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In the Pink (non mesh)

Got slightly way laid by the Suicide Awareness hunt and I will keep on posting, but until then check out these beauties.

Happy Birthday to Pink Outfitters and a Woo Hoo for us.  I have a confession, I didn’t buy these outfits just for the Blogg I’ve had them for years and because their colouring and texturing and styling have lasted,  I’m really happy to be able to not only show them off, but tell you  that they and much more are all priced at 50Lds! This is the Builders Jump suit which is a high-waisted pair of pants with straps going over the shoulder.  They come with sculpted trouser bottoms which, although I’m not wearing them because of my long boots, are so WEARABLE and not the yukkie ham leg shape beloved by designers hated by buyers.  A lovely rich chocolate colour, button and buckle details and just so simple, retro and easy wear.

My party dress, The Dreamer,  and yes its non mesh.  As you can imagine after being in SL for quite a few years, I have had many an outfit I have loved and then binned because it has become outdated.  The quality of new items may have made it appear old.  So to still have a dress in my invent means it must be good.  This is a satin dress with vibrant coloured dots, a mesh neck detail (a scarf which I’m not wearing) and a sculpted skirt. The colours are bright and cheerful and chances are in a couple of years I will still have this in my invent as I’ve not seen better.

I have a confession because I am pretty sure I’ve blogged this shrug before but I don’t care.  It’s called Isobel and I love it.  Finishes off so many outfits and because I’m pretty rude sometimes I wear it on its own without a shirt and let a boobie peek out.  Goes with trousers, skirts, t-shirts, on its own (if you dare).   The 2 other outfits are on the walls this however is on the racks upstairs.  It was one of those purchases that I took a risk at buying because on the rail it didn’t look as good as it did when worn.
Mkes it sound like Pink doesn’t change it’s stock but  it does ! Luckily they realise that some items are worth keeping because they can’t be bettered..unless like in this case they have a sale and everything is 50Lds.

Pink Outfitters

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April Showers….us with gifts !

We have certainly had enough showers this month ! Had a little package from Ally at Awear to let me know that there was a newwww Lingerie set out as a gift…its deeelish…lovely shade of blue, with a choice of garters or not.(lingerie is upstairs)..thanks Ally ❤ Also hot-offa-the-press news…the ever lovely Kesseret Steeplechase of MIAO fame…is branching out in a collaboration with House of London & London Dailey ! Mmmhmm…so I’m expecting more pretties that’s always a grand thing yay! The new line is going by the name of [cherry]…and Im wearing the beaded bracelet in black..with feather earings. (other shades available) Have to say the earrings are SO going to be a warm weather fav of mine..great casual style…easy to wear… I visited the store and wowser…some fantastique bags & totes…shoes…plusss the new jewelry line *squeee*…pop over and snoop ! thanks Kess ❤

Awear April gift

{cherry} @ House of London