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Retro Boobs (Vintage Sweetheart).

DressuseAs soon as I saw a picture of this dress I knew I had to have it.  I love my Lolas and occasionally love to flaunt the curves but what I love most is being able to wear them with a lovely, saucy outfit rather than nip flashing hoe hoe hoeness (a belated Christmas joke there).  Fortunately for me I took my time deciding which colour I like best because I then spotted this one with an extra tag attached to it which has this colour combo priced at 100Lds and not the 200Lds that the rest are, and I love green and red.  Look at that deep full skirt and the bright bold colours, I wish I had taken a picture of the big fat bow at the back as well.

This is only available at Stacia Zabaleta’s shop The Gathering based on the Lubby Jubblies Sim. I don’t have time to pop over to her main shop (lm given)but since I already have a few of her outfits in my invent (check out the saucy Maids outfit in her mainshop) and I know that she does the appliers for all of the best known boobs in SL so even if you don’t have Lola Tango’s then she will have yours for sure but more than that her clothes look just as good on those who prefer normal proportions.

Woo Hoo my OH has 2 weeks off work and we have a week booked in a cabin in the wood (lets hope it’s nothing like the film) so I won’t be able to SL as much (a girls gotta have some secrets) but I will pop in as much as I can until then I’m pretty sure Faith will be out hunting down all those bargains and brilliant new items for us all to see.

Gatherings@Clevage@Lubbly Jubblies

Gatherings Mainstore

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I have left it too late for people to be able to snag this hunt gift since today is the last day but all is not lost because apart from the colour there is identical dresses on offer as a group gift and really recommend you grabbing them.

IntrepidIt’s a LBD (little black dress) plain and simple and yet this is a corker because it’s cool, sexy, simple, elegant and so wearable.  With built in curves so even without your Lola Tango Boobies it still makes you look like a million bucks. I should have done a close up because the black has a very fine pin stripe to it and it’s got real texturing and not cheap matt black textured look to it.  Comes Lola Tango ready but as always looks stunning without.

Intrepid 2I’m just not really doing the texturing justice in my photos but check this out the corset, skirt and shoes are all in the set and ALL are top quality fit and texturing and all come as a complete outfit for only 60Lds! Each item would be worth the 60Lds on their own but to get the whole lot as a package is a bargain.  You have a choice of colour sets and I chose this beige/chocolate set but have to confess I might go back for more.  The corset has ruffles and is Lola Tango Ready (again equally as wearable without) the skirt has 2 zips and the boots have a beige stripe on the heel. Shannon Byron (Şɦαηησɳ ℱαυşţ (shannon.byron)) has been extra kind because you have all the Alpha layers needed to wear each item individually or as a partial set or the whole lot.  So many looks for so little.

Soul is the shop name and they have a very simple price because everything is 60Lds.  Everything is mesh which means it all comes with demos and I tried on all the demos and everything is TOP NOTCH with the fittings and texturing and loads of Lola Boobie stuff.  Very generous in that a lot of the outfits come as complete looks so you have a bikini with sarong, hat, and shoes or trousers with top and shoes etc. You must check out her MP shop to see her range and grab the demos you won’t regret it.

Soul Inworld Shop

Soul Marketplace

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Floozie to Freak

Floozy1 Milu Laval (Milu), who is the owner of AtaMe,  got in touch with me and sent me a couple of gifties of which this is one.  Have to say that knowing the range and clientele she caters for I was surprised at this one because the moment I put it on Retro Floozie sprang to mind.  I think it’s the leopard print that does it.  Happily this is a group gift so you too can be a Cheap Floozie.

AtameuseNow this is what I know AtaMe for, leather and lace, latex and kinks.  The first thought when I tried this one was this isn’t a fashion statement this is a life style statement.   A seriously cinched in waist with accentuated boobs and bum all encased in shiny wet looking latex.  A considered purchase at 700Lds but for latex lovers for that real shine it’s a small cost.  For an even smaller cost check out her “Bargains” I have to say that for a 100Lds she has some glorious offers.  A long floor length non mesh bright shiny dress and with Lola Tangos inc for free so tempting and then I spotted the very black shiny cat suit with nothing but straps to cover your rear and both are only 100Lds.  Not everything in her shop is “hardcore” latex, some lovely items but with an edge.  A good mix of Mesh and Non Mesh clothes.  The Non Mesh clothes now come with Tango Appliers but you need to click the button on the display to get them, FREE which is very nice as some do charge, and if they don’t have the Appliers there just drop Milu a note and she will supply you one (check first with her if it’s important to have them).

As always I’ve popped into the shop to check out whats new and any bargain on offer and now she has a lovely big shiny new shop (to me at least).  Laid out with plenty of space to wander around and don’t forget the upstairs for some amazing floor length latex ball gowns.  A lovely fountain and sitting area outside for all to use.  When someone spends money and time to make their shops and personal space look so nice it’s because they care about their products.


AtaMe Blogg

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Titanic UseQHTT Stands for Quick Hello Titty Tuesdays.  The quick is be quick because it’s now Wednesday but this Titty Tuesday offer from Pixystix is still out there.  50Lds for a Lola Tango Ready dress.  I just love the mint under colour and black pattern although the pink one is equally as lovely and I’m not into pink that much myself but the black pattern over the pink makes it look more raspberry in colour.  This is a mesh outfit with panels of prim skirts.  A very low cut Lola Boob flashing top. No nip slips but not far off it.  Lovely addition of bows on the skirt is lovely details but I seemed to have managed to take a photo with them missing but I so wanted to get this out before it disappears. Lots of free to join group gifts (I’ve just grabbed the May Group Gift which is going to be my next post) but such a reasonably priced shop in anycase so worth a visit.

Special mention to the Location.  The Titanic has risen from the murky depths and is now berthed. Lots of long evening ball gowns for sale on the top floor and levels of cafes, restaurants, ballroom etc for you just to dress up and hang around relaxing.