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$99L Promo @ ArisAris

$99L PROMO Complete outfit with boots ArisAris

Fantabulous promo for a limited time @ ArisAris – all of the above outfit can be yours for just $99L. Its called “Sweet Bad Girl” and that’s really a perfect description for this!

$99L Hud

This is the Hud – W-O-W its ginormous ! Every piece is a separate so you can mix & mingle parts with other pieces you already own – love that. From the sweetest pink to leopard prints, devilish reds and more.

Fits for: inithium Kupra Original, inithium Kupra Kups, Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Maitreya – Lara Petite, MB. Legacy, MB. Perky, MB. Perky Petite, eBODY REBORN, Cinnamon&Chai

ArisAris Promo Outfit

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Limited Time Promo – complete outfit

$99L Provocation outfit ArisAris PROMO

New promotion from ArisAris ! This is the “Provocation” outfit, comprising of a bra top, panties and dress – you get it in white and black for the limited time offer of $99L.

Sizes for : – 1 For inithium Kupra Original
– 1 For inithium Kupra Kups
– 1 For Belleza Freya
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara Petite
– 1 For Slink – Hourglass
– 1 For Cinnamon & Chai
– 1 For MB. Legacy
– 1 For MB. Perky
– 1 For MB. Perky Petite
– 1 For Tonic Curvy

Market place

In Store

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I’ve been wondering about these sort of jumpsuits for a while now and then BOOM – along come ArisAris with this beaut ! Buy this from the inworld store and its just $99L, $89L if youre a group member. This is the “Illusion” Jumpsuit from casual to evening wear it will do the job – I just adore it.

Fits included:  Belleza Freya, Belleza Isis,  Belleza Venus, Maitreya – Lara, Slink – Physique, Slink – Hourglass,  MeshBody LEGACY,  MeshBody Classic,  Altamura

You also get the Hud above with ten versions included !




Hair by Navy & Copper “Cheesecake”

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Absence of fear

Absence of Fear - complete outfit - jacket-shirt-applier jeans & boots

New bundle of gorgeous from Beautiful Dirty Rich is out, complete outfit with a HUD to personalise your look. Called “Absence of fear” , you get applier jeans, a mesh jacket with tee attached and an option to leave the shirt off, plus the sweet bootees! Great lookin outfit that I totally adore. Whole lot for just $100L for a limited time.


The HUD is super cool, love that you can really get a unique look with it. Pretty much every piece has texture of colour change ability. Also while you’re there, two new group gifts out of jeans, group is free to join (well it was last time I looked !)

BDR Store

BDR market place



Bare Sensual have a very special promotion on, its limited time only. Sade is the new release and what a “lady” she is. I’m showing the dark version above, it’s not an orangey tone..or really deep deep tan..more of a cocoa powder dusting of colour that’s really gentle and wearable. The facial details are just so feminine, a narrow aquiline nose, balanced perfectly over slightly lush lips. (I’m wearing a lip gloss tattoo with this skin, the lips are not sleek) The cheeks have a pretty glow to them, great breast cleavage also and really delicious work around the *girly bits*…

The lighter version of Sade is a little different. The cheek glow is slightly more prominent , more peachy and so delicate, the lips have a dusky outline that makes it seem more exotic..superb tone for this fair version, I’m usually not overly fond of lighter skin colours, but this just gives you a sun sprinkle !

Strictly limited time offer for 10L *faints*

Go meet Sade: Bare Sensual