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Getting Kinky.

I’ll save the insane rambling to the last paragraph so you can see the good stuff first and then just ignore the rest if you chose to and I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

A NEW MINA! Actually, Mina Nakamura has been putting out new stuff faster than I can grab it, mainly because RL has been a pain in the behind, but when I put “Eden” on I just had to start today off not with a freebie but with some sexy kink.

I took so many pictures of this hair but I don’t know if it’s my few days off or what but I just wasn’t happy with them which is a shame as the back of this hair is as good as the front.  The hair hangs right down your back (to your crack, I just had to say that lol) but it’s the attention to the details of the ties of the blind and the knot makes you itch to try to take it apart.  I don’t mind showing you this one picture though because you know what I always say….”try before you buy”  plus there are other NEW Mina’s just waiting to be tried as well in her mainshop.

You can see why this hair is perfect for the “Kinky Monthly” event as that blindfold is sexy AF!  You cannot wear the hair without it but if you click the “option” tab you get a choice of 4 colours.   Before I started to blog and just wore clothes to suit me I used to get all dressed but very nicely but I would also add that something “not quite right” to my looks such as a pretty dress and hair with claws for hands, a nice hair, coat etc and a slashed mouth and in fact my now retired male Alt wandered SL with a permament set of monster teeth so just picture yourself wearing that pretty dress, ball gown and looking stunning but when people zoom in on you they see that little bit of kink

PS.  Don’t let the name “kinky” put you off visiting this event as it’s pretty tame considering some of the “kinks” in SL and I’ve seen some stuff, clothes, that have made me drool.

Skip this blabby bit.

DAMN is it cold or is it my thin lizard blood! I’ve got the fire on full blast with my 2 cats huddled in front of it but I swear they’re stealing all the heat!

I’m treating myself to a well-earned mini-break to a Christmas market and of course, it’s not only cold enough to shrink balls (men will get that) but it’s snowing and I have a train to catch on Sat and we all know that in the UK it takes nothing for the trains to stop running, leave on the lines is all it takes!  So it’s definitely a case of  DON’T “let it snow, let it snow, let it snowwwww” till I get home on Sunday.

Not been able to find a decent freebie so far this morning but since my ass ain’t moving off this chair I’m heading back in-world for another try.

Kinky Monthly

Mina’s Mainshop (Demos available).

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It pays to pay.(New Mina).

In my last post I mentioned how I was looking at the old photos in my Flickr of items I have previously blogged the thing that struck me was how so many of the Mina hairs I have, have remained undated and as wearable now as the day I bought or received them.  The same can also be said of outfits that were what I class as “shop quality” which means even though they were freebies they were of such good quality they could have or were for sale in the shop and of course I do actually buy items in SL not as much clothing and shoes as I used to and it’s now mainly landscaping/builds etc but yes I still buy clothes etc as much to have something which I think is worth the Lindens but also we have to remember is that behind the shops are real people who like most of us are just trying to make a living to pay the bills, feed ourselves etc and so if I get a pair of ballet shoes or my most recent purchase is that shirt/sweater combo I’m wearing.

So basically what I’m chundering on about is how sometimes it’s good to pay for things because in the end the quality of the workmanship will last you years and the creator/shop owner will continue making nice stuff for us to wear.

So now for some SPENDY time because this is a NEW Mina, called Harper, and is only available in the latest round of FaMESHed.

That long plait down the side, of course, screams PRINCESSINESS esp when teamed with such a beautiful gown.

That doesn’t mean to say that this couldn’t be worn with anything and I think it just maybe even more interesting when teamed with quality everyday wear.

Goes without saying a BIG colour option Hud and with the length of hair the Ombre/2 tone shades do standout a bit more BUT go to the mainshop and try before you buy not only because chances are FaMESHed will probably be packed but there is another Mina hair with a super long and thicker plait called “Gizem” and you really need to try both of them  before you decided which suits your face best or you could just buy both LOL..

BTW I don’t go on about the Mina group much.  This is a paid for one, 200Lds, and yes there are gifts set out for Group Members you also get I do believe 10% off each purchase as well but you will have to check.  What I do know for sure is that there is a new and timely Halloween gift out for us, a hair called Arwen which has been suitably bloodied for a ghoulish effect.

I’m so determined that you have to try both of these long plaited hairs, she of course also has the smaller plaited hair, that at this very moment I’m inworld and I’ve found Gizem and she’s a couple of pictures down from the Gacha’s.  Check those out as well esp if you’re on a budget.  Some of my fav hairs are in these Gachas and there are even hat with hair or is that hair with hats and honestly all of the colours are so good so to be able to score a great hair for anything between 75-100Lds is so affordable for a lot of people and don’t worry as the Gacha’s also have Demos for you to try first.

PS Just in case it’s an issue for you, even though this is a well-textured complete look everything I’m wearing from my Mesh body to Mina hair only adds up to less than “Avatar complexity” is just under 28.000 impact so you look will not be the cause of you or other AV’s lag.


Mina’s Mainshop

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Save to SPEND! New Mina.

I’m having a surreal SL moment here. I won’t confess as to how long I’ve actually had this Mermaid house in my invent just waiting for the opportunity to use it but with this New Mina hair, I finally had an excuse.


If you’re wondering the tail isn’t a Freebie either it’s an old Gacha win but the Gacha is still in the shop if you’re interested in it.  I’ll pop the link to that later when I get back inworld.


Yup, that’s me dressed as a Mermaid fishing in a pond, you can just about make out the fishing rod if you squint, in the snow it can only happen in SL because in RL it would make your jaw drop in shock.

xxxmermaiduse4This is the New Mina and she’s called Ava-Lin and you can only get it from the newest round of FaMESHed.


Front n back pictures taken in my sim setting or nams I can’t remember now but a pretty natural setting. I think this is the longest hair Mina Nakamura has created, certainly in this very natural style that it.  I do have hair longer than this, I do actually buy hair n stuff, but I’m wracking my brains and from what I can remember none of the super long hairs I do have are as natural looking as this.

If you remember Mina Nakamura has recently increased her prices, I believe just on her new stuff with the much bigger colour menu, 10 instead of the old 5 colours and they are different shades ie in the brown pack you get everything from dark blond to the darkest brown and all the shades in between, just to 300Lds which isn’t much more and for all the work that goes into her creations it’s nice to be cheap but it’s also nice to actually support SL creators.  I have a feeling though that this is only for the New hair and not the old stuff but of course, you can check for yourself because in Mina’s main shop is the Demo for Ava-lin so you can try this hair and all the others out before you make your final decision.

PS I don’t really mention it often enough but in Mina’s main shop she keeps the Gacha’s from previous Gacha Events and unlike many other hair creators when you win a “hair” you don’t just win a single colour you win the whole colour pack.  The hairs in these Gacha’s are fantastic, they maybe bargain priced but the time and attention to detail that has been put into these creations are in some cases more than the standard shop hairs, check out the hat hairs and you will see what I mean.  The fact that none of the Gacha’s cost between 80-100Lds and you still get the standard, old, colour menu hud means that everyone even if you’re on a limited budget can have Mina hairs.

Mina Mainshop


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I spy NEW Mina hair.

Get ready to see plenty of pictures taken in my newhouse  over the next few months which although is still unfinished it’s almost complete and that includes the peeping Tom in the background.

The hair I’m wearing is a NEW Mina and it comes from the Shiny Shabby event with I have to confess that I’ve missed the last 2 of these events which isn’t so bad as I usually come away having spent too many Lindens on too much I don’t need but the temptation of a New Mina hair always gets me back there.

Today I’m going to show you just this one but I have another one lined up which is JUST LIKE MY RL HAIR!


Loving my new home even though I’ve not had the time to finish it off as yet but it makes it so much easier to be able to use my own home as a background.

This hair, Elsa, is so “Pinterest” and you will see why in the next picture but from the front this hair has a little bit of height to it with a big swept back fringe, or bangs as the Americans call it, but lots of softening tendrils but when you turn around this is the Pinterest bit.


That big fat curl on the back of your head is something that there are many examples of how to on Pinterest and YouTube but this is a style I never managed to achieve.  It was only when I turned around that I noticed my “peeping Tom” LOL.  As standard with Mina Hair you get the 2 options, Materials and No Materials which basically means one is for those who’s settings are at the higher end because their graphics card can handle it and the No Materials is for those who have a less effective graphics card.  Personally I can’t see any difference but maybe thats because I have a good graphics card TBH I knit, embroider and cook, I don’t do teccie stuff but I think it means this hair will look great which ever SL settings your computer is set to.  You of course get the now standard 5 pack of colours in an easy to use Hud.  I still remember once having a fat pack hundreds of the same hair but in all the shades possibly because Huds had not been invented and as far as I remember Mina hair was the first hair I bought which came with this amazing “teccie” thing LOL.

A demo is available and just as good the LM does take you right to the Mina shop but if it’s nice and quiet have a wander as I’ve not checked it out as yet but there is usually some freebies in the center of the shopping sim.

PS just in case Faith can ready this, you broke a golden rule! If it ain’t broke don’t change it MMMWWWAAAHHH LOL.

Mina@Shiny Shabby



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Oooo Nursey.

NurseyBored(again) so I mooched on the Marketplace and found some goodies. One of which is this mesh Nurses dress and it’s only 50Lds.  I’ve not really looked at many nurses outfits so I don’t know how many are out there but what I do know is 50LDS for this is a bargain.  Standard Mesh sizing cute sexy or even just for RPing.  The stethoscope is an actual Dollarbie as well so the whole look for 51Lds and if white isn’t your colour then she has a light blue version.  I only wish I had remembered to put on my bloodied rubber gloves.

HairBecause the prop light behind me was flooding the picture I decided to take a better one of the hair because not only is it cute and adorable but it’s FREE.  A new hair shop (to me that is)  called.  The group costs 250Lds to join and there is a group gift of a lovely pony tail hair and this hair is up there as well but as a blogger I click on everything this this one is FREE for all.   Due is a small shop with a relatively small selection but damn they’re ALL great.  Because I don’t have unlimited funds I settled for one hair (I’m wearing it in my previous post) and this freebie.  Her style is young and fresh lots of long hair that lays beautifully around your AV.  I will be going back there to get some more at a later date so I will post about them at a later date but till then grab this cutie.

Pure Style Marketplace


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Poison Skinny striped Jeans NEW! coldLogic shirt GOS shoes new!_003

I thought Id show another of the newly released mesh jeans by Poison, havent stopped wearing these striped ones for two solid days ! Brill fit and of course two versions of cuff style…these are the plain ones (the other is a rolled up cuff). I teamed it up with a self striped shirt from coldLogic “clark”, this is my go-to item in my inventory, so handy and classic. Ohhhhh, did you eyeball my newwwww shooz yet huh? huh?! Yes, I returned to GOS and snapped up the latest release “Angelina”, can a girl resist? Gospel Voom, shame on you…luring us poor innocents in with your almost edible footwear *wink*…Anyyyywayyyy, as I mentioned previously, the Gos Boutique group is just 50L to join at the moment, wear the tag and when you buy any of the new range, you’ll receive a refund , I got 79L back on these babies…good deal ! (Theres heaps more scrummy colours in these) I’m still “breaking in” this new hair I bought from Analog Dog, you know how when you come back from the salon and,everyone does a double take? “Ohhhh, you’ve had your hair done” kinda deal? Thats how I feel with this new-to-me style, it’s not the sort of thing I usually wear, but but but I thought it was sooper pretty and HAD to buy it ! This style is called “trouble clef” , go try some demos SO much fun (ok I admit it, I bought two hair-do’s there, but whatever !)

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Analog dog


GOS Blog

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Hair Raising

And because I love the hair with Roses so much check it out from one of my old photos  Roses

Everything I love is in these photos, from my Laqroki skin, Post Furniture, Etchaflesh corset, Virtual Poses, No.9 Stockings and my shamelessly sexy Moody Stilettos and last but not least the hair.  How sexy, decadent and elegant are they? and amazingly they are so …CHEAP…or should I change that to reasonably priced because they are not cheap quality.  Not only do you get magnificent hair but each comes with a choice of colours, 4 shades in a pack and changed by clicking on the hair, and of course easy resizing BUT the accessories can all be changed.  To be honest I really cannot list ALL of the choices you are given with these hairs.  The first hair shown I’ve bought the fat pack and not only do I get a choice of 16 colours but 2 choices of roses AND a total of 20!! colours.  All of them have very generous colour combos and they’re also in the demo packs so get clicking and you will see what I mean.  OK how cheap? 200LDS!!! thats all and even the Fat Packs are only 450Lds
The LM should take you to the shop entrance and if you want to go straight to these hairs then it’s the Models Hair on the TP board you want.  Have a wander around because there are 3 rooms of elegant Yumminess.
Oops forgot to mention that the last hair with the big fat bun came from downstairs.  Good luck hunting out some goodies.

The name of the shop is W&Y HAIR