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Sleeping Koala (2 hunt items).


A couple of lovely little hunt prizes from Sleeping Koala.  The first is the simple locket and earring set.  The necklace actually comes in 3 lengths and I’m wearing the medium one.  A real nice touch esp when this outfit also comes with Lola Tango Appliers, so when wearing the boobies you can still wear the jewels.

CatsuitNot only do you get the Boob Appliers but also SLink feet appliers as well which was a perfect opportunity for me to wear mine for the first time and I think they look great makes this into a lounging around outfit. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Slink feet it comes with the sock layer.

Sleeping Koala is still a small shop and I’m sure that Evelyn Hartshon won’t mind me C&Ping this from her Profile “however there’s not much point since I make jack sh*t at the moment. LOL” which is pretty honest but that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t a couple of tasty little things to be had from here and if you check out her Marketplace Shop there is more to be had from there.

Sleeping Koala

Sleeping Koala Marketplace

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Green Envy(Dollarbie).

JuicyI stumbled upon this retro dress from !Soul in the MP(Marketplace).  Because the texturing is so good this took the minimum of editing and it was a perfect alignment of the texturing.  You don’t even just get the one item even in her gifties you get much more.  In this case 2 dresses, this one which you can wear with or without the belt and another with 2 tones of this lime colouring (and with the belt of you want to)..

I’ve got my fav LBD from here (little black dress) but as I’ve said you get more than just the outfit you get the FULL outfit, sometimes it’s blouse, trousers and boots set or bikini with sarong and hat or a corset with matching skirt and boots and on and on.  Demos come with everything included to you don’t have to take a chance.

SnowHA HA so there I was sat there outside of her shop typing away in RL and wondering what was flickering on my screen and I realised that the snowman she has set outside actually follows you and chucks snowballs at you so I was a sitting duck.  So what the heck I took a piccie of me trying to avoid being splattered.

At the moment she has a gift vendor in her in world shop which has a very Christmassy red mesh dress with white fur collar.  You do have to join her group to grab it but that seems to be only a token 5Lds.


!Soul Marketplace

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Crafters gone wild.

This is what happens when you get a bored crafter.  It seems to be ages since I had an excuse to wear my lovely Lolas and then I found a small Gacha event just for the well endowed and as soon as I saw these Titty Tags they were in the bag (or in this case my invent).

TagsThis is Pink Sugah’s offering and I won a pair of the common ones but fortunately I lurve cupcakes, obviously one for the left booby and one for the right.  Each set of 2 has cheeky saying or cute pictures.


Pixelated so I don’t shock you too much but they delicately dangle from your Lola nips.  If you really need to see how they hang or just want to cop an eyeful then click my Flickr Account link and see them in all their glory.

ϲɾմʍքҽէ (tara.asamoah) the owner if Pink Sugah has been really nice and if you look under the Gacha machine she has set out a freebie to celebrate “Brit Tits Hunt” which I will definitely being doing.  Her offering is a sparkling skin tight Union Jack dress with not only Lola Appliers but Phat Ass and some others that I don’t even recognise.  So pop into her shop and check out the busty goodies and the sign for the hunt is right in the door.

Please don’t ignore either the Gacha event or Pink Sugar if you’re not a Booby fan as so many of the clothes are equally as good for the small boobed as well and even the Titty tags with a minimum of editing will look cheeky hanging from anyone’s nip.


Hello Titties Slots Gacha’s

Pink Sugah Mainstore

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Freak Hunt (& Freebie).

Hunt useIt’s fortunate that this is item is Tran (non copy) as OhLaLa isn’t a shop most men would find themselves in unless in this case they were doing the Cirque Du Freak Hunt or their GFs have dragged them there or if you know a man in your life then for 5Lds you can send him a treat.  What you’re looking for is a mask like object. Clues are given but mine is “it’s hot in here”.  plenty of Lucky Chair but only women’s stuff.

bonesThis is my date for Halloween, Fred Bones. You’ve seen the Cirque Du Freaks offering for the boys and this is for the girls.  A mesh dress with an over sized bow which you can move up or down to uncover as much booby as you dare.  It also comes with a Lola Tango Applier and a few tattoo layers of bloodiness (I’m wearing a Halloween skin so the grey skin, cut on chest and dark shading around the eyes are all the skin but the rest of the bloodiness is the gift) and of course the mouth knife.  This is just 5Lds but if you’re really short for cash then check out the table in the entrance hall because Elise Onmura  has placed out 2 free gifts both of which are boots. I’m wearing the purple pair in this picture (I know you can’t really see them) and the other appears to be shorter black ones but I’ve not had a chance to try them on,  Very nice boots and even though they have ribbons on them it was easy to edit them down just a little bit to fit my legs.  Don’t forget the Lucky Chairs as well.  I’ve blogged OhLaLa before because she’s got some bargain priced stuff in her shop and everything I go there I end up buying or winning something more.


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The Last Gasp.

Obviously I know that for all the Autumn season is upon us but of course in SL it can be Summer all year round.

Glasses11I got a parcel off Boom which is like an early Xmas pressie but I have to confess when I saw it contained bikini’s and sunglasses I groaned and kept it unrezzed.  Finally knowing Booms quality I gave in and opened it and it got a WOW off me.  The bikini is as always with Boom great texturing, fitting etc but check out the specks!  the only SL glasses I wear are my beloved Nerdy ones, usually the oversized glamourpus ones turn me cold but I absolutely LOVE these the colouring is stunning esp the lenses. I’m not sure if it’s because of the updated viewer but these rezzed so quickly.  I think they’re going to be just as great under a big floppy hat as they are posing on a beach.  I love them so much when I got back inworld I TPed to Boom to buy the Cocoa coloured ones for my own use..

BoomThis is me popping into Boom to get my new glasses and Boom, Piddle and Misteria have all had a complete change of shop so if you haven’t visited for a while come check em out because new shops, new layouts, new stuff.

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His ‘N’ Hers

I was so impressed with the Apple May hunt items I dragged a male friend along and for a few Lindens he got some great top notch mesh clothes.

Baylen UseHoodie and jeans and much much more and because this is in the mens hunt there are less decoy apples so even my friend managed to find them all.  This whole look only cost 2Lds so if you have a BF, BBF or even a Noob then drag him along and get him all tarted up.

Apple May Design

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Patience Pays

I was getting messages through the Vita Boudoirs group calling out LC initials which surprised me as she doesn’t have a LC or LB in her shop but oh yes she does, at least for the moment. Since I had a massive amount of old notes to go through I plonked myself next to the LI (lucky Island) and waited.  Since there  was never less than a dozen other people stood there is didn’t take that long for me to grab a fun wearable tropical island, a bikini to match and a lovely summer head-dress.

Print1I’m not wearing the island in this photo I rezzed this one my land and then picked a pose out of my invent because I wanted you to get a good shot of the bikini and the pose that comes with this wearable didn’t do the fruityness of the bikini justice.  So when you wear it your sat sprawled on the deck chair soaking up the sun.  As it happens the island itself is approx 53 prims so if you live on a very wooded, grassy sim and you want a patch of sand and you have some free prims this would be a fun thing.  What you can’t see is that the island also sits in a puddle of water and a sharks fin circles around you which is why you get the sign warning you not to feed the shark.

The Tropical bikini is mesh and you get the corsage and hair flower as separates a nice addition to you accessories.

Print 2Squealed when I saw the budgie and then squealed some more when I realised there was 2 of them and they’re kissing!  This is the Summer head-dress which is just gorgeous.

I’ve blogged Vita’s Bouidor many a time and will do so again.  A Real Life designer who has brought her designs into SL so each piece is full of imagination and uniqueness. A selection of costumes, ethreal plants landscaping and gorgeous furniture all with that something that makes them different but it’s the clothes which will make you stand out from the rest.

Now if you don’t have the patience then you can actually see what items are in the LC and purchase them instead of waiting. If I remember the bikini is a 100Lds but the rest I’m not sure of but again since Vita has a lot of fans that LC changes pretty often you stand a good chance winning sooner than you think.


Boudoir Marketplace

Boudoir Blogg