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Friday Freebie

Free mesh outfit includes pants &sweater

Found this awesome little outfit on the market place yesterday from Corvus. Popped over to check out the inworld store and found a whole heap of group treats on the desk ! I’m wearing this over my Slink Physique mesh body, it doesn’t say you can on the box but – heyho it fits. It’s an all in one kinda thing so no fussing about, plonk it on – ready to rollllll. Guys you’re catered for also, the store is mahoosive and full of some dead neat stuff, mostly under $100L.

Corvus store

Corvus marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Spooky. (Freebies)

For my third attempt at taking this picture I decided to keep it simple.  Did have fun with poses and windlight with 2 other pictures but in one I looked too much like a victim and in the other which I liked till I realised that I looked less like I was swooping through the sky and more like “where have her legs gone!” so I decided on the simple approach.


Shot in my Optimums Nams skin and prim setting this is actually a really pretty skin which of course is battered and bruised and the bloody hand prints covering the boobs  are also part of the skin.  My preference would be for a more spooky, ethereal, vampire look which is easily done with weird eyes but of course the choice of how you wear this skin is yours.

FREE from Lori Stanton’s  Marketplace shop Corvus but because you can only find this in the Adult section you will have to log in then search for the shop Corvus and the skin is called  Zara) remembering to make sure your setting is set to accept adult and you should find it.  Lots of cuts and bruises for role playing or fun and all so pretty reasonable.  This isn’t the only freebie on offer as well.

PS because I spent, wasted, so much time I am still posting my other 2 pictures to my Flickr account if you want to check them out.

Corvus Zara (skin)