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Little England

Popped over to Dench Designs earlier to see if there was anything new that had sneaked in without me knowing. There was ! I’m keen to try to make our sim (Dreamworks) have some realistic little touches and found this “One man and his dog” grouping. It’s by the stables and fields and looks absolutely lovely. Just $40L, 8Li and beautifully done it’s a treat. There is another Farmer, he is in his rocking chair with his small yapper type dog, I think he was just 4Li. Head over and check it all out.

Dench Designs (this item is outside)

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2nd Half (Super Bargains).

As promised this is the second half on a post and this one is for some exc and affordable decor items.

I have shown you this bed before but at only 8 prims and 30Lds in cost it’s well worth a reblogg and you get a Menu not for nookie but to change the colours of the pillows, blanket and smaller blanket.


This isn’t a big shop and a lot hasn’t changed so the sun loungers than both Faith and I loved are still there and so are a couple of small little freebies but everything here is at a bargain price.


This rocking chair is new and you get a selection of colours in the pack, 5 and also a static and I’m going to presume a rocking one version.  If you check out my last post you will see this is also Mod so I shrank one down to an itty bitty size which is perfect for a doll, child or pet.  Even the full-sized one is low primmed at only 2 prims.


Just before I logged off I decided to pose hop and there are the standard and nice poses but then to my surprise this excellent knitting and embroidery pose.


A nice touch was when you click “yes” to accept and wear the attachments you don’t lose one of your bits ie a hand.

I’ve spotted that there is also a Marketplace shop which does seem to have everything that is for sale in the shop BUT I’m pretty sure that those pretty frilly socks and one of the Windmills is a Freebie in her inworld shop so it’s well worth checking that out.

Naive Design

Naive Design Marketplace Shop

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Toot Suite (Translation BE QUICK).

I swear I just got this lovely outfit from Mag<3.B only yesterday but the event where you can only buy it from finishes on the 4th, I maybe wrong but I’d really hate for you to miss out not only on this cutie but on the Gifts set out for us.


Love this dress, it’s styling reminds me so much of a brand I love in RL (Joe Browns) a mix of patterns and an “upcycled” feel to it.  Only 75LDs.  On Magritta’s stall is a small selection and if you’re not keen on the colour I’m wearing, WHY NOT? I’m kidding lol,  loved the black one and well as the purple and although you have to buy the colours separately do you get 2 choices in the pack.

The reason that I’m rushing this post is because of the FREEBIES laid out for us.  The Four Seasons Market is a lovely small event, stalls laid in an easy circle and a lot of them have a little wrapped gift waiting for you to pick up.  Again time meant I unpacked this one and look at it! An adorable globe with a little lily in it!

Four Seasons Market

Mag<3.B Mainstore for other goodies and Gifties

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Read the sign.


Thats right applaud me please, ok shrinks big head down.  I spotted this dress on one of my Flickr groups and loved it so much and I have to confess loved it even more because I thought it was a freebie, which it is in a way.  Comes from a shop I’ve blogged before I will do again and again and again called !Soul.  Everything in !Soul is priced between 60-90Lds and more often than not you get not only the outfit but also an accessory such as shoes, bags etc. However this isn’t free and doesn’t come with the shoes I’m wearing but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with extras.


This is actually her group gift but it costs 60Lds to join the group and I think it’s a damned good bargain because not only so you get the standard mesh sizes but 2 choices of bright and normal in the texturing.  Both pictures were taken in the same settings and I think you can see that in the top picture the fabric is brighter than the bottom. Because I took these photos late last night and I was so sleepy I didn’t slap on the Lola Tangos but Woo Hoo for us booby lovers not only does it come with the Lola Tango Applier but also the Lush Applier.

PS I’ve been extra cheeky and wore one of my emm nipples so if you don’t want to flash the nips then you don’t really  unless you’re rude like me and slap on a nipple clothing layer.


!Soul Marketplace


NOT Mrs Santa hooorrrayyy!

Bubblez has come up trumps again with a seasonal offering, not only at a verrrrrry low price but NOT the usual Christmas thang ! Yes, it IS green & red…and girly..and sooper pretty…NO it is not a Mrs Claus getup…I love how milo bubble makes her floatiness..the skirt on this dress pooooofs up and around as you walk..the bodice has a gauzy layer thats adorable and just peeking out from it is a touch of brassiere & lace…all this could be yours for the small sum of 25L !

Bubblez promotional Christmas dress 25L

Go get pooooofy: Bubblez