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The Challenge goes for Horror & Macabre

The Challenge New Round!!

Perfect timing for your Halloween shopping, The Challenge has gone all creepy! Neverwish have these magnificent chairs out – 4Li and 23 unisex sits in each. Lots of different colours on offer so go take a peek.

The Challenge new round !

Loved the hooded figure by 22769, the lantern he holds also illuminates, Little Llama has a dead cool set out of rug & coffee table – made to look like a Ouija board. Favourite from this round is from %percent – “Bat mobile” (great name!) various metallic finishes, they rotate and have a shed load of brilliant scary sound effects you can select to play! Will definitely have these out for fright night.

The Challenge Blog (all participating designers & LM’s)

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Just a few more quick Sunday Freeness.

So I was meandering SL and walked into Little Llama and almost walked straight out as this is a children’s clothing/furniture shop and not something that really interests me but since I had time to kill I thought I’d checked it out.

I found 4 freebies and although I’m only showing you the 2 of them the others a big wearable beach bag and a set of Flamingo items a dresser, a lamp with adorable Flamingo legs and a wall decor item of a framed Flamingo head are really worth picking up I’m just showing you the 2 items I’m going to squeeze in my home somewhere.


Adorable fat bunny bums.  They’re “looking for Spring” which isn’t far off what I’m doing now as it’s chucking it down with rain and so cold from the wind in RL!  Each pot is only a single prim.


More plant theme here, the 3 plants are linked which means they only come to a single prim. Gorgeous colours and like the bunnies they are mod.

As I’ve said this shop is a child orientated one but IF I was child friendly I would love this shop, there are some lovely and very realistic items of furniture.  There is fort made out of a settee and the cushions and a little play kitchen which anyone who has visited a RL children’s toy shop will recognise.  Absolutely adorable.  Check out the Marketplace as it has these 2 gifts, but I can’t see the Flamingo items, and also some bargain priced childrens clutter and books.

Little Llama

Little Llama Marketplace

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The Challenge goes travelling

The Challenge NEW !

A new round of The Challenge has begun, love this time of the month. First up let’s get the party started with a new-to-me store “Little Llama”, they have this sooper adorable collection on offer. It features all sortsa things, such as the desk above. It’s an old style suitcase being used as a workspace, so quaint! The chair has lots of poses to keep you comfy. There are also tote bags, one to wear , one to rez – also in  a lively purple tone.

The Challenge NEW !!

Check out the details on the desk, I really like the wood texture used too – very homely.

The Challenge NEW

Inspired has the “Great travellers set” out for just 150L. I’ve not rezzed it all so go take a peek. Each piece is really unique and unusual so if you’re looking for something a little bit different this might be great for you. Low land impact to yay!

Little Llama


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