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Rebooting (Dollarbies).

I love how the techies call it “rebooting” when a simple “turn it off and then back on again” is really what they mean.  So at about my 6th “rebooting” I finally got reconnected to the internet and since my inworld time was limited I did some MP surfing and I can’t believe what I found….MORE skins and at a single Linden worth it.


OK I have major editing fun with this picture but this skin “St Valentin” comes with some serious contouring make up which lends itself to a very dramatic look. TBH as soon as I tried it on I knew exactly the dress, hair, pose and even where to go to take the shot.  This skin comes with only the 1 skin but all of these appliers, EVE, Nyam Nyam, Baby Bump, Wowmeh, Lolas and OMEGA.

However if you want a more natural skin check this out.skin2Comes with 4 Make Ups & Freckles (worn) & Clean Face  & Extra Make Up  & Alpha Lashes & 3 eyebrow shapers & Appliers for Wowmeh & Slink Physique & Slink Hands & Slink Feet & Lolas. Thats a LOT of “&”.

Remember though I’m wearing my own shape which is a Anna Shapes which seem to be only available on the Marketplace and all I wear nothing but Anna Shapes and just the 80Lds ones.

Although there is a link for an inworld shop I’ve not actually managed to find it so you will have to pick these up from the MP.

Zodiaco Marketplace

Anna Shapes Marketplace


Cheap,Chic and almost Free

Roses sneakers 40L - Care sweater dollarbie - coldLogic leggings - Argrace hair

After I saw a preview of a post Zan is doing about Mag<3.B , I had a little nosey at her market place store. I’m hoping she wont mind me posting this sooper sweet sweater I bought, a real find at just one Linden Dollar. I also couldn’t resist the roses long sneaker boots – ohmaiii 40L only ! There are a lot of these in alllll sorts of patterns and colours – brilliant price and a great fit. I’m actually wearing my Slink mesh body and a pair of coldLogic mesh leggings with them – didn’t have to edit a thing yay!

Lingerie - with appliers for top plus system layers and mesh shorts - 69L !

I mooched more on the market place and wouldn’t you know it – I managed to find some gorgeous lingerie for 69L. Its listed as pyjama’s, but hmmm I don’t know – looks like lingerie to meeeee ! This set is called Mona and I bought the teal set, its made by Blacklace. The top comes in system layers, and also with appliers for Lola, Wowmeh and SLink Physique – I’m showing it here using the SLink Physique applier. The shorts are mesh and come in the usual standard sizes.

Happy Shopping !

Mag<3.B market place store

Blacklace Mona set (opens market place)

Riley hair by Argrace

coldLogic market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

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Rebooted (freebies)

I’m back like a bad penny from my lovely beachy weekend, rebooted my internet (turned the router off and then on again) so my connection is back to full speed, later I’ll pop to the attic to grab my old faithful keyboard and bin my unresponsive one  which has been so bad that it’s been hard for my poor AV to move but I managed to move enough to grab some new FREEBIES.



Not only 1 skin but 2 and each come with ALL THE APPLIERS which is music to my lazy heart.  Now that I’m at the shop LM grabbing I’ve plonked myself next to the Lucky Boards and also notice that there is also 2 Mens skins which is another Woo Hoo so of course I grabbed them but sadly for Lazy Baylen they don’t come with any appliers but then again I don’t think as many men in SL and RL, sadly, are as image concious so not having appliers isn’t such a big deal and a great skin is always appreciated.  Anyhow will send Baylen in to check them out for himself.

Also check out the Marketplace shop as it looks like there are oodles of old group gifts for sale for only 10Lds and that again includes plenty for men which is really good to see.

Special mention to the back of the shops which have for sale all the Appliers you could every want but whats new to me is the “Abs” one which is basically a Tattoo layer for the womans skin to give us to die for abs but without the crunches.  Sadly no demo to try out first but would be interesting to see what they look like.


 Curves Marketplace

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Surreal Complex and (69L Sunday – now cancelled)

vendetta jumpsuit 69L event
Two new-to-me events for you to peek at lovelies ! 69L Sunday has just opened its doors, there are fashion & furnishings – all at the low price of – you’ve guessed it – 69L ! Above I’m wearing a jumpsuit from {Vendetta}, its non – mesh and actually it reminded me that layer clothing can still be very effective and easy to wear. Great animal print fabric and a sooper tight fit. SLip it on and you’re good to go – heapsss of other colours available. (you also get appliers for Lolas and phat azz too naturally)

naughty n nice jumpsuit (non mesh) KoKoLoReS nightmare under eye shadow and  fighting nightmares divan NEW!

Another jumpsuit with a slightly different style is this one from  Naughty N Nice, also at the 69L event. I chose the slippery baby pink which is adorable. Non – mesh again and I have to admit, it’s SO easy to slide into ! (appliers included for those of you with boobs and butts) My pose is contained in a divan that’s on offer by KoKoLoReS at the Surreal Complex event. Lovely divan couch filled with some pretty unusual poses. Also check out my under eye shadows, called *had a nightmare*, also by KoKoLoReS and for sale at the Surreal Complex event.

69L Sunday Location

Surreal Complex event

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Mysterious Girl

lola's 1

So yes, I got into the Lola bewb craze…and Ive been trying heapsssss of new clothes on..some were Christmas Gifts …some I found around and about…anywayyyy Player found a new-to-me-store called Mystique…and blimey, they have some pretties for notta lotta cash ! Most of the new outfits that include the appliers for the Lola Tango bewbs are just 69L *faints*…Im wearing the “showy lace dress”…which was a gift…theres plenty more to see…including a dollarbie outfit of jeans and Lola friendly top …check it out …

Mystique (inworld)

Mystique Market Place