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A rough start! ( 25 Shoes for 50Ld GG’s).

A timely reminder came through from one of our readers about a shop called Garbaggio which for the group joining fee of 50Lds has a lot of shoes out for group members.  As it happens I was already in the Garbaggio group so I TPed over and although I recognise a pair I’ve blogged before, the fairy winged pair, there was a lot of new shoes as there is a new gift set out for each month and I can’t even remember the last time I was over to this shop.

So I grabbed this pair TPed home, snapped this picture and then logged off knowing I’d have a head start in the morning but when I TPed back over to the shop they’d gone!  Not too far though as the shelf with all of the 2018 gifts have been moved to join the older 2017 gifts and there is a new stand next to the reception desk and already Januarys gift has been put out so it’s one group you may want to stay in if you get a new pair each month.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I refuse to give in! (Freebie).

What can I say but yes yet again “NOT MY MESH FIT!” AARRGGHH!!! It’s not only because so many freebies come in “other” fits but I was going to buy a couple of items, yes I was going to spend Lindens! but because I couldn’t get them to work with my SLink Physique.  I will confess by that stage I almost gave in and TPed over to the Maitreya shop but nope I love my SLink shape and if a shop doesn’t sell my fit they’ve lost a sale.

Deep breath now and makes a mental note to stop SLing when I’m hungry or needing a pee.

You will have to take my word for it but this new gift from Asteria is worth a visit.  I grabbed this so quickly I didn’t check but I’m pretty sure that there are 2 other GG’s in the main entrance.  With this one, you will see a rack of colours so you can either pick the shades you like or just grab the lot.

Before you go in through check out the stands to your left and right where you TP in as on one’s side they’re all free and on the other side the prices have been slashed.  I did a quick scan of the free ones and recognised that as having being blogged at least a couple of times by me so I won’t do them again but you can check them out before you head inside for the new GG’s/

PS.  The reason I persist in showing items which won’t fit me is that I know a lot of our readers have gone to the DARK SIDE and do wear Maitreya’s….I forgive you.