the same shade of Pink Fuel skins.

The Thrift Shop

Pink Fuel Main Shop

Pink Fuel Sale Skybox


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High, Med, Low.


Although I’ve just bought a great pair of trousers from SF Designs as soon as I tried the latest  demo on from FATEwear I had to get these.  Not too much into the low rider look but this pair of pants called Peter and comes in 3 fits,high, med and the low pair I am wearing in this picture (and of course all the standard mesh fit sizes).  Low enough to be sexy but not so low as to be nasty.  A choice of colours and I chose the Quagmire. Comes in a corduroy texturing which you can see more clearly in the next picture.


Ladies don’t ignore the latest Men Only Gacha event going on.  For those who you love in SL I’m pretty sure that there is plenty of gifts that he will be happy to received and of course since this is a Gacha event then everything is trans (just not copy) and these guns would be perfect.  I say guns because in one Gacha you get a left and right thigh strapped gun and in another Gacha a gun that fits down the front of your clothes or the back each Gacha costs 100 but the detailing in these weapons is excellent and since you get 2 in each set then you can have one each (they fit Zan as well) so his and her weapons.  The landmark I have given you should take you to the actual Obscure Gacha Machine but if it doesn’t then you will find this and other Gachas on the upper level.  Plenty of other things for yourself or your partner from skins, clothes, accessories etc and all at really discounted prices.

PS when you land at Fate island (the name of his sim) in front of you is Damian’s costume/role playing shop but turn to your right and go up the stairs to his larger main shop for the more classic suits and leisure wear.


Men Only Gacha MOG

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Old pants new look.

RonsemAs promised more on the new shirt from Ronsem.  To make me part my my Lindens something has to be new and fresh and this is the first time I’ve seen a mesh shirt with that tucked in the front look an added bonus is that it fits perfectly with a pair of Ronsem jeans that I’ve had for a long time.  Called Military Shirt 2 means that you do get the Khaki, black and grey colours (I’m wearing the Drab Olive colour) but there is also more colourful choices as well such as red. 190Lds each or a Fat Pack of 7 colours for 850Lds.  Only comes in 3 sizes l/m/s but even for my small av it’s a good fit but of course Demo available as well as Group Gifts.  Not sure if you have to pay to be a “Ronsem VIP” because I’ve been in this group for so long I’ve forgotten but there is always group gifts set out.

The jeans are their straight jeans and come in not only more sizes but also a belted and unbelted option.


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Frill Bra

To me Ronsem is the SL version of Joe Brown and since I love JB stuff I love Ronsem.  They base their clothes range around all the fabrics I love such as denim, cotton, jersey.  For a cool casual trendy and yes a Joe Brown look then this is the shop for you.  Chortled with happiness when I found this gorgeous and so unlike Ronsem bit of frilliness.  For a 100lds you get a grey stretch jersey bra top with attached lace whats not to like. Straps fit really good on my shoulders and a large tied string bow at the next  A choice of 5 colours or paterns. Mesh of course. The jeans are not mesh but definately low, very low hung.  Broad band of knitted elasticated waistband, this comes a choice of prim for the cuffs. A little aside here but for the ladies, and some boys, if your after a good looking male AV then this is the shop to hang around in as you never see a poorly dressed AV in this shop. Group gifts to be had as well both for the boys and girls.