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Hunt me down. (Hunt&Free item).

Ever Wonder dropped me a note that she has an offering out for the “Walk a mile in my shoe hunt” and I dropped her a note saying “SEND IT NOW” so this morning I was rewarded with these.


I’ve just been reading a little bit more about this hunt and from what little I’ve read it looks like although mainly shoe/feet based gifts there are a few surprises thrown in there like nails, poses etc and even better a whole list of shops old and new are involved in this hunt and I love finding new shops to check out just as much as the goodies.

I wonder what these boots mean to Ever Wonder?   I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve been into her shop but I know from all my past visits that she always has a Free GG/Sub gift for everyone and of course now for a token 10Lds you can grab these boots.  LM for her shop and also the LM and Hints page for the rest at the bottom of this post.


Again how weird in that as soon as you put a piece of clothing on you just know the look you’re going for and I think I look fierce!

PS I was in such a rush I should have used the resizer and maybe made the boots a little bit smaller but I only thought about that once I’d taken my close up so they do look a bit big on my stick thin AV legs but 1 click would have shrunk them to a perfect fit.

PPS Special mention to the non visible Freebies which are basically the nails and lippie I am wearing but you can’t really see them enough to appreciate them, they are free to join group gifts and I also noticed that there is 2 hunts going on at the Livia…Affordable Beauty Shop which since most things here are priced between 35-40Lds  is a good description.  Add to that the fact that the nails and lippies all seem to contain SLink, Maitreya and Omega Appliers and even bigger bargain and if you’re like me not into Mesh Heads, I just can’t find one I relate to, you also get the tattoo layers and yes when I went back to LM grabbed I treated myself to a couple of packs and I can’t wait to open them.

More Than Ever Mainshop

Livia…Affordable Beauty

LMS and Hints for “Walk in my shoes Hunt”