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Decorate with Love

Prism new_002

I have quite a few new pieces for your homes – from some super stores to show you today..Immerse (formerly known as Prism) has released this fun heart shaped lounger…it can seat up to six people ! Its such a good looking piece, I cant decide where to have it ! Settles well in exterior landscaping or on a deck…lovely textures and some great poses for the ultimate chill out session. You can buy both copy or transfer versions of this btw.

Prism Otukan range NEW !_001

Also new from Immerse is the “Otukan range” of furniture, I cant show the whole collection but heres a few key pieces…above is the screen, table and short usual, beautifully crafted and so lovely to look at.

Prism Otukan range NEW !_003

I SO love this shelving unit..such a unique shape…it makes you want to peer inside and see the nic-naks inside !

Prism Otukan range NEW !_002

If youre looking for lowwww prim…this is the range for you..this cupboard for example..a wealth of details…and only TWO prims…you can afford to splurge with these pieces, so go ahead and take a gander instore to see the rest. Thanks Lilly ❤

[CIRCA] Days of Ill and Funky valentines branch

Nowww Ive also got a coupla things from [CIRCA] to share…I couldnt believe the “Days of ill” day bed is a gift ! Its absolutely fabbo…19 poses crammed into it for those days when you feel a little under the weather…such glorious detialing on all parts…I got on and snuggled in. This is the gift for The Cold Hunt…you SO have to go hunt this beauty down…the “Funky Valentine” branch photo holder is also a gift in the *For the Love of* hunt..this ends today so dashhhhh

[CIRCA] Parissiene bench

Another gift from [CIRCA], this time from the  Colours of Love Hunt, its the Parisian conversation bench in romantic red…purrrr…such a intricate item…swirls of metal and plush velvet upholstery…you can also hunt for the wall lamps that match….Theres always so much going on at [CIRCA], pop over and take a look around..special offers abound ! (Group gift is currently a deelicious skyhome, dont miss out !)



 The Cold Hunt

Cold Winters Night Hunt

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All you need is love

Prism Valentines

In the big run up too V day…dont forget it’s not all about chocolates and roses…for instance, why not decorate your home..or make a romantic place for you and your love? If you’re a single pringle, whats better than to create a cozy nook to curl up in and relax…Prism has this out at The Nest…its the “Love letters” set. The main piece is a stunning Futon, with couples and solo poses. Silky dark wood frame…to co ordinate with it there are side tables, lamps, rugs and some artwork to complete the mood. All pieces can be bought seperately…and one thing I adore , is it’s really really low prim ! The futon is only 8 prims *faints*…go on, spoil yourself…thanks Lilly ❤

Aphrodite Fondue Group Gift

If youre on a tight budget…pop over to Aphrodite’s main store. If you join the group (only 99L to join) you can collect a whole heap of group gifts …above is the latest for V Day…the Fondue set…great selection of couply smewchy poses and its transferable for gift giving hooray! It’s a little on the primtastic side at 30 prims BUT, if you’re only going to get it out for those special moments…Id say it’s just purrrfect.

Aphrodite free champagne tray

For joining the group you also get given this lovely champagne set, upon touching it you will receive a bubbly glass of Champers…which you can wear, snazzy huh?! Be warned, this store is huge and you will want to buy HEAPS !!

Prism at The Nest


Iam listening to this :

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New Year… New Home

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin

Out with the with the new…fancy something plush for 2013? I’ve got something to show you ! The  Seattle Mountain Cabin is a brand spankin new home from Prism Furniture….Brick and wood built for a real comfy style. The pack comes stuffed full of additional goodies to decorate with, including some exterior landscaping items ! For further photos of the interior and decor look here) The build alone is pretty low prim, it’s a BIG home and way under 60 prims for it is frankly astonishing…(landscaping and decor excluded)

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin Fireplace

Totally love love LOVE the fireplace…rich and atmospheric , it casts such a cozy feel over the lounge area, with its beautiful wood surround and artfully arranged frames above…

Prism Furniture Eden Swing

Theres also a new range of swing seats out that look delicious on the porch of this Home….comes in  a few different colours, I happen to adore this sage green …great poses that extend to right and left of the seat…

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin wall lamp

Just to give you an idea of the quality of the internal decor…check out this wall lamp, such a small part of the whole set up, but absolutely perfect. Fantastic detail is what makes this a real winner for me…. The whole home, decor & landscaping is out on show for you to wander about at the main store…go take a peek ! Thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture


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Promotion !

Stars Fashion new girl on the block, Prism Furniture Ice pond

Stars Fashion has another three outfits on offer for a limited time at 99L…I chose my favourite one to share with you “new girl on the block”….when I say *complete* I really mean…complete ! This set is just 99L for the promo…and you get the mesh jeans, belt, tank & bra…plus the scrumptious mesh jacket…andddd the shortie boots ! I was really happy with the fit of each piece…especially  the soft casual jacket…super style ! Dont forget this is a promotional offer…so if you’re curious about the other two sets…hurry …btw…my gorgeous Winter skating pond is a new release by prism Furniture…the benches and lamp posts are not hard linked…so you can use as many as your prim count will allow…thanks Lilly ❤

Stars Fashion

New girl on the block MP link

Prism Furniture


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One of my most favourite Furniture stores has a massive sale on for the next few days…you seriously don’t want to miss it ! I’m lounging about on the new Southern Comfort bench…plenty of poses to keep even the most demanding of Diva’s happy, and low prim too. Above me is one of the totally gorgeous Holiday wreaths…I cant bear those flat alpha type ones…and this is so realistic and lush.

I also was treated to the rocking chair and study chair from the Southern Comfort range. I’ve got a LOT of rocking chairs in my inventory..but none match up to this…the poses are lovely…the rocking motion is smooth and fluid, and I SO love the upholstery on these, very rich.

If you’re in the mood for decorating your home for Christmas theres plenty to see…the set of angels comes in two sizes – this is the big..a real statement piece. Outside the store at the front are quite a few 50L items to snap up…sooperdooper cute pretties! Dont forget that this huge sale is only on until the 25th November…dashhhhhhh! Thanks Lilly ❤ ( Lilly is TOTALLY responsible for me buying a new skin btw…what a temptress!!!!)

Prism Furniture

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Southern Living

I always get a thrill when my IM box pops up and its Lilly Juno ! Usually she has something newwwww and gorgeous to show me, and I’m not kidding you…seriously gorgeous…this time it was a brand spankin new set called “Southern Living”…my heart went pitty patter at the colours… dusky raspberry  pink and greens…LOVE! The range is huge…theres just so many options I really can’t show the whole shebang…so Ive highlighted  a few of my favourite pieces. This range is for sale at the “Around the World” event…Ive given the landmark for Prism’s store, but explore around…theres plenty to see.

I noticed with this new set, the prim count had gone a lot lower, always agreeable! I copied the drapes wildly and scattered them around with abandon , at 3 prims per set, why not?! Theres a stash of darling “finishing touches” in this range also…a dear china tea cup…trays with drinks..and I just adore the candelabra, so quaint.

As is usual with Prism’s pieces, there are lovely poses in the chairs, daybed etc…even the rocking chair is full of sits…

Last photo for today, but there really is a huge amount I havent been able to fit in , pop over and take a look, try the poses…Im sure you wont be able to resist ! Thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture Around The World

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A little of this…a lot of that

It’s not just clothing that changes with the seasons…its your decor too…Im not talking about pumpkins and candy buckets..but the colours of your home. If like me, you like to use a few accent pieces scattered about, you’re gonna love this collection from Prism Furniture..its vast! Its called the “Indian Summer” set…the tone of the wood gives it such warmth, coupled with the gold brocade fabric for a lovely autumnal feel. There is a big collection of pieces in this new range..I especially liked the love seat…and the end tables are super stylish..I prefer a low table like this to the higher more Victorian ones…its modern yet…not overly so.

These pieces will sit comfortably inside most homes…they dont shout class they just oooooze it ! You can purchase this as one collection or, pick and choose which pieces you’d like, depending on prim budget & space…(I SO love the coffee table and its striped satin runner)..As is usual with Prism Furniture, the animations are just beautiful…couples and solo poses provided…you can even get an accent pack of vases etc to go with it all…as the designer Lilly Juno says , ” turn your living room from yawn to WOW!”, it certainly will…thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture inworld store

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