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Pulling a sickie(Freebies).

OH Lord I was one poorly Biatch yesterday, I won’t go into too much TMI but you wouldn’t have wanted to visit me yesterday!  However I did managed to get myself inworld for a while to distract me from my aches and pains  and I found some LBs to plonk myself in front of.  There are 3 boards and each have the same shirt but in 3 different patterns as the gifts.  A pretty good autumnal basics and since every board changes after just 2 mins it didn’t take me long to snag it.


Even better was as I was stood there I finally managed to work my way through all of my notes/notices and managed to clear them out of my invent so I now have breathing space to keep upto date with new ones when they come in.

Since I had perked up a bit I then decided to check out the The Warm Socks Hunt and as soon as I spotted the Lindy Shoe in the list of the shops involved I was off.

One of my best and so wearable goto pair of boots come from here and I was actually wearing them as I was stood in front of the LB’s so the chance of snagging another pair of excellent, non slink needed, boots was too good to miss.


My editing has made them darker than they are but these are rich brown boots with the knitted sock over the top.  As it happens you actually get 2 shoes in this gift and you will be able to see the second pair in the picture in the link to the Hunt LMs a& Hints I will put at the end.  As well as hunt prizes each shop also has a Gacha set out for you to try your luck.  Not sure of the price of the Gachas as yet again I grabbed these boots and I was outta there with my goodies.

PS Since these boards outside of the Delicious Boutique change so quickly as soon as you get there you may want to join the free group straight away.

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