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Be Smart.(Freebie).

I know I promised you pictures of lovely sims but I’ve lost them ALL, just don’t ask me!

So last night at 10pm I started to have an allergy attack which basically meant I was sneezing so hard I peed myself, GROW UP PEOPLE IT HAPPENS! Honestly out of the blue my hooter just felt as though I had snorted a line of ground pepper.  Fortunately, I alway keep a packet of Antihistamines on hand but by the time they kicked in I felt as though my face had exploded LOL and so I ended up having a sh*tty night and  to distract myself I started to check the Marketplace for something, anything as long as it ticked all the boxes and I found it it’s a “crown” or basically a lovely floral headdress and yet I’m showing you a car lol.


The Marketplace shop has a whole mix of things and 2 freebies one of which is the floral crown and the other this very smart car.


Smart because it’s ONLY 14prims, I should really start to refer it as Li’s rather than prims but you all know what I mean.  I may have made a mistake because the details on the MP says 14 but I prim checked and it came in at 10 but chances are I’m wrong but either way low low prims.


The only downside, although it’s nondrivable I don’t drive much in SL I’m a danger to everyone and everything is SL when I’m behind a wheel, it’s the lights which cannot be turned off.  It does make a splash of colour but if you don’t want that splash of colour then its a shame.  It is copy and mod, non trans, and I wonder if someone smarter than I could actually turn that light script off.

Remember when you check the RichardxxKruspe Marketplace shop and check out the crown, I’ve not tried it on so I don’t know the quality but I have my fingers crossed it’s as good as it looks.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Brum Brum.(Freebie).

Oddly enough me and my OH are off out this afternoon to look at a new car but I wish they were as cheap as this one, FREE.

xxxcaruseurbA superb RaC Design Mini Cooper which is a gift on the Sydney City sim.  Where you land is the Sidney City group joiner and the board to slap to get this.


I did not expect this to actually be so interactive ie the bonnet, doors and boot (remember I’m English and that’s what we call them lol) all open with a touch.


I could even put luggage in that boot, or a dead body if I wanted to.

Comes with one of the now standard and very user-friendly hud which allows even the more competitive petrol head to have fun driving in SL BUT what surprised me most was that even with all of this detail ONLY 18 Prims!  Normally cars of this detail are at least 30 prims which is still pretty good but sometimes when on limited prims the 12 prim difference can make a difference.

Mini Cooper@The Sydney City Sim