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Focus B* Focus!(Freebie & Bargains).

I finally found my new SL house, it took a lot of indecision and rummaging through my invent and inane muttering but I finally found it and now that I’ve made my bloddy mind up it’s time to pull my finger out of my perfectly pert AV bum and sort out all the mess and clutter I’ve got spread over my half of the sim. Since there are also a lot of patches over our sim as well I decided to pop back to the “Over the Moons” shop where I bought these brilliant sim covering pine trees.  I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you them before but just in case you’ve missed them check them out.  You get a cluster of I believe it’s 9 linked trees and they’re copy/mod and only 25Lds but even better than all of that they have great texturing.  I LOVE these pine tree’s not just for their sim coverage but just how they look.

The Marketplace shop seems to have more than the inworld shop but I don’t think the freebie is in the MP shop so the link is given for both.

This is a large shrub/bush called Bleeding hearts which is the actual name of this plant in RL.  It’s a freebie on a board just at the entrance to the small inworld shop and you get this and a Valentine’s card…I binned the card but kept the plant because I’m hard-hearted LOL.  What you can’t see is that lots of the very pink flowers are slowly falling around this plant.  Pretty sweet and it’s such a size it makes a really good feature.  Can’t remember if it’s mod but I know it’s non-copy.  I was tempted to go back and buy, for 0Lds, a whole load of them but that would be rude.

50Lds for this long strip of hedging.  Super long but you get this length for 2 prims and a half the size one for just 1 prims.  You also get I think it’s 3 or 4 different colours plus the same again but with a full bright option.

This little climbing rose bush cost, yup 10Lds.  1 Prim and perfect.

Last 10Ld purchase was this patch of flowers.

This is just one example of the grassy, flowery sim coverage the shop has.

If you can’t see what I’m showing you on the MP shop then you will find it in the inworld shop and you will also be able to see examples of some of the plants as they’ve been used outside for the little shopping area landscaping.

Over the Moon. (Inworld Shop)

Over the Moon. (Marketplace shop)

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Coincidences! (Freebies).

Only a day or so ago I mentioned my use of a camera Hud to make my SL world come down to a more natural RL world viewer and as I was reading a note from, nope sorry forgot to take a note of the name but guess what was in that note? details on how to change your SL settings to do the exact same thing! So if you don’t want another Hud cluttering up your screen you may want to try it out.  I’ve cut and pasted the instructions on the end of this post.  Sorry I should also make it clear that this note came from the owner/creator of La Galleria.

Now for the FREEBIES, La Galleria is a shop that regularly puts out gifties and I regularly go grab em but since these gifts are usually already set out/staged in one of her homes, the Seattle Bungalow next to the LM, and  I usually just take a snap of them there and then but I promise you I always grab em and use them in my own home.

The first gift is this Autumnal wreath, lovely, simple, exc quality and low primmed.


Just “buy” all the items and they’re only 0Lds.


COOKIES and the best sort, the nonfattening sort lol.  Click and buy for 0Ld or click and get a cookie to wear.xxxfreduse3

Only 3 prims and if you look closely that more orange leaf is one that is emitted from this little patch of pumpkins.  A nice subtle little Autumnal leaf rezzer, perfect for a small plot of land.

I have, to be honest, and say the style of houses/decor here isn’t to my taste but that means nothing because my taste in a lot of things is pants! BUT the one thing I do know is that these homes/decor items are idiot proof.  What I mean by that is not everyone has the eye, or the editing skills, to style their home.  Faith and I spend all of our times fiddling and changing our homes but some people don’t want that and if you go to a shop like ……for a price you can buy the whole lot kit and caboodle and with a minimum effort create a home where everything is in keeping with the style of the house. Or of course, you can just buy the pieces individually.  I’ve never really wandered around the sims with all of the homes rezzed on but seeing them all set out and all fully furnished is a great way to view homes as temp rezzers usually just show the shell of a build.

So here is the note inc for the changing your inworld settings.

“Here are the instructions for the camera settings you may not use it now but cut and paste and keep a copy OR even better go grab these gifties, 2 outside 1 inside the …house next to where

Would you like your camera positioned more like it is in other video games — not so far away from your avi, where it is always running into walls, doorways, and low ceilings?

A more natural feeling view?

Follow the instructions below:

1. Go into the Advanced menu at the top of your window (if it does not show, do Control > Alt (or Option) D ).

2. Open Debug Settings at the bottom. Type in: CameraOffsetRearView

3. Then enter these numbers:

X: -2.200
Y: -0.400 (Make positive for a left shoulder view or keep 0.000 for a centered view.)
Z: -0.100
Like the new view? Pass this notecard around to your friends!”

As said feel free to pass this note around or the LM to the Camera Hud.

La Galleria

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2nd Half (Super Bargains).

As promised this is the second half on a post and this one is for some exc and affordable decor items.

I have shown you this bed before but at only 8 prims and 30Lds in cost it’s well worth a reblogg and you get a Menu not for nookie but to change the colours of the pillows, blanket and smaller blanket.


This isn’t a big shop and a lot hasn’t changed so the sun loungers than both Faith and I loved are still there and so are a couple of small little freebies but everything here is at a bargain price.


This rocking chair is new and you get a selection of colours in the pack, 5 and also a static and I’m going to presume a rocking one version.  If you check out my last post you will see this is also Mod so I shrank one down to an itty bitty size which is perfect for a doll, child or pet.  Even the full-sized one is low primmed at only 2 prims.


Just before I logged off I decided to pose hop and there are the standard and nice poses but then to my surprise this excellent knitting and embroidery pose.


A nice touch was when you click “yes” to accept and wear the attachments you don’t lose one of your bits ie a hand.

I’ve spotted that there is also a Marketplace shop which does seem to have everything that is for sale in the shop BUT I’m pretty sure that those pretty frilly socks and one of the Windmills is a Freebie in her inworld shop so it’s well worth checking that out.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace Shop

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Free little Apple Biter.(Freebie&Bargains).

I’ve spent/wasted the best part of the morning struggling with my printer and I WON! So I’m now sat here with a big glass of water and waiting for the pain killers to kick in because all of that brain strain has given me a nasty head ache.

Fortunately for me I already had these goodies tucked away in my invent and this adorable munching loving “apple biter” is the Freebie.  I went over to the Lost Junction shop to snag it and then of course got tempted by all the apple related munchies you can see in the pictures.  The Apple Biter is just by the table in the entrance with the table covered with all the Candy Apple Craft items.  Lovely bright and an excellent decor item, everything is just a prim and everything comes with a wearable.  So even the tray you get with the scissors and ribbon gives you a pair of scissors to wear and you  can even try this out in the shop just click on one of them and the wearable is sent to you.  Costs now 100Lds but I wish I had grabbed it when it was a Lazy Sunday offering but still a bargain for an excellent Autumnal display.


I have to say a bit more about this shop Lost Junction because I LOVE IT.  It’s full of quirky and odd stuff and all top quality it’s a struggle sometimes to leave this shop without having bought something…err like what happened when I went to get the freebie I bought the Candy Apple Set LOL see even I get tempted.  Just a nice shop to visit and treat yourself.


Another shop I love to visit is Shutterfield/SF Design.  It’s another shop that regularly has a Lazy Sunday offer on and I usually end up being tempted but these items weren’t this weeks Lazy Sunday offering.

The table/bench only cost me 65Lds and you get a whole lot of actual bench space on top and a lower shelf as well.  2 colour options available and I knew this one would fit in with out welcome area perfectly.  You can also buy the matching chairs and a sink unit I just wanted the bench/table.

This candle bottle plants all cost 60/70Lds and zoom in on the details, taken in my Nams setting they’re so realistice and at 1 prim completely rezzable.  The candle gives off a lovely flattering soft glow.


How lovely and good quality is this plant?  You have to look outside of the little shop to find these items but make sure to check out inside as well because again there is some lovely stuff. some lower priced but just as stunning plants and upstairs is an excellent shabby chic shower which I’m almost sure I own!  If you’re on a much more limited budget then for 20Lds you can join the group but when you see all the shop quality group gifts set out, you get that 20Lds back in spadefuls.


Ooo as I was checking my piccies I spotted this one I’d forgotten I had taken but again you can try this out before you buy yourself.

And remember everyone is welcome to our Welcome area, lots of lovely seats, fireplace, foods etc and you are more than welcome to have a wander around our sim, Faiths security will kick you out of her house but mine is open to all.  Feel free to just sit and take pictures etc and remember if you don’t bother us we don’t bother you…thats because we’re usually just on our platforms working LOL.

Shutter Field (SF Designs (plants, bench and bottle)

Lost Junction

Welcome Area

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Cheap Fun.

As I was following the links to track down the Washing Line from my previous post I came across a shopping sim which I haven’t visited for a while and so had a great time this morning just mooching around.  This is a sim of pure randomness packed with the good, the bad and the downright ugly and it’s fun to see what you can find……such as this lot.


There is a couple of LB wins in there but you can also just buy them and since everything only costs 4Lds you can spend freely and you might be surprised at some of the items.

film rela

I bought this daft Dango hat just for fun as I adore Mochi and Dango is very similar.


These stringed Daikon Radish are keepers.  The hut I rezzed everything in is also one of the items I bought and it has a lit area which has bleached them out a bit but in SL they’re pretty darn realistic and again at 1 prim a lovely handy decor item.


A lovely linked tea set.  Not too sure what the gold bundles are but they’re separate from the tea set.


A close up of those twigs.  How pretty but on the Holly one I’m not sure what that funny thing is it looks a bit like a crumpled old moth.


So basically everything you see from the hut to the streamer in the back cost 4Lds each.  Each are also so low primmed 1-2prims only.  Lots more to see or different choices.  It good place to while away the time and spend a few Lindens for fun.

Shopping Sim

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Washer lady Low Primmed Low Priced!

I spotted this washing line outside someones home and a few clicks later I managed to hunt it down to the Marketplace.

wahing line

This is so good I’ve actually removed my washing line from a well-known shop and put this in its place instead.


10Lds and just a single prim! I’ve also got loads of sheets I can hang off it if I wish.

Although this item was bought off the Marketplace there is an inworld shop which isn’t very big tbh neither is the Marketplace shop but it’s one of those little treasures.  “Monohoshi” isn’t the name of the shop but it’s in Japanese lettering which of course my keyboard doesn’t have so I think “Monohoshi” means clothes stand?

Check out my next post for what I found next door!




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As a blogger I click on everything that takes my fancy and I clicked on a house in SL and followed the link to  Sweet Harmony, the shop it comes from, but because this is a Marketplace shop I decided to hold off buying anything until I saw one of their examples inworld I thought it was pretty darn good and they’re so reasonably priced as well so I thought I’d buy one and check it out myself.

Again taken in my Nams setting however the dome doesn alter the colour somewhat but it’s pretty darn good texturing in all settings.


A simply build, 2 rooms and ooodles of windows.  Comes in a rezzer which is always appreciated although I’m not sure if anything in this build is unlinked.  The doors are set in the position of one closed and one ajar.


Glass roof, always feel like putting “doh” when I state the obvious LOL.


Looking from the inside out.


This is the second room and that earthy red partition is what separates the 2 rooms.

At 50Lds and only 20Prims a simple and rustic whatever! by that I mean a lovely little home, garden room, shed, cafe etc whatever you wish.

Slaps my forehead because when I grabbed the Link for the Sweet Harmony Marketplace shop I spotted the “5Lds my skyhouse” and remembered I did grab that and I rezzed it inworld last week.  A simple little single room on its own platform. Pretty handy for those who like to work in the sky or even as a small and very private home with a garden.  For only 5Lds it turned out to be a pretty sweet bargain I just forgot I had it.

Sweet Harmony