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Sweater girl with a vintage twist

Immerse NEW

Immerse has an exclusive for The upcoming Fashion Fair, it begins on the 30th November, one to look out for. The new dress is called “Sequoia”, lovely tight fitting sweater dress with a beautiful bow tied belt at the front. (thanks Lily <3)

Eclectica - NEW!

I wore it with my newwww super elegant Slink shoes from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy <3) These are the” bowed court shoe”s, the fabric is a rich brocade, so lush! Lots of other colours available (the silver and black are just yummy) and at 190L a pair – very affordable. These are also materials ready hoohah!


Fashion Fair (I will try to get a more direct LM from Lily when I see her online)

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Immerse re-opening

Immerse Autumn Meadows chair NEW!

Lily Juno is back and Immerse is re-opening ! The chairs shown above a few of the colours available in the newly released Autumn Meadows range. Lovely poses and a great stylish shape. They are also discounted for Lazy Sunday so head down and grab up a bargain. While you’re there see if you can find the furniture piece thats marked down to just 10L – here’s the clue ” I like to look at you every day-You are close to my heart in every way” – good luck !


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Starry Starry Night..paint your palette blue & grey

When I received this new set “Starry nights” from Prism Furniture..I automatically fired up you tube to hear that glorious song – beautiful…I dont know if the designer Lily Juno was inspired at all by the colours in Vincent’s paintings..but they seem to feature a lot in this stunning range. Vincent Van Gogh used a cornflower blue in quite a few of his works..and if , like me, you adore that tone…youll find it here in these items. This is a really homey set…as usual you can pick and choose which pieces you wish to buy…and chair & sofa is packed with lovely poses…the thing that *gets me* every time with Lily’s work is her attention to detail..the stitching on the pillows…a vase of stunning blooms…the finish on the edges of the seams for the chairs…just perfect…go check it out instore…thanks Lily ❤

Prism Furniture

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Creating the ambiance

So we are well and truly into the colder weather…and its really time you cast out those deck chairs and summer benches…and get your nest all cozy..Prism Furniture have a divine new furniture range out called “Flanagan”…its really a versatile set with plenty to pick and choose from..

From chaise to couch, gentleman’s armchairs…rich fabrics…almost feel like I can stroke my fingers along the plush textiles…theres something for every one and every home in this…

I love the chaise…as with all the pieces its got a bundle of really really good animated poses in it…glamourous yet subtle and would fit in with most styles of home. The beauty of the Flanagan range is you can pick and choose which pieces you want…you dont have to buy it all (although its very tempting to do so!)

Lily Juno creator at Prism Furniture has a really good layout in her store….go check out how she’s laid this set out and gather some ideas on how to revamp for the season. Last photo (and I havent even shown the whole range!)  I wanted to show you a few of the decor pieces…the fireplace is pretty low on prims (eight I believe) and is so homey..the frames and vases etc on the top are separate, so you can use as much or as little as you wish…adore the grandfather clock….traditional style to give your home some elegance. I must also mention that if you join  the Prism Furniture group (200L join fee) there is a fantastico group gift out for you, its deeeelicious! Thanks Lily ❤

Prism Furniture

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Autumn Warmth – heat up your home

As the days & nights here are getting cooler…with a definite crisp bite to the air this morning in England…I was very grateful to see some new pieces from Prism Furniture. Lily Juno, Designer & owner at Prism sent me over a crate ful of goodies to take a peek at ! The Autumn Warmth Hutch above is one of my favourites. The more modern shape of the legs on this give a traditional classic a new spin..Softened by the addition of the wicker baskets on the top…will slot right into most lounge schemes easily..

I also enjoyed a good long flop-about on the new Autumn nights bench…good quality poses means I find it hard to stand up ! This little beauty comes in a few colours, so you’re sure to be able to find a shade that compliments your space…

Another piece that would really bring your home to life is the “Autumn nights gossip bench”…such a pretty shape table with chair built right in…perfect to sit and make a few calls on ! Again really lovely animations used on this…and the band of autumnal flowers that wrap around the table edge, repeated on the vase for added effect…

Last up for me today, although there is plenty more to see instore at Prism Furniture…is this Harvest Moon Gazebo set…richly detailed…hanging lanterns at the corners…and a truly sweet arrangement of pumpkins and lamp in the middle…plus two chairs to relax in…thanks Lily ❤

Head over and take a gander at the new goodies !

Prism Furniture