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Lovely free & inexpensive pretties

Free gifts and towel rail Dench Designs

Lok’s has a new subscriber gifty out, it’s a shelving unit – you get two versions in the box. One with added décor and one without, so you can choose how many prims you want to use – nifty! The tub is Lok’s prize in the HFYIS (hunt for your inner slut), at just 2 prims it’s a real winner and has various adult poses, couples only though. I picked up the towel holder from Dench Designs the other day, it comes with a HUD and you have three different colours for the towels. Cost is only $40L, just perfect for a finishing touch to your bathroom.


Dench Designs

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Names Babii…Babii Bond looks like a harmless little cabinet…yes? Low prim sure…pretty but unassuming…but you know..nothing like realllllly sooper special and shiny…and then, you click it…

Voila! It’s like a Bond gadget…*squeee*..magically a whole desk appears before you. Complete with desk lamp, chair & lap top. Whats even more ingenious is, it takes up no more prims…oh yes indeedy…wether its the little cabinet or the whole shebang…its only 7 prims ! The desk even has a sitting pose so it’s actually useable. Gotta love that…want more good news? Wellll this nifty little item will cost you just one Linden dollar…your mission is to FIND it…the retractable desk is Lok’s prize in the dollar for dollar hunt, it’s not easy peasy to locate but the hint given is pretty clear. (Click the hunt board at the entrance for the hint)

Retractable desk : Lok’s

Hunt web site: Dollar for Dollar Hunt


Can work be fun?

kusshon kopenhagen working desk 95L 3 prims

It sure can…specially if you have this work station ..I couldn’t believe how low prim all this set was, so detailed with fabulous texturing. I thought we deserved an uber cool place to pontificate on all those major fashion decisions *winks*. The kopenhagen table is 95L and just 3 prims, sort of scrubbed wood effect on the top that I adore. The co ordinating kopenhagen stools come in a beautiful peachy shade and are packed with *working/thinking* type animations,3 prims and only 125L. I also nabbed the computers,mouse & doughnuts on a plate whilst I was there (woot a steal at 30L) The desktop and keyboard are actually all one item and at 3 prims it wont break the prim bank we all worry about so often, reasonably priced at only 65L (and copiable yay!) The mouse is a perfect replica and was a mere 15L and 1 prim.

kusshon computer and keyboard 65L

I loved that you can alter the screen shot for one of your own photos, havent got around to it yet though…far too busy playing with it!

Pop over and take a mooch today, plenty of low prim top notch goodies to peruse…treat yourself.
Dont forget to collect the two gorgeous gifts that have been set out for you while you’re there. I previously blogged the “first lunch in spring” bench that won a place in my garden at home, plus there is also “draw a bird day” table and chair which is soooper sweet .
Go get working: kusshon