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SL Randomness.

Got a notice from Love soul that a new item has been added to their Lucky Booths so I TPed over to stand there and as I waited for my luck to turn up I sorted through my notes.


Sadly although I won a lot of the lovely wearable food items and as I stood waiting for my lucky letter to come up it didn’t come up on one of the hairs, this is the new design.  You can just about make it out on the board as far as I could see there is a couple of shades on offer and of course I want the Pond Weed colour.   I’m showing you the Lucky Booths which make a nice difference from the standard boards, chairs etc.  You don’t need to join any group and when your letter comes up you sit on the booth and end up behind the counter ready to serve as your prize is sent to you.

There are 3 booths and they’re dotted around the shopping square.  I just plonk myself in the middle and as I’m working through my notes I just cam them waiting for my letter to come up.



Once I’d decided to give up on trying to win a wacky hair I had a try of a Wacky Gacha and I emm won this costume.  Sadly I didn’t learn my lesson and splashed out another 30Lds and won another….tube of food! At least it wasn’t the joke jock strap LOL and yes I would have worn that to show you.

However I did spot that a well know oldie gift is still out in one of the shops.  I don’t have enough time to scrollllllll back through my Flickr pictures to show you it and I’m too lazy to model it but it’s a super cute, girly, Kawaii, frilly, pastelly,sweet, mesh dress.  It was a massive hit and tbh has aged pretty well.  I’m not going to tell you which shop it’s in as this is a small shopping area, laid out in a simple square with a few kookie things, some bargains and one of my FAV clothes shop! So I can really recommend that if you have some spare time to kill then this is the place to kill it.

PS I have a feeling that the LM will take you directly inside the larger  Love Soul shop which is well worth a visit but if you just want the Lucky wins or to wander around till you find the Free Dress, plus there might be more freebies but I wasn’t paying much attention, then just walk outside the shop.

Sorry couldn’t help myself but when I TPed inworld to LM grab I click on something I liked and then TPed to the next LM to hopefully find the next freebie/quality item just to find myself a sad little tube of Wasabi just wandering a desolate SL land.


Love Soul

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Blew It!

My budget that is.  However my excuse is I found some really great stuff at even better prices.

Perga 1

This is what happens when you “pop” into Collabor88 you find something so good you have to buy it. A cross over copper coloured  metallic mesh dress.  The dark black outline, buttons and crisp collar look so good.  I chose this colour but they have some more dramatic colour choices  The boots are a must because this finish off this look to perfection and they too come if matching colours to the dresses.  They are a separate buy but at 88Lds for each item that still works out at a more than reasonable price for a great look. Better hurry though because once removed they will go back to full price.

Perga11The strange thing is I had just been to Rei2 Aya shop, R2 Fashion, and seen this outfit just before I TPed to Collabor88.  So fate decided I had to buy it.  Cheeky cheeky and more cheek. A strapless dress but that short skirt with the exaggerated flare means you can show your undies off or if you really cheeky dare to bare all.

Perga111Only 4 colour choices with this dress so again I stuck with the beige. Wearing the boots as well and again they go a long way to finishing off this outfit.  This dress isn’t in the Collabor88 sale it’s in their main shop but 149Lds is a decent price.

This shop is about 70% shoes, 20% clothes, 10% skins and a 100% excellence.  Loving the shoes as well and I’ve grabbed a number of demos to try on at my leisure and another cheeky skirt demo with the same flare as this dress.  Her clothes and shoes have that touch of something extra that make them stand out from crown (which you certainly will do if you don’t wear your undies!).



Now walk outside of R2 and into the Love Soul shop which is packed with so many good things.  Nails, shoes, hair, accessories all with a touch of uniqueness.  You don’t find this stuff in every other shop.  I spent all my money here on hair.


Sadly for 170Ld you only get 1 shade and I want them ALL! You can buy a fatpack but thats a 1000Lds which may work out at a bargain price but I’m going to have to settle for this (just for the moment).

Hair 2Cute and short, a bit like my AV.

Perga 3

and finally this hair and then I had to leave because I just wanted all of the hairs on offer. Got to mention the shop owners name because she deserves it, 流依 Bluestarrui Villota.

Kicking myself because the one thing I do have plenty of from this shop is nails.  A great selection of colours and sizes so go on check out the claws. The check out the rest of the shops at this shopping centre.  Well laid out with good prices, good designs, good Gatchas and a few LBs.  So if your not shopping for anything in particular you will have a lovely time here.

PS as it happens I too popped to the Ribbon shop at this shopping centre and won almost the same top as Faith has just blogged but I got the “melty heart” one and it’s so cute.

Love Soul