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Wish you were here…

Scarlet Creative collabor88

I went a bit mad at this months Collabor88, I think its been one of the best rounds ever ! Above is the “Wish you were here” mesh prefab by Scarlet Creative, at an unbelievable 88L ! Its a real treat for the eyes, with its jaunty striped awning , soft gentle shade of wood and fresh open spaces. Outside you have a small veranda, and a side porch that makes a wonderful garage space or entertaining area. Lots of windows means plenty of light, and the flexible layout lends itself to letting your imagination run amok ! Nothing is set in stone with this build – meaning – each space could be any number of things, a studio, bedroom etc. Can you really believe that this build is just 34 Li?

Scarlet Creative decor and interior

Inside is light and airy, plenty of uninterrupted wall space for hanging things . I put up a few prints from the what next discount range, plus a couple of storage cases and a long wood table from Lisp Bazaar’s 10L section. The banana split sofa is also by Scarlet Creative, and is on sale at this round of Collabor88. I adore that soft blue tone and retro styling. Ohhh check out my lights at the window! A sheet of pretty lights that you can modify to fit – only 10L from the Scarlet Creative store on the Market place, actually if you check out their market place you’ll find a whole heap of 10L goodies, oldies but goldies ! My poodle is by mishmish at Collabor88, you get two in the pack, one that trots along happily beside you and one as seen here – sitting on a cushion, how can you resist?!

Scarlet Creative - What next easela collection 10L ! - Trompe Loeil  chair

You can just see my little car sitting in the lean-to section, perfect space for it ! I decided that the largest room in the house would make a fantastic art studio, such great light and views all around. The dining table is another 10L find in Scarlet Creative’s market place store – touch the table and you get a menu for heaps of foodie things .

Scarlet Creative collabor88 - Lisp bazaar 10L garden items

I thought this room would fit a reasonably large kitchen set . Grabbed a couple of the 10L bargains for Charlotte’s MP store and a nifty teapot lamp from Lisp 10L bazaar, et voila !


Scarlet Creative store

Scarlet Creative market place store

Scarlet Creative blog

Lisp Bazaar 10L garden

what next market place



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Snuggle me up





It seems so long since Christmas doesn’t it? Yet here we are in Winter still, all yearning for spring. I’m so hoping the weather picks up soon, my boiler had packed up and I’m scrabbling about for sweaters and thick socks! Good job I can be as warm as toast in my Second Life with all the new releases from coldLogic this week ! Layering is the name of the game, and I am totally in love with the Montana skirt with cozy leggings attached. What a great idea ! Various colours available, this sand tone is my fav, closely followed by a beautiful silver-grey. I’m also wearing the deschanel top…


a layered effect again, you get a choice of the bottom panel of fabric is sheer or not, brill ! The colour above is called Paloma and its so pretty, would really dress up a plain pair of pants or a more evening styled skirt. The decor is all from Lisp Bazaar, each item just 10L, and the stunning apartment I took my photos in is by Scarlet Creative – just 50L furnished ! Huge choice of prefabs in the market place store for this designer – all at 50L, take a gander and splash out.


There is also a warmtastic sweater dress, really thick and cuddly called benes. I chose this girly’ish pink shade but there are heaps of options if you’re not a fan. Check out the glorious stitching detail at the neck and hem, it really sets this apart.


Couldnt pass up the chance to wear a spotty sweater ! I’m addicted to spots and dots, so this is a winner for moi ! Say hello too “berry”, jaunty little thing huh?. Layered details once more and a range of colours to wipe those Winter blues far away. Couple of shout outs, the pose in the first photo is part of a set being offered by KoKoLoReS in the Fi* Friday sale, 50L for the lot  , and my skin and shape are brand spankin new from Morphine (new name for ME). Its named “Kazumi” and I SO like it ! I’m pretty picky with skins but this caught my eye and the shape that goes with it is lully. Lotsa options for all you boobie lovers, makeups available and SLink appliers etc. I went with the tan skin tone, and used the natural look.

coldLogic store


coldLogic  market place

coldLogic blog



Lisp Bazaar

Scarlet Creative

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Lisp Aris Aris

I’ve been meaning to show you all this new outfit from ArisAris but kept on getting distracted by my new SL home that needed stuffing with furniture etc. Its a two piece which is great as it makes it more versatile ! Sharp pinstripe tailoring on the long flared high-waisted pants. Love the oversized buttons ! The blouse is all crisp and white with coordinating pinstripe inserts and a winged collar style, totally different from everything I’m seeing around currently ! Nipped over to the Lisp bazaar 10L garden and grabbed up this scrummy lip smacker couch and bowler hat lamps, both 10L of course – great place to pick up decor items to brighten your home.


Lisp Bazaar 10L garden

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Hint Hint.

Zoom in on the little Sailor out fit I’m wearing it should give you a hint as to what my next post will be but I just had to get these FLF offers in (Fifty Linden Fridays) as they’re just too good to miss and a extremely low primmed decor item.

Bloom BlackThe chair is and the abacus is not a FLF offer. A 2 primmed chair with a retro pattern some great single and couple poses (poses I have used are the actual single poses) what more do you want in a chair?  But now check out the abacus, 2 PRIMS! all that attention to detail and so low primmed and at 125Lds cheap.  Both come from the same place Zigana.

Bloom Black UseNom Nom Nom 3 prims, 50Lds and you get not just the tray but dark or light wood coloured tray, with or without steam and separate cups.  Be aware that this is Mesh. Comes from LISP.  I bought the tea set but if tea is not your thing then a very similar but chocolate set is on offer.


And last but not least and I wish I had more time to show you the texturing but again FLF are only out for a limited time and I wanted to get this posted quickly but this is this so low prim, so well textured features and a  flf from Vespertine.  Inside you have plenty of texturing and decor which means it is more than a plain box and of course you can see the big windows, door and the balcony and this is all for 50Lds and only 15 Prims.


LISP Bazaar


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This is what friends do


I’ve met some people in SL , who when you ask “ooo where did you get that from”, wont say…whats that all about eh? Not so with my friend Fey…she delights in passing on info and sharing where she gets some great buys from …She was wearing this fantabulous plaid skirt the other day…and as always eagerly shared with me where it was from…I had NO idea that one of favs stores had started making mesh clothes ! Yes yes yes HOC is offering this mesh skirt…and whats more…its pattern & colour change by using a HUD…24 choices !!! Theres plaids, plains and a selection just for group members (free join, wear the group tag BEFORE attaching the HUD and the VIP extras will appear on the HUD) You also get choice for the belt colour…fantastique. Fey wore her skirt in a black & white plaid..I choose a traditional houndstooth pattern…there is also a demo to try before you buy…great price for this item it’s just 175L…brill. Fey is also wearing a top from new-to-me store d o l l l e*, very crisp styling but also sooper feminine…oooo btw my boots are from LaRoo..”Liberty”, they come in stacks of colours…go take a peek. My top is from coldLogic (naturally!) its called tallen and is available in singlepringle tones or delishhh quantum packs…

HOC use 2

Fey had another top from d o l l l e that I Soooo loved, it’s a new release and is available in a few tones…I thought the pure white looked gorgeous with the HOC plaid skirt in bright pink…love how it exposes your arms and shoulders…group join is free of charge and there are oooodles of gifts for you to collect PLUS some lucky chairs (that I won something on yippeeeee!) If you like the furniture in these snaps…its from Lisp Bazaar…the whole lot for just 10L ! Its called “Medium Wood Fireplace Set”, perfect for this time of year and such an amazing bargain…

d o l l l e *


Lisp Bazaar market place store



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Summer Bubblez

I was so chuffed to see one of my most favourite designers “Bubblez” at The Summer Fashion Festival…and they have such a lovely mesh outfit on offer..its PINK..and floaty…sweet camisole over a tight-fitting short skirt

The skirt is what my mother would call a “belt” ! A selection of sizes in the box, so you’re sure to be able to get a great fit…thanks milo ❤ My kite poses are by Lisp and are on offer at this months collabor88 event…gawd arent they cute? 10 poses, wearable with the animation built right in, and rezzable versions also..yay! Theres also some decorative sets to place on your wall etc..great stuff!

Summer Fashion Festival


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Traaaa la la….Ive got some top notch romper-roo’s to share with you ! Call em what you like..rompers, lounging suit, shorts set whateverrrr…rompers rock my world . Soooo onto the goodies….wait wait…I have to say sorry first…truly…from the bottom of my heart…Im sorry – cause youre going to want ALL of these..mmhmm…every last fibre of your being will yearrrrrn to be wrapped in these darlings….I dont have a favourite of this latest coldLogic  release of rompering (thats officially what a group of rompers is called – you heard it here first) I do have a slight hankering for stripes though..soooo the “briggs” set made me all grabby hands…perfect for the beach…for pottering around in…a lazy Sunday…whateverrrrr…and briggs has such a wonderful wardrobe of colour tones to choose from…do I detect a slight nod to the upcoming Olympic’s in the shape of the shorts?

Next I wriggled into an altogether slinkier set..”ella”…I want to call it “Miss ella” has that feel of cuteness to it…pretty and feminine..with its split side ties…and border top…again a fab collection of colours to choose from..

Now “reese”…ella’s floral cousin…the same split short sides with a tie…but this time a subtle print on the top…I fell in love with the salmon tone…classy style that would take you anywhere…

Nowww…if I were to have to pluck just one romper…you know, if someone forced me too…with some awful threat of removing the strawberry frozen yogurt from my clutches..I guess Id plump  for “rae”…sooo swish…elegant..wear with heels..bare on some espadrills..its the do-it-all romper..theres some sleek colour choices in this but I was drawn to this shock of zestiness…YES moi ! Usually Im a beige or black & white girly..but gawd hot pink with bright orange…wicked ! For the “colour challenged” amongst us there are some less bold combos avaialble *wink*

My last romp of the “room”…looks so comfy I think id wear it all the time…thats the beauty of these through to night..beach to town shopping…it’ll be tough to take them off no?  Play in them…tumble around…sling on a floppy hat…potter…get languid and lazy in your romper suit – thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

All furniture is from the marvelous Lisp Bazaar  (apart from the dollarbie “good morning” set from “Bazar” on the market place – here– it rezzes foood!)

The home is from Scarlet Creative and is mesh yay! see it here or here – thanks Scarlet ❤