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Annnnddddd Relaaaaxxx

It’s all over bar the sale shopping for another year huh? Phewww massive blow out on the food front and what a relief – Neve have released just the thing for those vegging out days between Crimbo and The New Year hurrah! This is the “Chill” robe with vest attached, and the “Lax” pants with slippers that are actually optional – I left them on as they are super darned cute. Now because this is made by the good people at Neve – of course you have options to fiddle about with – slippers on and off, waistband on off, robe on off etc…

Anddd of course you can grab a great range of patterns and colours, four each in a pack – although it really does make sense to get yourself a fat-pack – hopefully you either got a gift card in the sale or one for Christmas ! Mesh body fits, demo available and available at the latest round of Uber – thank you Neve team ❤


Neve Blog for all colour combo’s

Hair by Truth – free group gift (VIP group paid uhm $250 I think but TOTALLY worth it as you receive a new fabulous hair-do each month!)


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Poised to lounge aroundddd…

Okkkk cutee overload…poised has left TWO pressies out for you …and they are just so darn sweet and snuggly…I want to rollll around in them making huggy noises !!  I fell in love with the white & red set…so *cough* virginal and innocent huh? big chunky ole leg warmers…sooper sweet jamma bottoms and tee…but but the thing issss…the red & green set has the most lovable owl on the front…and i adore owls…hmmm so Id better keep both ! Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and slap the luckyboards…theres heaps ! Thanks Poised xx

Free gifts from Poised: Poised