With Love

Yes it’s me again. With Faith ill I’m afraid you’re stuck looking at my mug (let’s hope she gets better quick eh?). Anyway, I’ve tried to make it up to you by grabbing a couple of items from the With Love hunt that’s happening at the moment. It’s a pretty big hunt encompassing 88 stores and will continue until the 27th of December. It’s a little different from most hunts I’ve participated in given that the gifts do cost you a little, though not that much.

Anyway, let’s get onto the gear shall we? First up is the ‘Patterned Shirt Camellia’  from *Connors*. This is the 3rd shirt in their ‘Patterned’ range that I’ve gotten so far and I love each and every one of them. The colours and designs featured on them are just top-notch, especially the floral design on this one in particular and it has a purpley colour so that makes it brilliant in my book. The prim cuffs on these shirts are some of my favourites and they come with resizer scripts so they’re easy to fit (if they don’t fit right the first time that is). It also comes with a ‘skirt’ attachment that gives the bottom of the shirt a nice loose look.

With Love Hunt #61 *Connors*

The second gift I picked up is a pack of poses from Long Awkward Pose which is one of my favourite pose stores in SL. There are a few guy’s poses and a few girl’s poses in the pack so you’re both covered. I don’t know how to describe a pack of poses all that well but I know that, for me, Long Awkward Poses always help make my pictures look good (and I usually need all the help I can get).

With Love Hunt #54 [Long Awkward Pose] 

So there you are, 2 items from what is looking like it will be a very cool hunt for both guys and girls. Go on and get hunting and who knows, you may run into me.

With Love Hunt Start Point: Swansong
(You’re looking for a little scroll)