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Mix it up

coldLogic NEW!!

I’m so glad coldLogic sent me some sunshine and flowers today, its raining cats & dogs here and it makes me kinda blue. This outfit is called sowers, and I’m wearing it in the kiwi and blue option. Its bright and breezy and full of happiness – just what the doctor ordered. There are other colour ways to choose from if you’re not into zestiness like moi, go take a wander and slam a few demos on. The skirt has a nifty side buckle fastening and soft pleating, the shirt comes in two options per pack, above I’m wearing the kiwi & white….

coldlogic New

…here I’m wearing the kiwi and sea, tiny differences but great to have the additional option. I raided what next’s 10L section again and found a set with the most adorable heart tree in a pot and candles, also get the wreath in the top photo…all these pretties at such a low price ! Ohhh my hair is also a new release from Argrace, I love love LOVE it, called Kozue and comes in every type of colour you could want. Rika  Owen has been slowly and steadily releasing some gorgeous mesh styles of late, so if you havent been over to the mainstore recently go look. I also bought the new guys style called Ryo, as with a lot of Argrace’s styles it really suited  chicks too yay! (sorry boys)

coldlogic outfit Little Bones hair

Say hello to dylan, I wasnt sure if I would like this ensemble when I saw the piccies, but I have utterly and totally fallen in love with it now. It’s so soft and gentle yet geeky and funky…yup, its my all-a-round fav from this release ! There are quite a few colour options to choose from (or of course a quantum pack if your feeling flush) There is also a black on black, which given the rain and my mood I wasnt lured by surprisingly ! I would never ever have teamed that shirt with that skirt..but it SO works !

coldlogic Outfit - free valentines rocker

Check out my shooz and tights, I snapped the heart print tights up an age ago from Izzie’s at some event or other – im assuming they are now on sale at the mainstore though (fingers crossed) My flats are from {mango cheeks} at The Chapter Four event that’s on right now. Gacha type arrangement and I scored PINK ones first go hoohah! While I was there I also scooped up this new hair-do by Little Bones called “marmalade”, it was only 90L (I think) really good bargain and a fresh look. The rocking chair that’s loaded with Valentine treats was a find on the market place for just 1L, great for taking pics with but a little prim heavy for daily use maybe.

(Thanks coldLogic team <3)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


The chapter four event


Rocking chair

what next market place store

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PinkCherry NEW! Little Bone new! Mock cosmetics

PinkCherry have a few new releases out this week, heres Lindsey ! Wicked little dress, I so love dresses with silvery bits n bobs on them – makes me feel über groooovyman. This just fits like a glove, size medium, I’m a small  in most other things, so play around with the sizes in the box to get a purrrfect fit. Other colours also available, however…isnt Silver grey just edible?! My newww hair is from Little Bones, Zan posted about some freebies in the group notices yesterday – which lured me over to the store to check out the goodies. Yup, hair whore that I am, I was never going to leave without a new “do”. This is Lollipop, you  get a nice selection of six tones in each pack – sooper deal !


Little Bones

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Time for a quickie? (freebies).

Due to RL issues time is short but these freebies were so damned good I wanted to get them posted as soon as I could just in case they disappear.  So I threw a few poses and snapped away.

ShapeOK lets start off with the only non freebie but at  80Lds it’s a massive discounted price.  This is the new Anna shape (called Delora) from latest The Designer Circle event and only available only at The Discount Store.  People get into RL/SL arguments over which skin/shape shop is the best in SL but for me Anna shapes are the best and unless I find a great hunt item or freebie it’s the ONLY shape I blog because to me they’re perfectly proportioned (taking into account SL body standards). The boobs are small and neat, waist small with a light flaring of hips to a curvy bottom.  In my vast invent the only shapes I have are from Anna’s and a single gorgeous ample sized one from an old hunt so that goes to show how much I love them. Now because this is on special offer it doesn’t come with all the extras that Analy Amat offers in her shape packs ie appliers, make ups etc etc.  This is a great way to try out one of her shapes to see if it works for you then pop over to her shop and try on all of the demos and see what getting yourself a full priced pack offers but also make sure to grab the Free/Dollarbie/Cheap Shapes she has set out they’re just as good as any you pay a lot of money for.  If you like the complete look she handily includes a full styling note in each purchase you so know where the skin, hair etc is from.

Shoes11Their mistake our benefit.  A notice sent out by “Ever A’ Angel” about a flaw in one of their pairs of shoes means they’re fixed it and set the shoes out for anyone to come and treat themselves to.  Lucky for me that although it comes with a hud, the hud will only change the skin tone, that the skin tone it was set at was already a perfect match for my skin.  Look on one of the benches in their main shop (not the one with the sheep sat on it) and just click and collect.  I’ve not had time for much of a look around but I know that Faith has just blogged one of Their GG’s not long ago and it was gorgeous but they have a new Group Gift out so check it out.

Hair 1Zoom back up to the hair OMG I love this hair, love the fat retro curls with very defined bleach job and heck yes this is FREE but not only this in fact there are 4 hairs on offer.  Just click and join the group and look at previous notices and grab em quick before they go (2 boxes containing the 4 hairs).

Hair2Another one of the freebies.  They come from Little Bones and omg this woman, Nova Monroe , isn’t afraid of colours.  Bold brash bright and in you’re face and I love them.  Tried on loads of demos but more than happy with the freebies, at the moment, and then when I have a few Lindens to spend I’ll be back.

Step outside of Little Bones and have a wander around a really lovely well designed sim with a small selection of shops with hopefully more to come, a staged area for events, what look like home rentals(?) and tons of places to hang out at and spend time.  A real poseurs delight.

Designer Circle/The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Mainstore (use TP board)

Ever A’ Angel

Little Bones (Hair)