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Skinny Dip! UPDATED

This new super-duper pool by Circa is at the Home Show (not as previously blogged the mainstore!) – Its dead brilliant, with heaps of poses to keep you busy and having fun. deets:

“New inflatable pool set and matching accessories to get into the party mood or just to lounge around and catch some rays. The pool has a custom painted aquatic themed motif for the surround and it’s filled for animations for some swimming, sits and floats. Did we mention the pool is portable? Oh yes it is! Also it’s long enough to include more people, so it would be an upgrade from those kiddie pools. To match we have a pineapple pool ring, U-float, and float loungers which can be purchased separately. Each have a series 10 to 18 animations for sitting and floating and texture changers for colour and pattern options.”

My current favourite thing in the whole wide world to lounge on is this “Sealife boat lounger”, so so pretty with plenty of fabric options built right in. Great poses, especially for those of us who love to take a few selfies . Available to buy at the new round of Genre. deets:

“These fun boat loungers with the “Sea Faring” theme in mind. They include a custom mer motif scene painted on the sides. Each lounger comes with a set of 9 sea/beach fabric textures and 48 sit and lay animations for the ladies and gents. These are fun furniture pieces for the indoors and out. Great for boat houses, sun rooms, resort areas, summer decks, roleplay setups and more.”

The Home Show


Circa Store

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25Ld Tuesdays.

I’ve mentioned this weekly discount day before and fortunately for me a lot of the shops that put an item out at a slashed down price of only 25Lds leave them out all week because I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get the chance to do it but as soon as I got inworld and was checking my notes/notices I spotted this little beauty and I was off to grab it.


Long ago when I used to spend my Lindens as though they were confetti I bought almost the same identical thing but I sure as HECK didn’t just pay only 25Lds for it!   Although I’m always looking for the next cheapo I also look at all the new and fresh designs in SL because gradually those designs work their way down and become much more affordable for those who don’t mind the wait.


The shops on the 25Ld Tuesday list are aimed more towards the RP,Gor,medieval, rustic market but as I always say if you let those labels put you off checking then look at the sort of thing you could be missing!

This comes from the Mystique shop and I’ve gotten many of their 25Ld bargains in the past and I’ve shown you a few of them as well and I do know that they do stay up until next Tuesday.  BTW if you’re not keen on this shade then there are 2 other options in the Hippo board for you to choose from and make sure you buy only from the clearly market 25Ld Tuesday hippo board.  Right next to the 25Ld Tue board is the 30Ld Saturday board and that’s a most unusual rug with a chair back, you will see for yourself if you go but that too might just be mine when I go back to LM grab.

This is a really good shop to slap the sub board or even join the group as Mahi Dreamscape (mahilwen.mistwalker) has weekly discounts on shop quality items of clothing and decor and it’s a shop I never miss out checking out.

PS If you already have Mistiques LM in your invent, scrap it and this is a new LM.

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Nook for one or two

Chez Moi reading nook NEW

Lovely new release for the Tres Chic event from Chez Moi. This reading nook is available in two colours – Lolita (Lilac) or Youth (Green) in Adult or PG version. What I so enjoy about these sort of pieces from Chez Moi is that they don’t limit you to snuggle time, or just single pringle posing. I often cast about for something to lounge on when I’m alone in Second Life, and usually plonk myself down on a piece of furniture to find its couple poses only – this has something for every one, and some darn lovely props along for the ride!


Both of them have Adult (with 164 animations) and PG version (with 104 animations):

♥ Room for 1-2 people
♥ 64 single poses (female and male)

♥ 40 animations for couples in love (20 x 2)

♥ 60 sex animations for hot moments (30 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ Several “wearable” props

♥ Menu Controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP Functionality

Specifications and content:

♥ Reading Nook: 10 LI
♥ Frames Set: 1 LI each
♥ Rug: 2 LI

Tres Chic

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The Challenge goes Scandinavian

The Challenge - 22768 bauwerk

The theme for this months round of The Challenge is “Scandinavian” and the very first thing I saw was this set by 22769 bauwerk. It did make me chuckle ! I’ve been lured by “SLikea” soooo many times in the past, with its promised flat pack ease – no way no more!! There are several poses in this with you doing various tasks – such as giving up, confused etc – brilliant!

The Challenge - ht home

I really loved this lounging chair from [ht home] – two versions up for grabs – one in leather and the other fabric (which I’m showing above). The pillows have texture change which is a lovely touch and the poses are really top-notch.


22769 bauwerk

The Challenge blog

All clothing by Neve @ coldLogic

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Christmas isn’t over for your home.(Freebies n cheapies).

Popped over to another shop I’ve not visited for a while, Bazar and to my surprised Christmas is still ongoing and there are pressies old and new still waiting to be collected.


Lovely shades of white and grey with some really nice poses, and props?  I can’t now remember but I’m sure that there was a comp surfing one and a hot chocolate drinking one etc.  I was such a rush to get this post done.  The vase you can see tucked behind it with the twigs and the bulbs is also included.  There are more gifts boxed up waiting for you to click and collect.


A simple cloth-covered table and that lit tree behind is also in a pack but this isn’t one of the Christmas boxes it’s on a stand nearby and is also a gift for all.  I’ve not shown you everything in the Christmas boxes I’ll leave the rest for you to find.

Now for the not so free but at 30Lds for the stand and 35Lds for the bag they’re pretty darn cheapo and check out the QUALITY!


They come as separate items but they’re so perfect together.


Only 1 prim each! Quality design and texturing.

The LM does takes you into the mainshop where the freebies are and simply turn left to where the bedrooms are and thats where you will find the bag and the stand.

Once you’ve grabbed the freebies and maybe treated yourself to the bag and stand then just outside of Bazar is a display of plants which are simply stunning.  This shop/area is called Terrashop and although there are a lot of seasonal items here such as Pumpkins and snowmen there is also some beautiful and low primmed planting.  Spring bulbs, rose covered trellis and all reasonably priced and all stunning.  I’ve not bought anything yet but I certainly will be in the Spring but you may not want to wait till then.  If you’re after a Valentines gift then follow the second Link World of Wood as Terrashop has more items up there inc a stunning bouquet of deep red roses which amazingly are only 6 prims! If you go see you will also be amazed at so much detail for so few prims and what that means is your loved one can rezz it in their home as a beautiful decor item.  I’ve not bought anything from this shop as yet but I will be going back for the rose covered trellis, if I buy them now by the time Summer comes I will have lost them in my invent LOL.


World of Wood


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Seaward !



Just in time for the sunny summer weather, Circa has released some fahhhbulous items for your space.  This is the Seaward outdoor lounger set, you get two of the trendy mesh loungers in the box . They have colour/pattern change for the towel and also choices for the wood texture. I was totally impressed with the quality of the wood and fabric textures – SO realistically done.

CIRCA - NEW! Valentina E ruffled swimsuit - Clawtooth hair Cherry Bomb (hair fair) Pink Acid lip stick FiFridays

Above is the Seaward beach dock, its got 18 beach / dock animations for males & females. Not the usual run-of-the-mill ones we see so often either ! Every item in this Seaward collection is pretty low prim, so you wont be sacrificing much of your budget, always a plus. The dock comes complete with accessories scattered about, and plants attached to the walkway.( Go and check out the animations instore, some NEW ones added that are extra chic ohlala!)

CIRCA Floatie NEW!

What would a hot summers day be without floaties ! These are really marvellous, the level of detail such as the handles and the ever-so-gentle rotation is lovely. Make sure you get the right one, there is a male and a female choice and ooodles of colours !

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place

Hair – Cherry Bomb by Clawtooth @ The Hair Fair

Ruffled swimsuit by Valentina E 

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Moody Monday

Happy Monday everyone ! I’ve got a real treat for you, just the thing to brighten any Monday…Cleo Design has out this summer lounger for Moody Monday and at 55L (justtt for today though!) it’s a steal…you get all thats in this photo…the lounger, table, items on the table and the firefly catcher ! As is usual with Cleo Design…its stuffed with poses and wearables ! You need to touch the brown cushion to get the book,fan & lotion (they all have their own poses to wear them with-isnt that cooool!) Each cushion also has its own set of animations…

Even the pinwheel has a choice of speeds to rotate at…and each item is not you can choose how many prims you use up. It made me feel heaps cooler just lounging under the crisp white drapes….perfect!  Head over today and snap it up…tomorrow this will be full price again…Thanks Cleom xx

Go get cooler: Cleo Design