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Freebie & a Promo

Aris Aris have a new instore promotion and its this dress “Promise”. Beautiful longer length dress with a deep side slit on one side.

With just one touch of the Hud you can turn it into a shorter dress or a Midi length – et voila ! Three looks for one dress ❤

The Hud is fantastic with a heap of fabrics and patterns, plains to choose from. If you buy this on the market place its going to set you back $249L but if you head to the main store its on offer for just $99L orrrrr $89L if you’re a group member wearing your tag ! My hair is from Navy & Copper – I’m really enjoying their hair releases lately, join the group (I seem to recall its free) and you can grab this plus a couple of others as gifts.


Navy & Copper

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Neve Rhapsody - four colour tones inc.

I really want to share one of the new releases from Neve with you. This is the “Rhapsody” dress, its elegant, stylish,cute and whimsical – and more ! If you already shop at Neve, you’ll know that the new releases come in many variants of colour & pattern packs. Each pack gives you four tones plus sizes for:  Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Soooo Above is the rhapsody dress in a dainty salmon pinky colour, this is from the “Lively” pack, all the tones are eye catching but not overly so. In this pack the piece looks quite casual, something to drift around in, perhaps barefoot.

Neve Rhapsody rear view

Quick snap to show the detail on the back, exposed shoulders are always lovely, plus straps all loosely tied at the nape of the neck. Love the tight gathered line around the high waist.

Neve Rhapsody Suffuse - four colour tones inc

Same dress, different pack – doesn’t it make such a HUGE difference?! This is the rhapsody style dress but from the “Suffuse” pack . Much more dressy I think and a little Bohemian. Gorgeous collection of tones on this, earthy and elegant, wear it with heels, flats or bare feet, it’s simply divine. Make sure to check out all the different variants of each piece! Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog (for all new releases)

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Ladies Hour

PinkCherry NEW! Natalia mesh gown

Everywhere I turn I see new gowns lately …some sleek..some flouncy….its seems it’s all the rage !.::PiNK CHERRY::. have recently released two corkers ..and if you’re into slinky…these are SO for you. Above I’m wearing “Natalia”, a sheath of coloured satin, low dipped back and snug bustiere…classic styling and a beautiful range of tones for you to choose from. Of course I was always going to go for the pink one right? ! My choker I picked up from a new-to-me event called The Thrift Shop..

Manna New! Reverie choker - The Thrift Store - half price!

…it’s from Manna who I think a while back I noticed at another event…a few colour versions of this piece out, the pink is called “reverie”, I also snapped up a coupla more, its approx half the usual store price, at 113L a steal ! Its pretty busy at the thrift shop currently, but brave it as there’s so much to see and some marvelous bargains to collect.

PinkCherry NEW! Gown Felicitas - mesh

One more pretty from .::PiNK CHERRY::….some real Hollywood glamour going on…so retro …ruched body and layered hem…I felt like such a movie star on the catwalk with this. I chose the traditional starlet silver..but there are many other tones to look at, gorgeous seam detailing down the back also.


The Thrift Shop

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Giraffe’s,Snowpaws & Boho

I can’t recall how I ended up at Snowpaws…but Im mighty glad I did…Its a vast place with heaps to see and very reasonable prices. Naturally I gravitated towards the sign that said “free” and came away with quite a stash of dresses !

The first two dresses I’m showing are rather boho inspires..lotsa floatiness going on…great summer colours…wispy & so feminine..hard to believe they cost me 0L !

The last dress is a little different from what I usually wear…and I just so adored it…giraffe print all over..flows around your ankles without really being too formal…low low back with a crossover strap effect…again 0L !

Take some time to wander around..there are many discounted items…lucky boards..midnight mania boards..and the new releases are just dreamy..the free section is outside on the balcony area, positively heaps to get your “paws” on…

Go get boho’d: Snowpaws