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On a plate.

We’re back.  As I logged off Faith logged in so it looks like the team is back in business.  Although because my OH has managed to get some time off work I’ll be keeping my posts KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and this morning it definitely was a case of “kiss”.  This is the first Freebie sent out to me from Loovus and it’s called Solange. It’s a Sub gift so you don’t have to join the group just go and slap the sub board and if you’re already subbed to them but haven’t received your pressie just pop over and click the board and select “History” and then the number 2 and your giftie will be sent to you.


A simple asymmetrical dress, what you see is what you get and what a brill way to start off after Christmas. Green is my fav colour esp this forest green, the ruffles and folds are lovely and deep which gives it such a realistic look.  A single short sleeve with a matching ruffle is a lovely touch.

So definitely worth a pop over and a quick snag.

Loovus & Lush

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Mesh Around Hunt

I love “meshing” this hunt seems to be right up my alley…Ive already found a couple of items to show you ! I was very lucky that Babylee & Tommi at B&T sent me their hunt prize – they obviously know how truly rubbish I am at hunting ! It’s this glam partial mesh dress…the skirt is meshy..the top isnt..I think the two ways of creating work so well together no? My hair is from a new-to-me designer called “[[Loovus Dzevavor]]”, called girls head over and take a look…its hair art ! Some really unique styles…

Now I did actually slap my hunting goggles on and searched out this fab gifty from Cleo Design, it’s a complete kitchen ! The fridge opens, as does the little freezer box inside…theres poses for washing the dishes..and the stool is crammed full of animations ! Adore the big wood table..its a scene stealer for sure…as usual Cleom is totally too generous and I can’t fit all the gifts into this go grab your own..and take a look…

pssssst…while youre there…you might want to find this gift too…its for the Cookie jar anniversary hunt..and its soooooo awesome…a really beautiful study desk..with clutter like pens…book…ruler etc for the top..a wastepaper bin , complete with scrumpled up bits of paper…lovely big chair with heaps of poses..even a little teddy awww..


Cleo Design

[[Loovus Dzevavor]]