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He’s Back !

So excited to see that Jacob Brenner of Imegica has started making new builds!! I was such a huge fan of his work years ago – so new stuff has made my day. The new LoftFive caught my eye, its just 5Li ! Fantastic texturing gives it a modern vibe. With its huge wood and glass feature window there is plenty of light, there is also a small tiled open plan area that would lend itself to a kitchen or bathroom. Grab a free demo, its a timed demo and you get plenty of time to scope it all out before it goes POOF! (The price is very reasonable @ $349L)

While you are grabbing up demos of the new builds, collect this sweet gift too. Heart wall tile, truly so sweet and just 3Li.

Imegica market place store

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Slightly disapointed, NOT.(Freebie & Cheapies).

The one thing I try to do when grabbing freebies is to check out the shop they came from and I’m going to have to mention the “The Liaison Collaborative” again because this is where this freebie gift of decorative scattering of leaves and sparkles came from.

Gorgeous and only 1 prim for each big patch and I think in the end I had to rezz just 3 of them to cover the front of my house.

PS. That pram doesn’t contain a baby it has something even better…a sleeping cat in it.

Once done I TPed over to the shop who had donated this gift to the Liaison Collaborate event and it turns out SynCo is mainly a jewellery shop.  There are some nice pieces inc a delicate snowflake set but you know I don’t do jewellery.  So I almost left till I spotted that the Group Gifts do include 2 skyboxes and 1 prop box.

Taken just in my sim setting and all that stuff you see through the feature window are the trees on my land so you can see that you get a clear and unobstructed view through them.

This is the same design as the first but in a more Sci-Fi style.  Both boxes are big, big enough to really create a home inside and ONLY 3PRIMS!  Again if you want an SL home for Christmas you can rent one of the smallest plots with low prims really cheaply, rezz one of these and still have plenty of prims to decor it to your hearts content.

I’m not showing you the prop room, it’s a cube with cubes in it.  A nice hud to allow you to change the colour of the walls and the cubes.

The SynCo Group only costs only 13Lds to join and there are other GG’s inc earrings and a choker.


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ASAP for this FREEBIE!

The reason for the ASAP (as soon as possible) warning is that this is the December gift from Dimandis and so it might get pulled soon.


Yup, I accidentally rezzed it on me but fortunately for me I only lost my shoes LOL once I’d detached it I rerezzed it on the land although this is a skybox.

I was trying to weed down my homes inc some of the many skyboxes I have and of course, as always I got tempted to pop over to Diamandis to see if there was anything new and I had a nice time using the TP in the shop to check out all of the builds and I was just about to grab the specially priced skybox, 50Lds, when I spotted that in the Group notices there is actually a FREEBIE for us and it’s turned out to be this skybox.


It’s basically a square and although it has a passageway there are no rooms off it.


As you can see etc texturing and if you scroll back to the first picture you will see that there are some really well thought out details such as a gap for you to slide a fridge into.


There is a skylight, actually, there is also one above the kitchen area.  This isn’t the only large window in my haste to get this posted I forgot to take another one of the even bigger windows which makes up 2 walls.

Very much in the modern style of studio apartment but spacious enough for a settee, table, chairs, bed etc.  All of this is set inside it’s own privacy box and because I’ve rezzed my on the land it’s our landscaping you can see.

Please though check out the rest of the builds, all very much in this same unfussy etc quality and there was 2 of them which tempted even a home hoarder like me.  I was also well impressed with the prim counts, there is one home of which I have a similar version of but that one remains firmly in my invent because of the prims whilst these are more than reasonable taking into the details.