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Free Fun !

I was mooching about looking for something to do yesterday when I remembered how much fun we used to have going skiing. Sadly it looks like two of our most favourite ski haunts are now gone – BUT I found some Linden owned places to head to. I scanned the market place for some up to date skiing gear – nada ! Dug out my VERY old ski boots, some leggings (Neve Lapin pants in the chevron pack) and a lovely puffa jacket that’s a free gift at the shop & hop event by Mooh. There is one full perm ski set on the MP, if anyone else knows of any mesh ski gear let me know?

Voss is the sim (land mark below) you will find a ski – lift there and a couple of signs giving out free ski’s and poles. The scenic way to the very top of the mountain is the lift, long ride and very pretty. Or you can fly up to the peak. At the top you’ll find couples and singles items to use such as a sleigh, ski’s, snowboard etc. I nabbed a snowboard wow that was a lotta fun! Look in your local chat for the info on how to get the most out of the board.

I was at Voss for about an hour, couple of people came and went but mostly I was just whizzing down the mountains enjoying myself. I used the search and found a couple more locations by Linden Lab, basically the same but one did have the snow donuts, impossible to control but loads of fun!

Voss Ski Run

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Renting a home in SecondLife – Ritzy !

London Sloane Street rental home

I’ve been after one of these rental homes in Sloane Street, Knightsbridge London for simply ages and finally I found one I liked. It’s all about location right? Zan and I have both checked these homes out before and totally fell in love with them, might be because we are English, but also because they are SUCH good value for money. This home was 399L per week, partially furnished , with 100 prims.

London Sloan Street house rental 399L per week

Most of the furnishings are from one of my favourite stores Bazar, I popped over to the store and picked up a few additional pieces at a very low cost (around 15-40L per item!) All very low prim and simply brilliant as decor around the place. So what do you get for your 399L? Surprisingly a huge three storey house with plenty of room. I’m surprised people don’t use them as house shares really, the layout and space is perfect for it. My little piece of England also had a small grassy back garden with a water view (which is what Id been holding out for) others have a sweet lawn all fenced off. Ground floor comprises of an airy entrance hall, lounge, partitioned dining area leading to a nifty little kitchen and doors to the garden.

London Sloane Street terrace house dining room

As you can see I had my laundry hanging out to dry when I took the photos ! This table is from Bazar and I really need to buy it, it rezzes meals and snacks for up to four people, lovely poses and super low prim.

London Sloane Street Lounge area

Here is the living area all very well-appointed, I added the curtains, not that you need them as anyone looking from outside can’t see inside, they just looked pretttty. I’ve got my bedroom  on the next floor and the third floor I left empty, it’s exactly the same size as my one though. When you rent, you should receive a group invite straight away, if you don’t on the notecard you get after paying there is a website address to lodge any messages, my experience is this is responded to very quickly. The home comes complete with a security orb which is very simple to operate, you can also add partners or friends to the rent box which gives them the ability to open the doors and receive their own group invite. I never did find a central office for the rental homes, I just flew around looking for them. Pretty easy to determine which are for rent, plus you get to look at the location in more detail. Despite being quite a busy place, I experienced no lag yay!

Disclaimer: I pay the rent on the homes I blog about. The landlord is not aware I will be blogging about my stay. I have no connection to any rental companies that I write about past or present.

London Knightsbridge

Virtual London Rental Homes Blog (I don’t think this is always up to date!)


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SL10B Logo 1024x700

Yes yes yes ! Its Second Life’s birthday very soon, and SLB10 is kickin off in style…just two days to go before the grand opening and I’m SO excited *squeeeee*. The event runs from 16th June until the 29th June. There are twenty sims to explore !

SLB10 KT Syakumi Intellibook v2

Havent been to a Second Life birthday before? Well you’re in for such a treat. This year the theme is “Looking Forward, Looking Back”, so plenty to keep everyone happy. It’s basically a great big Birthday celebration, all sorts of people & groups  from within SL, get together and build. It’s not only designers or SLebritites, its anyone ! You’ll find all sorts of builds, some (in fact many) are interactive, you can ride on them, play with them and have FUN! Dont be shy about walking into buildings, you never know what you might find, as above , this powerful looking set designed  by KT  Syakumi, enter into it and you find yourself in some sort of futuristic maze.

SLB10 madpea

Some well-known names are there, such as madpea . They have a teetering pile of hats. You can climb up them, its brilliant !

SLB10 Loki Eliot BeHeMoth press day

I absolutely loved this build by Loki Eliot, this ginormous T-rex stands proud over the SLB10 sims. Look wayyyyy down bottom left , that’s where you begin your epic journey. Its dangerous, its long, and you need perseverance and nimble feet! Collect the free HUD at the entrance on the ground, click the little folk along the way for an interactive experience…I wont ruin the surprise…but you will come back to the ground laden with gifts if you follow the path.

SLB10 Bobbekins

Speaking of gifts…there are plenty of them so generously given away to help you celebrate. I had a little play on the Bobbekins board game earlier, its suggested that its heaps more fun if you do it on one of their free hoppers…great idea !

SLB10 The Man

Now I’m pretty sure that this statue is important , somehow. Its called “The man” and towers high into the air….very majestically. I especially enjoyed its simple yet strong lines and spent an age just staring up at it…beautiful. I’m a woman on a mission now to find out more about it…I’ll report back ! I have to go back and see more….irresistabubble. All info and landmarks etc on the blog link below.

SLB10 Web site

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I want new neighbours!

Because at this moment this is all I have to look at and it’s boring!

A lot of people won’t know but not only are we Pure  Bloggers but we are also Faith Home’s Estate.  Faith and her Trained Monkeys (me and AustSteve Forster) have managed and run residential sims for over 5 years now and we love it and so do not only our tenants but also our landowners, so much so some of them have been with us for years.  Sadly someone has had to give up their plot of land because RL needs them more.  Which means for the first time in years we have not only 1 plot but 2 plots for sale!

We have a great mix of private and rented homes and would like to keep it that way, so instead of setting up more rentals – we want these plots to remain as private land – so what an opportunity!!!  Purchase price is 500Lds and the weekly tier fee of 1725  must be paid a month in advance (purchase price of 500Lds is refunded on payment of the monthly tier fee). If anyone is wondering why and what is a tier fee that is what is paid direct to Linden Labs for running SL and you thought it was Hamsters in a wheel that ran SL!!  So you own the land but just like RL you have to pay a monthly fee for the upkeep of SL

So why buy and not just rent.  Quite simply it’s because of this.

And this.

What I’m trying to show with these photos (and yes these are my homes) is that as a landowner you have the right to make your home just as you would like it.  Most people inc myself  landscape the ground to their tastes but also to fit in with the Covenant, more about that later, and in the sky whatever the Hell they want.
The Covenant is simply rules that are put into place to make sure a butt ugly nightclub doesn’t set up shop outside your back garden or a cemetary isn’t erected next door.  It’s there to ensure that the ambiance of an estate remains the same for all.  Tanglewood Views (which is the name of the sim our plots are on) is predominately beachy.  My photos make my homes look all moody and atmospherical but then I’m a Windlight fan and if you haven’t tried out Windlight yet your missing something special. Of course on the land you can place a lovely beachy home or even just leave the land alone, plant some shrubs and in the sky build yourself any style of home you like.

For those who have always dreamed of owning land in SL but are scared at the responsibility then this is the perfect time to buy a plot because you have US to help you.  We can take you through simple steps to set your land up to just how you would like it.  And it’s not as expensive or as hard as you think.  I’m not a techie person at all and its EASY PEASY and the pleasure of having a home that is exactly to your preference is excellent.

A few simple steps to start you on your way.

Stand in the middle of the plot and check out the view, check out the environmental settings see if your plot is facing sun set or sunrise, dream about what and were your going to put things, take a deep breath and then click the land get up the pie menu and chose BUY (remember that 500 is refunded on payment of tier fee), that pays for the land – then look in the corner of the plot and you will see the tier box for you to pay a months tier fee and then PANIC…no seriously that’s it,  it’s as easy as that.  Then drop me  or Faithless Babii or if your desperate AustSteve Forster a notecard, or a IM if you see us inworld, and we will hold your hand and show you the few simple clicks you have to do to keep your land safe and your on your way.

Tanglewood Views 1

Tanglewood Views 2