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He’s Back !

So excited to see that Jacob Brenner of Imegica has started making new builds!! I was such a huge fan of his work years ago – so new stuff has made my day. The new LoftFive caught my eye, its just 5Li ! Fantastic texturing gives it a modern vibe. With its huge wood and glass feature window there is plenty of light, there is also a small tiled open plan area that would lend itself to a kitchen or bathroom. Grab a free demo, its a timed demo and you get plenty of time to scope it all out before it goes POOF! (The price is very reasonable @ $349L)

While you are grabbing up demos of the new builds, collect this sweet gift too. Heart wall tile, truly so sweet and just 3Li.

Imegica market place store

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Barnesworth Anubis - mesh Paris sky lotd NEW!

I confess…I have a problem. The thing is….I hoard *sigh*. Life would be sooo much simpler if Barnesworth Anubis stopped making such sumptuous homes ! Everrry time he makes something for collabor88, I dash over, my heart actually races as I make my way through the crowd, and then I see the latest build. Never disappoints, and I just can NOT leave without buying it. When you see something so beautiful, and well made that it makes you smile big and your heart ache…should you deny yourself? Nu uh..and especially at the collabor88 price of 288L …it almost seems wrong to get SO much for SO little doesn’t it?

Barnesworth Anubis - NEW! Paris Sky Loft mesh

Sooo anyway, less ramble from me, more info for you. This month Barnes has made a mesh skyloft, it’s called Paris. I really can’t wait for you to go see it, because I know you’re going to have that heart-squeeze moment when you get up close and personal . Whats extra specially lovely about this, is you not only get the skyloft, which is gorgeous, but you also get a 3D surround. You see these houses over the way? Thats the scenic surround…its really low prim and so effective, makes you feel like you’re living in a central Parisienne inner street. You also get two versions … one as above with rain lashing down outside…and one without. The herb pots are my own, but in the non-rainy one are some lovely unlinked window boxes filled with pansies. You can use those with either version, only 2 prims !

Barnesworth Anubis - for collabor88

Not only good looking on the inside, but check out the rooftops. Superb skylight above the main living area, and one more over the bedroom. The texturing and finish is delicious…I mean really…when I gawk at a window for that long, its gotta be something special !

BA - Mesh Paris skyloft

There is the airy living area that’s central, one tiled space that’s perfect for a kitchenette, the bedroom section, and a door that leads to a tile space for a bathroom. Above I’m standing in what Id use as a bedroom space…great size, with heaps of light given by the window in the ceiling. There are so many scrummy little touches in this build, I could take a heap of photos and ramble on for hours…best thing to do is to get yourself over to collabor88 and tp up to the demo. You’ll be surprised to learn that this build is only 31 prims, if you use the surrounds and decor just 64. Ohhhhh, don’t forget to play with the porthole windows, they open and close !