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Lounging @ The Infinity Event

Ever Green @ Infinity event Asian Sun draped Daybed - adult, singles, couples

Ever Green have some new pretties out at the Infinity Event. This is the “Asian Sun Draped Daybed” and here I am reading with my doggos on it. I’ve used the singles version for the photo but there are also cuddles & adult versions for sale. Coming in at 12Li its a fair sized piece of furniture to use in your space. Virtually every part of it has a texture menu – so fitting it into your existing décor is going to be a breeze. Also on the stand are some superb plants with of course texture menus for soil, pot and plant included. Daybed is only $125L, pack of plants are $63L – $100L.

Infinity Event

Dogs & rug are my own.

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Summer Sale !

Went for my customary wander around Dench Designs – and WHOA! There is a big summer sale on ! Lasts until the 15th August – basically where you see the red sale sticker – that item is $5L !!!

I searched and found items in all departments – so if you’ve had you eye on some items go check. Fantastic way to get ready for summer or brighten your homes and gardens!

Dench Designs

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Mens Dept – shhhhh !

kusshon Mens Dept.

Here Iam….reporting from the Mens Dept again …but shhhh…I dont think anyone noticed me sneak in ! Dont go thinking it’s just for guys ….there’s always something fabulous that is unisex, plus some absolute steals for your home…[kusshon] once again has produced the goodies for your Secondlife spaces…(thanks Beo <3) This is the Oslo decor…two parts. A square oversized ottoman, with shelves, magazines a handily placed sandwich etc. Sooper stylish , yet also fits in a more traditional area, such as my boathouse above.

kusshon decor detail

Naturally, it’s crammed with some great poses…a lap top (plus a transfer one for your sweetie aww). Both the seat cushions and decor pile have colour change options…and the drawers REALLY open…Take a good long look at the retro look shelving unit..its got sooo many elements to it…rows of storage boxes, neatly stacked books & potion bottles…did you notice the sweeping arrow leading to the lone bulb, neat huh?! Perfect together and über cool individually.

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept.

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Cleo Design with a ooodles of dash for your cash!

yumyumyum…I have some lush new pieces to show you from Cleo Design..this is a real good value store that you will keep returning too as you furnish and expand…each piece has SO much packed into it ! (pro tip: read the notecards carefully, or you might miss some of the goodies!) Soooo onto the newness…the first set Id like to show you is above..two comfy chairs..and they are mesh *squeee*. I’m loving how super decor looks in mesh..smooth…and plump. Each armchair has twenty-two anims in it, amazing huh? Some in the cushion, some in the seat…touch the table for your wearables, such as a laptop,ciggie & tea etc..You also receive the two paintings, which are pretty in themselves, and tie in nicely with the colour scheme of the set. Check out the table…a teabag box with opening lid..two cups of tea..books and more ! The complete set is for sale for only 250L !

Another new piece is the “armbend chair”, unusual design, that has one arm up and one flopped down, great for lounginggg ! This chair and the table are also mesh. The chair has a massive 37 anims loaded..single fem,male & the notecard for info …touch the table and you’ll get an array of wearable goodies to match the pose..sweet huh? One thing I especially love about Cleom Bailey’s items is that the many smaller items are NOT that you can tailor your prim usage according to your budget …I know I know..we all loathe counting prims ! These pieces are lowwwww prim though hurrah! The sweet light bulbs actually do work, and the birds are a lovely touch… Ohhhh almost forgot…if you touch the shadow underneath the chair…you can select colour change options too ! (both cushion & seat) makes it even more versatile…the price for all this prettiness? Just 75L…STEAL! Thanks Cleom xx

Get it all here : Cleo Design